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  1. cocktails and screams is one of the most unique horror bars in Florida. It’s like a perpetual Halloween inside.
  2. while Orlando looks awesome Japan has a haunted house that requires you to fill out an NDA.
  3. while you are waiting for ghostbusters Japan’s event just dropped.
  4. Resident Evil returns and Area 51 coming as a haunt.
  5. Two days ago HHN started in Japan! It won't be long now for you guys! I hope your guys event is as cool as this!
  6. I've done 3 of the 5 haunted houses at this event so far. Oh my god they are all super impressive.
  7. Horror Nights is the greatest time of the year. If it was possible I think all of us would be at HHN every single day of the event. However that is impossible for most people. On days you can't go one of the best ways to experience the event is through livestreams and videos shot in the park(s). Our very own zombie chris made a list of youtubers that you should check out if you want a view of hhn. But what youtubers will you follow on days you can't go? Please comment which youtube channel you will watch, and links so others can see them!
  8. Hotel Albert! It seems a heck of a lot like "sleep no more" but as the two places right now that I can do that attraction is New York and Shanghai I'll take what I can get. Ive been to the hour long haunt in Fuji Q Highland, this seems like completely different. It seems more like interactive theater with a more gruesome twist.
  9. It's a bit like a blast from the past and possibly the future of hhn! http://www.behindthethrills.com/2018/02/flashback-a-look-back-at-halloween-horror-nights-in-singapore/
  10. Hell has literally come to earth in this scarezone. People are being punished and your thrown into the middle of it. All while a demonic priest opens up a portal bringing more evil into this world.
  11. It's been said before, but stranger things. Also the return of an EXTREME house.
  12. Though I'm happy I live in Japan and I get a crazy constantly dynamic event. I really wanted to go back to Orlando just because of the Bruce Campbell effect. I was lucky enough to work in silver screams and for two nights I got to switch roles. To a role which if you squinted your eyes and looked with semi-hazy vision, why you'd have the pit scene from Army Of Darkness. And myself getting the opportunity to play Ash. You know when your so excited for something that you can't speak right? Yeah that was me. Bruce was my hero and I had read all his books at the time and saw all...ALL the movies. I was just having FUN! I totally get why you'd dig the Ash vs Evil Dead house. I'm truly sad that I'm missing it!
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