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  1. Ugh what if you email me the reason why they shut it down last minute? lol then nobody would know
  2. So John Murdy just told me there will not be the sheet maze this year
  3. I agree, it stood out the most to me... it was funny, but still weird/creepy lol ...plus i wasnt even expecting a cartoon... that waaas rich >P Jasper was alright too .... but i honestly think i found it more comical then creepy haha
  4. I'll probably go a week before opening night to take the final construction pics. Then I will post all the pics of HHN on the 25th.
  5. hahaha! i was so waiting for someone to say something >P but ummm yes...haha
  6. Super excited for my first year at HHN ^^

  7. I know me too!!!!! AHHHH ima have dreams about it!!! or would it be nightmares?? hmmmmm
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