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  1. The LED board is coming back. When the event opens, the Purge Announcement and sirens will broadcast. "Purge feed" will play throughout the night. You're welcome.
  2. Merchandise team members have no say or knowledge in what is re-ordered; They don't know for sure. Keep checking back in the stores.
  3. More Coming Soon... Houses Thir13en Ghosts (Soundstage) Based off the movie. 1692: The Witches of Salem (Soundstage) Stephen King presents: Tales of Terror (Soundstage) For the first time, step into some of the most terrifying stories ever written. You'll walk through the hedge maze outside The Overlook Hotel before you find yourself running through the Pet Cemetery. You'll come face to face with The Man in the Black Suit along with scenes from Salem's Lot, 1408, Misery, IT, and The Children of the Corn. Living Dead (Disaster Overflow Queue) Ever since the zombies took over, the uninfected found refuge in a local mega-store. For months they've survived off the stores products, but now the supplies are running out and the zombies are getting in. Scarezones Fog (New York Streets) They're not sure where it came from. They're not sure when it came. The only thing they know for sure is that there is something in the fog. Havoc: Unleashed (Shrek Alley) Two years ago the Shadowcreek Enterprise was taken over by a group of test subjects involved with the HAVOC project. The lone survivor of the rampage narrowly escaped in a military storage van. It's contents: the remaining doses of the HAVOC inhalant. Restless Remains (Central Park) Make your way through this forgotten cemetery, but beware: it's inhabitants stalk your every move. *[Walk-through abandoned church-- think The Skoolhouse]
  4. I wasn't impressed with the house on EP. I understand all the issues that came up that night in regards to costumes, though. I can't really comment on the performers because I barely saw any.
  5. I'm leaving now and can happily say that tonight was almost a complete 180. Still not the best year, but definitely better. Forsaken 7/10 - a lot more actors, less lighting improved the masks, few good scares. Nevermore 11/10 (amazing-ER) - noticed more actors, love how the Poes get drunker and crazier throughout the house. I got the greatest scare I've ever had. Ever. in this house tonight. Winters Night 8/10 - such an improvement. Lighting seemed better and again, a lot more actors. Some very good scares. Nightingales 9/10 - sooo good. Amazing scares, once more: more actors. Nightmaze 5/10 - more actors, couple of startles. Grown Evil 7/10 - actors really know how to work with their wings. Canyon 6/10 - little less fog, more light. Much better. Luck 4/10 7 8/10
  6. To the point where everytime I walked through, other guests were bumping into me, I was bumping into them, scare actors were bumping into each other. I'm not telling anyone not to go. I was posting my opinion on the event. I don't understand why everyone's getting so butthurt. Calm down.
  7. Do you? I'm being honest. Fact: This is my least favorite year. Fact: Nevermore is the best house I've ever seen.
  8. I will make this as simple as possible. I was very excited for the event and I understand that last night was a 'technical rehearsal', however, the event can only get so much better. Overall, this is my least favorite year. Houses: Winter's Night: Cool facade, nice sets, short house, no scares. 5/10 HR Bloodengutz/Holidays: Wasn't really impressed with anything. No scares 3/10 The Thing: The facade was nice but I think I saw 3 scare actors in the house. The monsters in the 2007 house were much better. 4/10 Nightingales: Neat costumes, a few scares, intense actors, awesome sets. 8/10 Nevermore: I will admit, this is the best house I have ever seen at HHN. 10/10 The In-Between: A scare or two, disorienting sets. 6/10 The Forsaken: Nice sets, way to short. The masks completely ruin this house. 5/10 Saws N Steam: Exactly what you'd expect. 3/10 -- 'Scare'zones: 7: Interesting zone. Had a scare or two in here. Creative costuming. 6/10 Grown Evil: Neat costumes. 5/10 Canyon: The fog ruins any chance of visibility. Skulls with tusks. 2/10 Acid Assault: The projectors look cool from a far distance. The zone is way too open with not enough actors. 4/10 Luck: Kinda ruins it when you can see four lady lucks (pretty ones) at the same time. Cheesy masks. 3/10 Nightmaze: Not one scare, or actor really. They spend all their time moving fences. This zone literally cost $0.00. 1/10 I skipped the Drum show, but saw it from a distance. Bill & Ted wasn't great. Had a moment or two, but nothing special. Literally NO storyline. Also, can we not harp on . It was very tasteless and somewhat racist. 3/10
  9. You, sir, are probably going to lose your job.
  10. It's my understanding that the 'minions' are most (if not all) males.
  11. Each girl/sin has their own vignette. They will probably spend a majority of their set on the stage, but each girl will also have minions roaming the street.
  12. Normally, it's released a week or two before opening night to accommodate any changes that might be made.
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