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  1. Clue https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0b/Keough_Seal.jpg
  2. You’re kinda right. New York was supposed to be a Ghostbusters zone, but Universal was having budget issues with pulling it off (specifically renting an Ecto-1). Sony cut cut them a deal for Zombieland instead.
  3. And the limo in the zone is the same one from the film.
  4. Yet and Stranger Things need to switch. sorry I didn’t notice it earlier.
  5. IU errs on the side of caution for anything that could be a leak. They’d rather not be told by Universal to pull stuff.
  6. Yeah, I'm really not dropping clues like that. A little ambiguity is fun.
  7. Of course I do. But I've been working to keep it secret for three weeks, and I'm not interested in spoiling anything now.
  8. That's a story for a later date. "An Arcade."
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised by another announcement this week.
  10. The concept sketches were done with the Adobe Draw app for iPad with the Apple Pencil, and I just write the synopsis in whichever word processing program I have available (mostly Google Docs). These ideas just come. This house came about, mostly, from some work I was doing on a different house (Literary Terror) that includes a "Shakespeare" scene. I was second guessing the best play to use, when I realized Shakespeare could support a whole house.
  11. They stated last year they were interested in exploring the 80s further, so this year isn't a surprise. Older properties are also cheaper. It gives them a bit more leverage to go after bigger names (like their pursuit of Game of Thrones). That said, Orlando is less 80s this year than last. They have Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Killer Klowns, and... That's kinda it. House of Thousand Corpses/Rob Zombie are 90s. Universal Monsters are timeless. Zombieland is 2010s. Sure, Depths of Fear is 80s-inspired, but not directly connected so far. Maybe the Graveyard house will be connected to the 80s, but I doubt it.
  12. An announcement is partially prepped. Orlando is behind schedule on their coast-specific stuff.
  13. Casting changes don't mean a house changed. It means casting requirements changed.
  14. I can support a new “week pass,” or package pricing similar to Magic Your Way (lower per night costs based on how many nights purchased). As the event runs longer, something like that almost becomes a better option than RoF. I literally stopped attending because it got too crowded for my taste. An RIP tour is the only way I’ll go back. I want to see Universal curtail attendance while maintaining profits.
  15. That’s kinda the point. But, here’s the thing - a single night’s admission cost $100 before discounts. So, if you’re attending 4 or more nights, a $300 RoF is still a better deal. If you’re attending 11 or more nights, a $1000 FFP+ is a better deal. And both of those night counts are completely reasonable, as they’re 20%-30% of the total available nights.
  16. I’m for eliminating them or drastically increasing the prices. I think they can make more profit and improve the experience by doing that. Here’s my proposed pricing (AP discounts in parentheses): Rush of Fear : $309.99 ($239.99) Rush of Fear Express : $449.99 ($344.99) The first 17 Event Nights Frequent Fear : $399.99 ($374.99) Frequent Fear Express : $549.99 ($489.99) EVERY Sunday-Thursday event night PLUS the first two weekends and the last Friday event night. Frequent Fear Plus : $649.99 (No AP Discount) Frequent Fear Plus Express : $799.99 (No AP Discount) All Sundays-Fridays, the first two nights and the last Saturday. Includes parking. Ultimate Frequent Fear : $899.99 (No AP Discount) Ultimate Frequent Fear Express : $999.99 (No AP Discount)
  17. I heard that too. A different direction with character design would cause that though. It doesn't mean the sky is falling.
  18. Rumors happen. Doesn't mean everything is true.
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