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  1. anybody know when there will be a tweet up? or if there is going to be one?
  2. i never ate at bob marley and want to meet some fans so most likely count me in!
  3. yea i think twd is our theme for sure and i for one am super excited for p&t to be honest i feel like this isnt a house that has been done in a any way shape or form
  4. does anyone know anything about the scarezones yet? i cant wait to find out
  5. i really want the silent hill facade to have the loud siren blaring in the first scene withlots of fake ash and the sound of people running
  6. i think that the houses announced should be embraced since i feel like one of the main reasons we have these houses is because universal is doing what the fans have been asking for.silent hill alone is a reason to go this year imo already. and i remember for the last 2 years people bringing up different video game ideas for a house, well we have it and i think we should be thanking uni for listening. and the ips this year are heavy hitters, ex. s.h. is one of the most scary games ever made, twd one of the scariest shows ever made, ac one of hollywoods best houses.also its friken exciting to have a movie /show marathon days before you go to hype yourself up. i did that with dead silence and it made me appreciate the work they put in to the facade.
  7. sweeeet!do you think they are going to announce all the houses first or maybe a scare zone or two to make the announcements take longer?
  8. just wondering does anybody have a clue as to what house they think will be announced next?
  9. i am a fan of all the sound fx in the ac maze last year. at least that is a plus in my opinion
  10. the only problem i have so far is the feeling of surprise. this is now 3 houses that wil not give me that feeling of woah what kind of monsters am i going to see, because ive see and played silent hill so no surprise there with what ill see, i watch twd all the time, and as for ac i can see videos and pretty much make out what the scare actors are going to look like. yes, they may look a little different from hollywood last year but still not by alot. im still going to love seeing these houses but like i said the feeling of surprise isnt going to be there as much as the other years. im also bummed out because last year at the tweet up i dont remember who but he said he was excited for this year, that its going to be amazing so ive been waiting to see this amazing year and wow its so plain to me so far. i hope a&d soesnt let me down
  11. wow grown evil seems like its going to be a favorite of mine, based on the pictures seen. i just wonder what excactly the scareactors are going to wear in the scarezone. and canyon of dark souls is going to be the stilt walking scarezone right?
  12. i think she is lady elizabeth hawthorne and that the cematary is her house since she has a crow on her shoulder and i hear one in the cemetary game. also the obvious fact that lady luck and lady elizabeth have the word lady in front of it.
  13. damn well owell im still siked for this year. and siked to find out what the cemetary house ends up to be
  14. this is super off topic and sorry about that beforehand but i think its hilarious how busch gardens in williamsburg has a catacombs house like we did last year. it makes me excited to know that hhn is so awesome thatparks not even in florida are trying to compete with hhn or try to be as good as it. idc icon or not ive never been as excited for hhn as i am this year.
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