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  1. There was an issue with the Door of the Sound Stage. It was great seeing all my friends who came through, see you next year!
  2. Thank you everyone for the comments. It thrills me to see you all come back night after night, and love the Maze just as much as we do.
  3. New Prints are up on my Blogger site. LINK
  4. Welcome to All Hallows Even ( Happy Halloween )

  5. There is a chill to the air, darkness will greet you while all alone in a graveyard. And the blue light from the lanterns is the only thing keeping you safe.

  6. Shout out again last night. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for the shout out last night.

  8. Bulling must come to a stop!

  9. Trolls get man punched in the cock!

  10. My apologies to all those who mentioned my name last night. It is difficult to see you while on set. However I thank you for coming through.

  11. Cold, Dark, and Sinister.

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