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  1. Coming from Los angles I am going to HHN solo Sept 23, 24, 25 and Oct 2. Going with friends on Sept 29, 30 and Oct 1. Staying at Cabana Bay. anyone down to meet up? I have ROF with Express.
  2. Ya, doing the same thing, trying the first stab thing, hopefully we will be in the mazes by 6:30! Being already in the park always worked nicely in Florida. Regardless, skipping the front entry mob scene should be nice.
  3. Anyone else buy the 4 or 12 night pass? I got the 12 night pass and plan on going about 8 nights, including the first two weekends.
  4. Bill and Ted being canceled for this stupid reason is lame. Universal was fine with the shows content for the past month. I think it is very weak of Universal to give into D list media outlets. I am attending again tomorrow night and the lines are going to beyond horrible with Terror Tram closing early and no Bill and Ted (let’s face it, that show had a higher hourly capacity than any maze). Anyone think that Universal will give refunds to unused tickets? Without a front of a line ticket it is pointless.
  5. OK...I guess I was wrong. Murdy said via Twitter today that he is also the voice of mother bates at the Psycho house for this years event. I am really bummed out we are getting the same ol, getting worse every year, terror tram. Something that started off really cool in 2006/2007 has become a boring, predictable, randomly themed, repeat every year. I was really hopeful of a truly reimagined experience. I am now starting to think that the big tent by NY street on the backlot will house two mazes and that will be the last unknown maze location. No Soundstage. I am still hopeful.
  6. It could still be in the same area of the backlot as the maze (NY area), but two seperate attractions and queue lines... If terror tram is in its regular location how are they going to get people to the backlot maze? The Kong loading area they used a few years back is now a maze.
  7. So is it pretty much confirmed that TT is going to be in its normal location? The area by the house we assume is being built off NY street has a few spots where the GP could not do much damage to the sets. Around London, the grassy area that has a wall/backdrop all along one side. If they are filming in this area how can a maze be there (crowds, sounds...).
  8. A few logistical questions/thoughts: If TT is in its normal spot how will you access the maze at NY street on the backlot? They will not let the GP have that much access to the backlot or expect them to walk that far. Will they offer a King Kong express type tram separate from TT? Where would this load from? Might that big tent off NY street house 2 mazes? Any updates or new sightings at the soundstage next to Transformers (28 I believe)? Last point, I think it is safe to assume there will be no version of the frequent fear pass offered this year.
  9. Are we getting a 7th maze this year? Will Terror Tram be in NY? How will that work with the Walking Dead Maze (Same drop off)? We know Mummy and JP overflow, Peruvian Courtyard, HOH, NYC backlot (?), where else? This could be an amazing year or not so much...time will tell.
  10. Do you have the link or wording? don't want to get there to be turned away. thanks.
  11. They are now calling this Thurs and Sunday "Killer Deal Nights". Will the FFP "Killer Deal Nights Pass" be honored these additional dates as it was Saturday Oct 1?
  12. Why does buying HHN tickets feel like buying airline tickets or a car? The constant fluctuation of prices is pretty insane and not a theme park standard, in fact I don't think anyone has ever done this before.
  13. They also just lowered the Annual Pass prices for all remaining Thursday and Sunday nights. The discounted price online was $50.99 ($11.01 saving) now is $41.99 ($20.01 saving). So an additional $9 saving per night. Sucks for everyone that already bought tickets!!!
  14. Six years of the same crap getting worse. Enough is enough. We need a new tram area or go back to using the queue for mazes constructed in the tram maintenance/storage area. Without the Bates maze the Terror Tram is really horrible and a 100% repeat.....again.
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