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  1. 79 days <3 <3 <3

  2. I couldn't imagine them putting ONLY zombies on there. That would pretty much be their way of telling us that they don't care about the terror tram and that they're only doing it cause it's kind of a trademark haha. I'm gonna keep my expectations on this one lower so that hopefully when I walk through it, I'll be amazed ahaha.
  3. I didn't even think about The Walking Dead taking over the TT, but that's awesome! Anyone else seeing a Norman Bates zombie by the psycho house? (;
  4. Hahaha as much as I LOVE Alice, I TOTALLY agree xD totally got that vibe lol
  5. UHHHHHHHHHHH HAS ANYBODY ELSE SEEN THIS?!?!?!!? :OOOOOOOO http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/24195840 Fast forward to 42:00!!!
  6. Creeper is correct. Woman Black is all set up for a sequel and it's gonna be called Angels of Death I believe? The only reason I am okay with a sequel is because it's suppose to have completely different characters and such. And don't mind me but what exactly does MO stand for? haha
  7. Really?! Yess! One of my favorite movies! I thought it was fantastic. Finally a new horror movie that wasn't focused all around how much blood could possibly be put in there. And am I like one of the only people that can look past the fact that "Harry Potter" is in it? haha. Daniel Radcliffe is an AMAZING actor and should be aloud to play new roles without always being referred to as Harry Potter haha.
  8. ........Wait.......Has anybody brought up the fact that those all match "The Woman in Black" ? Just sayin. That would be a freaking EPIC maze.
  9. That is true, I haven't seen the movie in quite some time as well but I don't remember there being a lot of actual creatures/monsters in it...hmmm.
  10. I would be honestly happy with either of those mazes. They're fantastic. And I will try not to!(:
  11. Okay sweet, thank you DTH! On the maze that could quite possibly be La Llorona, I was guessing either poltergeist or the excorcist as well. And a Silent Hill maze would be pure amazingness. I have been waiting for that one. I've missed you guys!
  12. I need to be in LA...So many reasons...

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