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  1. Clue https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0b/Keough_Seal.jpg
  2. You’re kinda right. New York was supposed to be a Ghostbusters zone, but Universal was having budget issues with pulling it off (specifically renting an Ecto-1). Sony cut cut them a deal for Zombieland instead.
  3. And the limo in the zone is the same one from the film.
  4. Yet and Stranger Things need to switch. sorry I didn’t notice it earlier.
  5. IU errs on the side of caution for anything that could be a leak. They’d rather not be told by Universal to pull stuff.
  6. Yeah, I'm really not dropping clues like that. A little ambiguity is fun.
  7. Of course I do. But I've been working to keep it secret for three weeks, and I'm not interested in spoiling anything now.
  8. That's a story for a later date. "An Arcade."
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised by another announcement this week.
  10. The concept sketches were done with the Adobe Draw app for iPad with the Apple Pencil, and I just write the synopsis in whichever word processing program I have available (mostly Google Docs). These ideas just come. This house came about, mostly, from some work I was doing on a different house (Literary Terror) that includes a "Shakespeare" scene. I was second guessing the best play to use, when I realized Shakespeare could support a whole house.
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