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  1. I would love to use this strategy, but in my ten years at Orlando, I have never been able to sneak in any food. They always make me toss items, even as small as energy bars. Are the rules different with Hollywood or are they just less strict? Also, I have been studying the plans in this thread and can't wait to try them out sometime in the next couple weeks. It's encouraging to see the success you have had with DTH316's guide and I plan to stick to it.
  2. Ya, not for entry, but for the second situation you answered. I would think it would work too, but I would love to know if anybody has successfully tried it before we go ahead and buy them. Thanks for responding!
  3. Quick question: Hypothetically, if my brother and I both bought the Frequent Fear Plus Express and then some nights I went with someone other than my brother, could they use his pass to do express? Or does the ticket need to be "activated" by coming in the park?
  4. Can anybody confirm if AWIL will literally be an exact replica of the previous house? And if so, is this the first time in HHN history that they've done this? Since I started in 2006, I can't think of any time they've brought a house back exactly as it was.
  5. Did they replace the phone cord Michael with a static mannequin?
  6. This was my favorite review of the event. Thanks for the laughs.
  7. Can somebody clarify for me because for whatever reason I could never figure this out. Did we have an opening scaremonies last year? All I can find is Hollywood's (which is pretty epic)
  8. I'm also one who always buys the house shirt every year but the front is seriously lame and disappointing this year.
  9. Just to update everyone... We were one of the first in the park tonight and one of the first in line for the horror unearthed cards. They are similar to a hotel key card but look awesome! We talked to TJ Mannerino and he explained that starting at eight tonight there will be these posts at the end of the houses that you touch your card to. You'll earn points and badges, for example one for doing all the houses in one night, etc. And starting next week (he said hopefully Thursday) there will start to be tasks on the website which you will have to complete in the park. Like LT in 08, there will also be characters that we meet with things to scan our cards. And of course there will be riddles and puzzles as part of the tasks. Haven't used the card yet but we are in line for gothic and since it is past eight the scanner should be there when we get out...
  10. Did anybody get Penn & Teller in the finale? Unfortunately when I went through, they were nowhere to be found. Later though, while waiting in line for House of Horrors we saw Teller walk past while being escorted by an army of umbrellas... I know they were there, and am curious to see what they did,
  11. Since there's no Scareactor Apology Thread, I figured I'd post this here... Last night, around 10 o'clock, I was walking through The Coven, after having just recently purchased a bottled Zephyrhills water (the one with the flip top), and this big group of people brushed past me, and in the middle was one of the Hag scareactors (sorry if Hag isn't the right word here, but I don't know what else to call them...). One of their like streams of cloth hanging from their hood latched onto the water bottle cap, flipped the top open, and since they were walking away from me, it yanked it in my hand, causing my hand to squeeze, resulting in a ton of water being squirted out, and some of it seemingly landing on the scareactor. I said sorry, and they kind looked at me, and we parted ways. I felt horrible for the whole rest of the night because of this, and was so worried you would think I was one of those stupid people whose goal is to mess with and annoy the scareactors. I wanted to let you know what happened, and hopefully I didn't ruin your night. I would never intentionally mess with a scareactor; I have the upmost respect for what you do. If you're on here, hopefully you read this. If not, maybe another Coven scareactor heard this person talking about something like this, and could pass on my explanation to them. Thanks! Again, I'm sorry! And thanks to all who have scared me so far! My favorite was when Fear Revealed Jack noticed my Vault shirt and said, "The Vault! That's as dead as I am!"
  12. Oysterhead00, that is amazing story and I'm super jealous! Also, seems as if all our complaining paid off: http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/orlando/vip_lounge.html It now says open for ALL AGES After having been denied access at the entrance to the Extreme Houses exhibit, I'm grateful they're changing their minds, and letting the rest of us in! I completely agree with some of the reasons you 21+ people have about the age limit, like not having a bunch of underage annoying HHN kids that are there to just ruin it, but I can assure you, as an 18 year old, I'm not one of them, and just want to also be able to admire the amazing work and talent put into this event. I can't wait!
  13. I see what you're saying, but couldn't they at least have done 18?
  14. Ya, I had the same thing happen to me last Thursday! The whole reason I went (well, most of the reason) was to visit the VIP lounge and see the Extreme Houses exhibit. I asked him who was speaking at 10, and he was like, "Oh a guest speaker" and then went into this whole explanation about what was inside. Then when I went to buy the ticket he was like, uh, you have to be 21. It really sucked. I assume it's because there's cocktail waitresses in there, but don't you have to have a wristband to buy alcohol in the park?? I just thought it was really lame, because I'm sure there's others out there, close to 21, who love HHN, and really want to experience at least one of the VIP lounge nights. And everything I've seen advertised for it says NOTHING about a minimum age limit.
  15. I got there late Friday night, and I can't find it anywhere else, was there an Opening Scaremony??
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