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  1. No... I didnt say I didn't like it. Its a well made movie, and I enjoy watching it. But am I a 'fan' of Halloween? No, not at all. Slasher films to begin with aren't my horror genre of choice. Im into more fantastic things, with more super natural elements to it. While a serial killer type movie might be more 'real', it doesn't really scare me, beyond a little startle jump when they use a loud audio cue. And don't think I dislike Carpenter. In the Mouth Of Madness is one of my favorite horror movies and I like the Thing quite a bit. Speaking of in the Mouth of Madness, Dagon would make a pretty cool maze. Its a film version of the H.P. Lovecraft stories Dagon (natch) and Shadow Over Innsmouth. If you haven't seen this movie I recommend it. Big time.
  2. Well, I said the same thing about Halloween too, before it became a maze. And I still stand by those thoughts. Disclaimer, Im not a huge fan of either franchise, so seeing that movie come to life isn't enough to do it for me. I like a maze to take me someplace I can't go in real life. My Bloody Valentine is a good example. I dont care for the movie and I dont find the character to be scary either. However, going into a mine is neat experience for me, and it was easily my favorite maze from last year.
  3. Scream, in my opinion, would make a horrible maze. Ghostface is not a visually interesting or scary character. The environments in the movie are very boring (Suburban houses and such.) and what makes the movies fun, is a sense of humor and self parody that would not translate well to a maze, nor fit with the overall more serious tone that most HHN (Chuckie excluded) properties use. Remember kids, just cause a movie is great, does not mean it'd make a good maze. And just cause a movie is horrible doesn't mean the maze will suck. I do think Hellraiser would be awesome for the exact opposite reasons why I think Scream would fail as a maze.
  4. I have the 06 shirt plus a map from every year (even though I dont know where they are.) I also have 3 Scareactor hats, from 06-08. (We didnt get a hat last year.) I -do- know where those are. Maybe Ill take a picture. But by far, I am most proud of this:
  5. Lame. And Heckler is retired. I doubt you'll see him around here.
  6. Yes! I was number 1! Where you at the audition, Electro, or do you mean nice to see me on this board? And Zack, introduce yourself next time!
  7. The shrek maze is not back stage. Its built in the Shrek extended queue.
  8. 1st. I check in. 2nd I put my costume on. 3rd. I get my make up put on. 4th. I get a burger at the employee grill 5th. I scare people.
  9. Yes. They call you. In theory, they could call you anytime up to the last weekend of the event. Usually its about two to three weeks.
  10. By the way, I think Bansheeman got cut AT the audition. If that was the case, it wasn't because he was the wrong body type. It was because he didnt give a good audition. They do -not- do a type out style audition.
  11. They hire all body types. Obviously, when you have to cast 30 Leatherfaces and 30 Jasons, you're gonna need to find 60 tall guys. But trust me, they'd rather have Tall and Built rather then Tall and Skinny.
  12. Are you guys calling me fat?! Quick Answers: Call times are from 3-6, depending on what you play and if you need make up done and such. There are not call back auditions, but you do not find out if you are cast at the auditions or not. The only thing you will find out is if you definitely have -not- been cast. Uh.. anyone more questions? I might have missed some since I just sorta skimmed. (And yes, Gasmaskman reminds me of Bansheeman.)
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