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  1. Does anybody know if the pins are shared with hollywood or exclusive to orlando?
  2. So do we have confirmation about johns last year. If so my guess Mike Aiello will be taking over. He's been in Cali for half of October.
  3. I'm here now and merch is 90% off at production central but not much left
  4. Tonight's the night last day of 2017 and my day to finally go to HHN. If you anybody sees me and wants to say hi I'll be wearing my evil clown vest and skull came with my wife. See ya out there...
  5. I paid for Nov 4th day nights fotl for $219 in September and last night they dropped to $195 so I called universal and they refunded me $24 per ticket. No questions asked. Good customer service right there. @HorrorNightsFan13 if you see me say hi. I'll be wearing my evil clown biker vest like normal.
  6. Do you guys think the early entry now being the choice for 90% of the people that get there early made the wait times lessen this year? Kind of spreads out the crowd later in the night.
  7. Got my tickets for nov. 4 the last night of hhn I'm excited I had a blast last year on the last day so I know it will be another amazing party night.
  8. Hey so I know wwohp is closed during hhn. But are they selling butterbeer during the event?
  9. I don't go till the last day nov 4 but I am going to miss seeing the flame towers
  10. So just saw the opening scaremony on youtube and the flame towers are very missed. But characters looked cool. And it seems a little weird it's so far into the park
  11. Im pretty happy with this lineup. And this year is my 10th year going to HHN (Only missed 06 and 10) i cant wait for this years event and know murdy will do it right. Here here to HHN 2017!!!
  12. Goodlord the ticket prices have skyrocketed. Fotl for when i normaly go are now 199 i paid 140 last year.
  13. Im in the video when your walking through the last tram line on the right haha
  14. Im here if anyone wants to say hi tonight i have the evil clown vest on with a purple and green striped cane my name is jeff but i go by evil clown either eay say hi.
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