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  1. Hey guys, Any word on Florida Resident discounts? I'm getting email about early-bird sales and not sure if these or the resident passes will be a better deal. Thanks
  2. Even if teh "balloons" clue has been determined, I'd like to share something stubbled upon (someone posted in on FB). A 7 minute short titled "Balloons" about zombies. Kinda touching...
  3. Perhaps the Ifrit posting this soon after the Doc posted the above is not coincidence.... could there be a link between "balloons" and the doomsday clock?
  4. Charts, maps, navigation..... Did Terra Cuentas ever burn?
  5. Well the calls are targeting sites like these. It would be wierd if they are referring to houses we've been discussing for a while now. Especially on the eve of the website reveal. It would imply something more
  6. When I first realized there were a few "digging", "unearthing", and "buried" references, I first thought: an Undertaker type as an icon. Someone else mentioned a Grave Digger later on but it did not result in confirmations or much furhter talk. The second thing I thought of was indian burial grounds. This was brought up in the last age (I think by Christy). Poltergeist is based off building a house on burial grounds and so the Victorian Mansion connection was made. Then I also thought of old movie scenes of zombies coming out of their graves. But I still think there is more to it. It might not be worth straining the brains anymore since the full reveal is this week...but its been a week already that I've been battling with these references.
  7. Yup, that supports my new line of thinking. But then we are assuming that every clue from Ifrit is about the same thing and not individual clues about separate things (like house or SZ or SA)
  8. I know that that's what my original line of thought was, but the recent picture clue threw me off. Why make it a point to tell us that the shorthand is not referring to the ore and allude to the Iron Lady? It seems to steer away from the main point (so we thought) of Silent Hill
  9. ok, so here's a stretch for all of you... In an effort to find other shorthands of "Fe", I found that if you search for imaged of "Fe=2" you get images of a Nikon camera. Could this be a nod to the DE type house that has been speculating?
  10. woo hoo! caught up with all my forum reading to be able to comment and participate! I think this latest clue can be a bit misleading. We have the Silent Hill cross right smack in the middle of the page, yet thusfar the outling remarks are being speculated as story or icon hints. To all those who know Silent Hill best: Does any specific element have a significant meaning in the storyline? Does " 26 more to ingruing..." also ring any bells?
  11. From past conversation, depending on which night Halloween falls on, the end of the month gets a bit crowded. Also, there is a day in mid-October when colleges and universities have a Friday off. That weekend is the worst and has been called "Hell Week". It's be good to find out when that one is.
  12. yeah, I got the vegas reference. Just didn't think it meant something. 3D is the easy answer (usually the right one). I complicate things... started thinking In-Between type thoughts.
  13. In an attempt to figure this out: Legacy's "heh" is either about the Glitter Gulch reference or the "see other dimensions" phrasing. It could be something else but that's what I'm seeing. And I'm going with other dimensions... but of what or how is what I'm wondering. Eager to see
  14. I can see this as a huge market for money making. Sell flags at the entrance. Guests opt into playing along. Online score boards shoing who lasted the longest. No prizes, just bragging rights.
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