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  1. It looks good, but I would as a suggestion replace this with Channel Zero with a compilation of Candle Cove, NoEnd House & Butcher Block.
  2. Well there's the difference. TWD is the same plot over & over while AHS has a different plot every season.
  3. Hollywood's HHN had only AHS Roanoke as a full maze without Asylum & Coven so they could easily do a full maze based off Cult.
  4. Those are good ips. There's also SyFy's best tv shows like Z Nation, Ghost Wars, Superstition, Van Helsing, and Channel Zero.
  5. I thought of this plot that could be a maze based off the NBCUniversal series Grimm. The series has ended, but that is only the beginning enter the world of Grimm & encounter both monsters & iconic scenes of the hit tv series. Can you make it out alive? I might not do the maze since I never saw the series, but I'll let you all do it. The monsters & scenes has to be from all 6 seasons to be in one maze.
  6. What about the horror comedy film Lost Boys that has Keith Sutherland as a vampire?
  7. I think the Coven part is missing Marie Laveau & the Axeman.
  8. I wonder if Universal is going to put a tribute to Tobe Hooper in the Texas Chainsaw segment like they did last year for Wes Craven for Freddy vs Jason?
  9. With Asylum they could have it set when Briarwood is shut down in 2012 with jumpscares of Bloodyface along with specific scenes well-known from the season.
  10. We would have to start with Candle Cove since that's season 1 of Channel Zero. Luckily scp might be the third season call staircases.
  11. Its actually really good. I would do a maze, but since that show is cancelled after two seasons it would not be worth making a maze based off the two seasons in one maze.
  12. Your thinking of the prequel. The Thing that had Kurt Russell never came to HHN Hollywood.
  13. They would still need Carrie as well.
  14. The question with The Mummy is the maze going to a canonical prequel due to the Mummy being part of the share universe.
  15. There's a bit of Asylum in the season finale of Roanoke if you count Lana Winter's appearance.
  16. And this became season 1 of Channel Zero.
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