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  1. Dont worry were not losing that area for a maze lol murdy said on twitter it will still hold a maze next year
  2. Exactly Honestly , our event will come out on top . Their icons are okay, but I don't care about them at all either.
  3. When I start thinking about next years event when im in the car driving home from the current years event LOL
  4. I love all the maze venues, for different reasons. 1.) Shrek Venue - Its small and 'claustrophobic' in a sense, which fits well in creating a maze with eerie hallways and small spaces. 2.) WWW Venue- Great place to always have outside scenes (really hoping the Wolfman comes to HHN next year lol) 3.) Behind the Mummy- Obviously the venue in which TCM , the best maze so far has been placed in. haha 4.) T2 - Its HUGE , Awesome facade
  5. Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood will always primarily have movie mazes, and thats the way it should be . Its Hollywood , why do it any other way? Yes I know John Murdy is repeating icons, but that can change. If we start to actually get new movie properties into HHNH , our event can surpass Orlando's event, without a doubt. The quality of our mazes are generally better than theres. Having original- concept houses is like throwing a full rack of pork ribs on a Jewish persons plate. IT JUST ISN'T RIGHT. Anyways, if we did get an original maze, I rather get one based off of Freakz or basically anything not from Orlando.
  6. Ghostface ? He is more looked at as a comedic character now because of Scary Movie, and the whole parody . Even Scream is considered a parody of horror movies. I think if Ghostface did come to HHN, he can have a maze and thats it. For him to be the icon would seem cheesy and lackluster. Plus I cant get over the fact his costume is not scary .
  7. Ok first off the main icon: Hopefully Sam from Trick R Treat ... I think that would be awesome since he is considered the spirit of Halloween in that movie. In the Terror Tram, I hope the main characters are the monsters from the Hills Have Eyes, and Murdy said he would like to have them on the T.T when I asked. As for the mazes - I hope Saw is gone for good, and the House of Wax is created in that maze spot. For the WWW area , the Wolfman X) I know murdy would love to do this one, but we'll see... For Shrek area, Michael Myers coming back wouldnt bug me too much , and i thought that maze shouldve came back instead of saw. btw rob zombies version cannot be done because murdy told me zombie did not have full rights. House of Horrors- I dont care , usually isn't that good except the year of chucky overlay. Instead of HOTC , I think they can do the original maze there *cough cough* FREAKS IN 3D and the JP queuqe i have no idea, maybe a Scream maze??? I honestly dont think Scream should be at HHN because he isnt scary ( costume wise) so to use him would be sorta lame .i still love the scream movies , but ehhh
  8. ( Order from best to worst) (Nightmarez doesn't count as a Scare Zone, in my opinion... But just wanna say the go-go dancers are always a good part of HHN haha) #1 - Klowns: This was definitely the best scare zone , not just from this year, but from all 4 years I have went. The actors were phenomenal, especially Burny the Clown and Harlequin Stilt Walker. There was also a massive Chainsaw clown that was at least 6'4 and 300 pounds that popped out of the metal crate and scared the shit out of me and the people I went with... The costumes looked great, and the fire returning was a good choice. #2 - Lunaticz: The atmosphere, fog filled streets, and the actors were really good. I did not get any scares, but that doesn't happen often in Scare Zones to me anyways.I still like that they tried to scare me, unlike the scare actors in Freakz ( I'll go into detail in a bit) #3 - Freakz: The costumed and props are good, but it still is a repeat zone... Every monster that walked by me completely ignored me, and did not even try to scare me. How lame is that? #4 - La Llorona: Complete crap. Not scary, La Llorona just walked around not saying anything, little kids not scary, BORING!!! #5- Pigz: Same shit, different year #6- (not really a SZ but the area in front of T2 that had sliders) Sliders did a great job. Masks looked amazing for the sliders.. Except one guy that didn't wear a mask, which is dumb...
  9. Rating: 6 out of 5 lol This is the first 3D maze that I have been on that is actually scary. This maze was so terrifying!!! Im not going into detail at all because there is too much to write about lol but here is my overall consensus: Every single Actor was spot on, 3D was seriously amazing, scenes were detailed, fried chicken smell good lol, and final scares made me scream like a bitch hahaha Overall , this has been the scariest maze ever made! It actually beat Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze!!! Oh got on it 3 times, passing the 80 minute lines with the FOL pass felt amazing X) hahaa
  10. Terror Tram: Chucky's Revenge - Rating: 0 out of 5 So I wasn't expecting the Terror Tram to be spectacular, but I did not expect it to suck as much as it did I love Chucky and the idea of him taking over, but it was obvious that no effort was put into the intro video on the tram and the overall attraction. It was just complete garbage. 1.) La Llorona's portion was horrible. The acting was complete shit, there were no scares in that section ( even the bush monsters were lame while you are going up the hill ) The scenery was reused from My Bloody Valentine last year except a wooden carniceria shack... 2.) The Sheet maze was cancelled. 3.) Psycho area was lame 4.) W.O.W section had minimal amount of scare actors, fire effects were pointless. Overall this attraction was SHIT !!!
  11. Friday the 13th: Kill, Jason, Kill ! - Rating: 5 out of 5 Finding out my favorite horror icon Jason Voorhees was returning to HHN excited me ... and it did not disappoint ! Having a quick, more aggressive Jason amped the scares up so much more than the previous F13 mazes in 07' and 08' ... The scenery in this maze, especially the entrance (The Woods of Camp Crystal Lake) added a great sense of realism. Having unique, creative kills were so phenomenal ! I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll let you see for yourself. The Jason scare actors were spot on (acting and physical appearance) unlike the random fat Jason's in 08' Lol. We went on this maze 3 times and I couldn't get enough of it haha. Overall, this maze is 3rd on my list of the night in Scare Factor, even though its #1 in my heart because its Jason lol.
  12. NOES: Never Sleep Again - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 This was my first maze of the night, and WOW this maze was AMAZING ! I never found Freddy Krueger scary, but this maze changed my mind... We were the first ones in this maze and it had such detailed environments. The scare actors in this maze were perfect (Freddy masks looked great), creating some very memorable moments. The micro naps exceeded my expectations, and having no victims in this maze actually turned out quite well. We went on this maze 3 times, and geez I loved it more and more each time. It actually was scarier than the Friday the 13th maze, and Jason in my opinion is more intimidating, so that says a lot about this maze. Overall this was #2 of the night. Oh and the final scare was okay, but the final final scare, and final final final scare definitely made up for it Hahaha
  13. Saw: Game On - Rating: 1 out of 5 This maze felt exactly the same as last year. This was the worst maze in my opinion. (Vampyres was better!!!!) The Flesh trap was honestly pointless. The acting in the trap was good, but there was not even a scare in that room. The Pig Trap was just an excuse for John Murdy to throw in something that you have to push out of the way so a guy can come out from the side saying : "HELP ME!" And last of the new traps: The Rack was actually a good addition the maze. It looked real, and was a good distraction, for the obvious scare waiting to happen. The scents in that maze were even more grotesque than last year... When I was standing right in front the facade , I already smelled the scent of shit. LOL John Murdy definitely did not retire that scent like he said he would. Overall, this maze shouldn't have made a second appearance. The layout was almost identical, the scares were predictable, and the new traps were just effortlessly thrown in there. If you are running out of time, don't bother waiting in line for this maze. I had the FOL pass, so I walked right in... and then I walked out disappointed, like I was expecting.
  14. OPENING NIGHT !! I'll be wearing my Jason vorhees shirt so any scareactors attack me lol
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