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  1. This Photo was taken during the Unmasking the Horror tour not at night when HHN was taking place. This Photo was taken during the Unmasking the Horror tour not at night when HHN was taking place.
  2. HHN25 here we come

  3. Counting the days to HHN23

  4. Here are the HHN Calendars from the past 9 years.
  5. I will be there via My FF+ pass OCT 16,17,18 and 20th and then again the following week on OCT 23,24,25 and 27th
  6. From what I read today.... Gothic Dead End Penn & Teller
  7. ITs Finally September... the countdown Begins...

  8. This is gonna sound like a silly question, but did you put a number in the box right above the ADD TO CART box ?? 1 for one ticket, 2 for two tickets... etc... before hitting Add to Cart.. You need a number there for it to work...
  9. The HHN park hours are listed on Official Site under the Frequently asked questions section...
  10. My suggestion would be to try again later today. Its probably just a website glitch....
  11. What if its all normal chainsaw scareactors who get cast every year, but this year they are all in drag !!! Yowza, now thats scary lol
  12. I really think that each group will rotate, lets say there are 8 spots throughout the park. Each group (Cast A & B of each type with have the same starting area each night. When they come back from their 45 minute break move to the next spot and continue all night. If thats the case, I wonder how the Scareactors break areas will work. They leave their stuff in their break area (Phones & personal items) and it would make it hard for them to get to their break area if you are across the park from it. Unless they will also rotate break areas, but then they wont have their personal items with them. Thoughts, hmmmmmm
  13. RichieRocket, boogeyman13 (plus 3 others). UTH tour Thursday Oct 25th at 1:30pm
  14. August has just begun, and i counting the days to HHN22

  15. Looking forward to the Silent Hill House and the nurses.. Im curious as how they will do Pyramid Head in the house
  16. Its Late March and my mind is on HHN and Octer 2012... counting the days...

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