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  1. I think there are only like 3 or 4 active scareactors on the board this year. So I don't know how critical this is.
  2. considering there is literally a maze in French street this year, I suspect it'll be higher traffic.
  3. I don't entirely disagree with you. However, consider this- those "white" IPs are mainstream movies that appeal to and are watched by a variety of races. White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian, if you're in to horror, you PROBABLY know who Freddy Kruger is. Its different when you chose a cultural thing. The majority of people not part of that culture are probably not familiar with it. Thats not a bad thing, of course. I personally love to be exposed to new cultural things, but to say that doing mazes based on mainstream horror ips and iconography is pandering to whites is a bit disingenuous. (also, just to throw it out there, La Llorona didn't have any more of a hispanic cast than any other maze.)
  4. I didn't care for la llorona either. It was pretty, for sure, but it never did much for me.
  6. I could just tell you the two scarezones right now. I COULD. But then I'd have to kill you.
  7. A good choice- after all, Danny Trejo played a dude named Cucuy in Once Upon A Time in Mexico.
  8. Im gonna miss walking by La Llorona and hearing Speedy Gonzales narrate.
  9. God, I wish that was true. I miss that character so much.
  10. Im mostly certain I'm a walker SOMEWHERE. And it better be either the zone or tram queue. If I'm on tram or in the maze....
  11. You can't just hang out in terror tram. You're forced to move forward and view what are mostly scripted scenes. This is a zone, you're free to wander where ever and at your own pace, and I imagine the scareactors will have more freedom as well. (This is also my likely home this year. I'll find out for sure on Monday.)
  12. Actually, probably not. I know the guy who did this, and its more a comment on how Universal IS pandering, rather then "I HATE MEXICANS AND THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE STUFF DIRECTED TOWARDS THEM."
  13. Somethings are objectively terrible, Its still possible to like them. AMPM hamburgers are objectively terrible. I love them.
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