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  1. You Sir are most welcome. It was a pleasure meeting you!
  2. Theres this thing I've become addicted to called my daughter My soul has also been corrupted by Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcrack (Warcraft))
  3. Have a Happy Birthday!

  4. See these are perfectly valid points for not liking something. I feel that if you included more of this in your review it would have been much better received. I can actually understand where you are coming from and make valid points.
  5. Now the review is starting to sound like a review. The float actually makes perfect sense if you know the back story behind it. The idea present here could not work if Zombiegeddon was not here as well. Keep in mind that Zombiegeddon is after a zombie take over and people have found ways to control zombies. This control only functions if there is a constant power flow. You are taken through a training center that teaches people this control system. At the time you are going through this center there is a Mardi Gras parade taking place outside. Something happened and the float crashed into the power pole. This shuts down power to the training center and turns the zombies loose. It would make a little sense to have one or two zombie outfits from the house on the street so you can make the connection that some got loose and infected the parade. So while I agree that the idea is a little far fetched it is actually a fairly comedic play on horror.
  6. Yes, you most definitely were. Thank you for filling in ;)

  7. I think I was in your spot on Friday.

  8. By nothing I meant you do not offer any suggestions. Specifically 'I am not sure, that is why I am not on the creative team." I understand that you did slightly elaborate about the mask being bloated etc... However, you constantly give points about how and why things are bad but offer no CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Edit: What I'm looking for answers specifically to is: "Fear Revealed was a joke." - What was wrong with it? What could have made it better? (Already got your point about the stilts and Icons should have houses) "Zombiegras - how did this even get approved? The worst scare zone in the existence of the event." - I understand this is your opinion but WHY is the the worst in existence? How long did you stay here? Is this just because no one tried to scare you or maybe they did try and you don't scare easily or they just didn't scare you that time? What were the feelings of the other guests in the street while you were there? I ask this not just because I am in Zombie Gras but because I get more and better scares here than I have previously in streets. As I have said in some earlier posts there are two different casts and I know for a fact that we approach the street differently. You also have to take into consideration time of night, other guest in the street at the time, and how many people are in the street. This goes for all over the park. As actors we have so much to worry about: keeping energy levels high, keeping show as consistent as possible, staying away from people who want to harm us, etc... A lot of the actors that work for HHN also have day jobs which means VERY long days and almost no sleep. Personally, HHN is my THIRD job. I have a Mon-Fri 730-4, another PT job I am at EVERY night I am not at HHN and on Sat and Sun mornings, then HHN on top of that. I know this is not the same for many if not all other actors but maybe you can see my point. I run myself ragged for the month because I love the event so much and I thoroughly enjoy what I do there that it doesn't bother me. Now, I would agree with you if by "The worst scare zone in the existence of the event." you meant staging and scene. I feel that we are too open in that street but we can make it work. All night long I hear guests "where did he come from?" "holy s*** I didn't see him" etc... If you thought the idea of a Mardi Gras parade gone zombie was a bad idea say so. I'm okay with that too. Not every one is going to like every idea implemented. Even if you thought it was going to be good but the actors didn't live up to your expectations, that's okay as well. Sometimes things just happen but seriously to claim worst ever and not elaborate and you expect to not get flack...
  9. I will be attending as a guest on Oct 23 and 24. If anyone is interested in meeting on the 23 let me know. I may stop and say hi to folks on the 24 as I know this is a FFP night and most will be out then but will be mostly with family.
  10. I don't feel that everyone that does not like the event is trolling. However, you post all of these things that you don't like and when people attempt to start a disscussion with you on why you didn't like it or feel out ways to make it better you give us nothing. That is why people are calling you a troll. All of your reviews have had an overall negative tone with a few plusses thrown in. I feel that you do this just to make it seem like a review. Maybe you need to try to work the event just one set. Not even a whole night. I guarantee your views will change. You seem to have no idea what it takes to coordinate all that goes on, how much blood and sweat the actors put into this event, and how much time Universal poors into Concept and Design, building, and executing this event every year.
  11. Sorry you got that not scary feel from Zombie Gras. I've been seeing that a lot on forums. I have also noticed that the comments line up with a lot of the media (photos and videos) that I've seen. Most of this seems to come from one cast. If you get a chance to go back I would be interested to see if the other cast would be able to switch your opinion of this zone.
  12. Here's my take just from what I've seen in my scarezone. There are 3 types of smokers: 1. I'll smoke where and when I want and no one can say anything about it. These are the people I can't stand. I am a smoker myself and will always ask those around me if they have a problem with me smoking (e.g. in the break room I typically sit around the same people most of whom do not smoke yet I still ask if they mind.) This is a common courtesy thing. The people who smoke in line, in the middle of the zones, etc... have no idea who they could be affecting. I heard a story being told back stage where a scareactor with a rather awesome beard lost some of said beard when a guest tried to light a cig and didn't see the actor coming in to scare him. 2. Move away from crowds and try to keep as much smoke away from others as possible. These people I really don't mind. Typically, I see them sitting at a table of a closed restaurant or standing far enough from the street that it will not bother guests passing through. These are the people that like to sit and watch the scare zone. Security has never said anything to them and from what I've seen there haven't been any guest complaints about it. 3. Those who only smoke in designated areas. From sitting and talking with these folks over my nicotine fix I have come to find these to be some of the most level-headed people I have met. While in a perfect world #3 is the only type of smoker, I can understand and I even respect #2. Both types are considerate of others and try to avoid any incidental second hand smoke going to others. So to answer your question, in some cases I do not see where bringing a pipe in and sitting and watching a zone for a while would be an issue. Try to find an area away from most people that has good air flow and enjoy the show!
  13. As C_D said very well written review. I agree with you on the Zombie Gras. We do not have much in the way of scene to work with. However, spend a little time on the Jaws end of the street. You will find three very hidden zombies. Crowd weaving done properly is an awesome tactic.
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