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  1. That's why Eddie was pulled and almost all blood was taken out and sometimes replaced with green goo. Still a good time though.
  2. I forgot about the air horn. I think the facade had the chrismas lights. We on Halloween that year and it was dead. I think I went through it about 4 times with hardly a wait. One time they split up our party and forced me to return to the beging with the mattresses. I was stuck in the first part of the house for at least five minutes since the next group came in. The actor was blocking the exit and telling everyone that wasn't the way to go. I could only imagine what they could do with it now if they can get the crowd control for it right.
  3. I was hoping that they would go back further than Hostile Territory (more like a prequel to Saw than a sequel to the original). IMO Eddie would have been great around the I.C.U. year. But the one year they brought him back and gave him his own house I was disappointed in the outcome. When one of your favorite and first HHN house you've ever been in is given a sequel that is going to take up the whole disaster queue instead of just half, doesn't turn out anything like the original game show style maze, I was pretty disappointed. So if it does come back around I was hoping they have a crowd control situation to make it more like the original instead of the conga line sequel. The houses (again IMO) have on average only gotten better over time. Sure you get duds here and there but they have knocked it out of the park a lot lately. So if anyone from Universal is reading this please if you do another RUN house realize why the original was so good. Not just the story but how the house was executed. I'm sure I'll love whatever house I get just don't call it that name if you don't do that in the house (I'll even take a brisk walk as long as there is no conga line).
  4. The only way a RUN, rabbit, RUN house can be done properly is if the line is pulsed. The conga line wouldn't work or it would be like going through the Minotaur scene in Hades. If we are getting something like the original house I hope they have some way to divert the line in different ways with moving fences or set pieces. Or maybe they will have the first section of the house branch out differnet in different paths (most likely not). The original is one of my favorite houses and the only house at Halloween Horror nights that was actually like a maze. If this house is like the second one then a conga line works fine but it will never be able to recreate the trapped and lost feeling of the original. The second one was a major dissapointment to me at least. I'm sure with the crowds a house like the origional one is not possible anymore.
  5. You can definately see everything in one night with express (rides, shows, and houses). Most of the time you can even do a lot of the houses twice. It does make it easier if the event is open til 2 but still can be done when it closes at 12.
  6. "You're never fully dressed without a smile" was sung on Glee. The creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, also created American Horror Story. Or the song makes me think of the Joker from Batman. Which could be a very awesome house sort of like Maximum Carnage.
  7. Or could be a reference to Halloween 4,5, and 6. With Michael Meyers' niece Jamie Lloyd. His sister gave birth to her.
  8. The Bioshock fanchise is not dead. Irrational games may have gone under, but 2K still owns the rights. I'm sure you will see sequels developed by a different studio through 2K. While Saws and Steam was very close to a Bioshock house, more could definately be done in that world. Don't get me wrong I do not think there will be a Bioshock house this year, but I would be very happy if there was one. The one that seams the most feaseable to me is KISS. Gene Simons would totally be into something like that. I on the other hand would not.
  9. How do you find out what the missions are each night? I see how they are posted on facebook but do they announce them early or is it when you are in the park? If someone could let me know what website they are on and where, cause I can't see the post on facebook from my phone.
  10. I attended the event on Saturday the 21st. I will be going back in two weeks and will reevaluate this list after. Overall I had a great time and saw every house at least once, hit most rides, and saw the first showing of Bill and Ted. I will not review any scare zones street experiences at this time as I didn't really see them. We never walked through Central Park or by Mel's Diner which is where most must have been. From what we did see I wasn't that impressed. The zombies walkers blend in well with the crowds so sometimes you don't know they are around and you'll get a nice startle, which I did like. Other than that we saw the tank and the campsite area with a couple walkers. I thought there was supposed to be something in front of Disaster and the chainsaw drill team by MIB but never saw anything in those areas, which we were in a lot. Finally here are my personal reviews of all the houses and Bill and Ted in order from my favorite to least. #1 The Cabin in the Woods I loved the movie and this house does an amazing job of recreating many scenes from it. I don't think I've ever been so freaked out at HHN before. Once you make it past the cabin areas, which are very detailed and have a good amount of scares, the intensity of this house goes through the roof. Props to the Hell Lord for doing a fantastic job. I wanted to see all the little details, but every time I looked at something a scare actor would sneak up and get me good. I tried to stay in the purge scene to see it but I ran out as soon as the doors were opening on both sides. I have never really been scared or have had a feeling of urgency to go though any house before, but in this house everything started coming from all sides. It was very hard to predict when and where they were going to be. The cast in this house did a great job. I missed the sugar plum fairy but I will be going through this house many more times in a few weeks. This house may become my number one house of all time and I've attending the event for 12 years. Scare Factor 10/10 Set Design 10/10 #2 An American Werewolf in London All I can say is wow. I just watched this movie a week ago to refresh and prep for this house. This was one of the most accurate movie to house representations I've seen. The puppets were awesome, they had the Nazi werewolf, and I even saw a mouse. I went through this house twice and both times were great. I agree with Dr. Jimmy in that some of the puppets show a sort of sadness until they start really going. They do though become a vicious beast and are really quite scary. Loved all the scenes and details. This house really is tied for first, the only reason I put it at 2nd was the scare factor. Which is good but not as intense as CITW. This house did have the best ending of all the houses this year. I caught it just right, as the wolf was shot and I walked out of the maze Blue Moon just started playing almost like credit music. My wife and I just looked at each other and smiled. Scare Factor 8/10 Set Design 10/10 #3 Evil Dead Three and four were hard to decide between, like the first two. But I gave it to Evil Dead for the scare factor cause that's what this is all about. This is a great house and in many other years could be the best house of the event. Unfortunately, this year has CITW and AWIL. I like the book ending of this house. Great sets and scares all around. Some very good makeup also from the few that I saw. This is also a fairly intense house, I just missed some scares but that happens. Can't wait to go in this one again when I return. Scare Factor 9/10 Set Design 9/10 #4 Urban Legends: La LLorona This house was also an amazing one especially for a tent. What a facade. There are great sets and some neat effects. I liked the blue sheet room, neat effect for going underwater. In this house I also wasn't at the right place at times and missed quite a few scares. Overall probably my second favorite tent houses of all time (I really liked the Thing contrary to popular opinion. When I went through it everything worked and timing was perfect). Scare Factor 8/10 Set Design 9/10 #5 Havoc 2 : Derailed Went trough this one twice also. Once with the sun up and once when it was dark. Only do this house in the dark as we all know. Once you're derailed you can see everything too well when it is light out, so no scares. Both times through I really enjoyed this house. I never really liked the first havoc so I did not expect much. This is a huge improvement in sets. You sometimes feel as if you are really moving on a train (Look up for a cool effect). The cast was doing a very good job, they just need amp it up at the end to match the original house's ferocity. It is slightly short. Scare Factor 7/10 Set Design 8/10 #6 The Walking Dead No Safe Haven Didn't like last years house at all. Huge improvement this year. No real complaints with it, just a little overkill with TWD after last year and the rest of the park. The cell block, prison fence area, and the governors room were the highlights. Once the actors get the right feel I think this house could move up on the list, it has a lot of potential. I liked the ducking down area last year and am happy it returned. This house is longer which I didn't mind at all. Scare Factor 6/10 Set Design 9/10 #7 After Life: Death's Vengeance I was never a huge fan of 3D houses until the In-between. I probably had too high of expectations for this because of what was said. All in all it's not a bad house. Actually for a 3D house it's pretty good (not In-between good though). Some cool effects with lasers and mirrors. I always like the vortex tunnel so that's a plus. No real scares but I might of just been in an off time or cast change maybe. The one scare I did get was from an awesome creature popping out of nowhere (costume recycled from in-between). Scare Factor 5/10 Set Design 6/10 #8 Resident Evil Escape from Raccoon City Big fan of the Resident Evil series. I've played most the games, did skip 3 but I played 2. I am pretty sure this is the closest to comedy house of the year. If you look at it that way it does play out better. I get that the house is really going for the video game look on its characters, but it causes a loss in fear factor. No real scares but some amazing sets. This usually wouldn't be the worst house on the list any other year but all the rest kill it. Scare Factor 4/5 Set Design 9/10 Bill & Ted I usually enjoy this show but I walked away a little disappointed this year. I will definitely go back and see it again in a few weeks. I just didn't think it was that funny, except for the big D stuff in the latter half. There seemed to be a lot more dancing this year and less skits. Overall it was acceptable and you should not miss it. 6/10 I would give the event as a whole an 8/10 the night I went only brought down by the lack of atmosphere throughout the whole park. I'm sure in the areas I didn't see such as the barn, clear, and central park it was great. Every year the houses seem to be improving as a whole. No more terrible houses in the last few years. The Legendary Truth scanners are a great improvement. They look cool and the eyes light up when you scan. Also said hi to Mike Aiello at the front of the park which was an unexpected surprise.
  11. Here is who I remember from when I saw the show on Saturday. I did have a little to drink so I know I am missing a lot.
  12. 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. Resident Evil 3. American Werewolf in London 4. Afterlife 5. Evil Dead 6. La Llorona 7. The Walking Dead 8. Havoc 2
  13. My 1st time though on Thursday no pyramid head was probably the worst house of the night. I saw where he was supposed to be but he wasn't even behind the wall. I made sure to hit it twice on Friday. 1st time though he ran at me and flailed his arms. which was great and definitely helped the whole house a lot. His costume is great and running in stilts even better. But he had no sword in hand which still hurts a little. On the second time though I saw the sword in the house but you have to look up. On a good note for everyone going to the event later, when I went on the Unmasking the Horror tour my wife did raise concern over Pyramid Head without a sword. The response was that one is being made for the near future. So anyone going to the event this week may get to see what I really missed but I don't know if he will be able to run with it.
  14. I'll be there on Sept. 27 and 28. I had to make it early and short cause my wife is pregnant. No rides and slow walking but at least I won't miss this year.
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