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  1. Did you apply online? Thats your next step. After that you wait for an email telling you if you've been cast or not.
  2. The story they told in the Purge wasn't very interesting, but the setting is great.
  3. Knott's is going to have a Dia scarezone this year. Thats their latin bit.
  4. He isn't a god. He's just a cool dude who designs haunted houses. (Chris Williams on the other hand... I've seen him shoot lightning bolts from his fingertips.)
  5. As usual, the only word I will respond to is: "Bansheeman."
  6. I wanted someone to shout out INSIDIOUS right before John played the video at today's panel. Alas, no one did.
  7. How is that a concern? How many mazes have they done with ONE character?
  8. I have heard nothing about a new route. There is no evidence in the movie that other people celebrating Purge Night don't dress up in costume. Besides, when has HHN NOT taken some creative license? If there is a Purge SZ, Im sure the characters will be dressed like the home invaders.
  9. They didnt get enough of the body type they are looking for. (In this case, its guys over 6 feet.) Thats why there is another round. Edit. actually looks like they are looking for a range. Who knows.
  10. First off, Im in that video so that puts it above LAME level automatically. Second, that was Employee Preview and just about EVERYTHING sucks on employee preview.
  11. I did, but I'm not able to publicly talk about it because of the NDA I invariably have to sign.
  12. http://www.goldstar.com/events/los-angeles-ca/scarela I'll be there both days.
  13. Don't believe me all you want. I mean, I have been wrong before, as I didn't think we'd get evil dead. However, that was based on just my own observations.
  14. Last year they all went out at once. That is VERY uncommon. Usually, they've gone out in small batches over the course of a week or two. If you still haven't gotten one by next Saturday it might be time to worry. In any case, you can always sneak in through the pool back door if you aren't cast the first time around.
  15. I dont see the post in question, but there is a go-go and vampire dancer audition coming up on Friday. Maybe someone was asking about that?
  16. There are a few scareactors who come from the AV. Call times are between 3 and 6 pm and you generally work til the event closes, unless you are on Terror Tram, which closes earlier.
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