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  1. Where did they use Rick last year? All survivors were just sorta generic.
  2. Well, I've never gone to Universal as a guest, so I don't have good perspective there, but I think Knott's is a lot of fun. Sometimes, Universal seems so focused on being "scary" they lose sight that it should be "fun" too.
  3. The various rehearsal dates are based on your location. You'll get a full schedule at your orientation.
  4. There really isn't a percentage. Considering that Scare Academy happens in a week, Id imagine that at this point its mostly cast. You might get called in for pool once the event is running.
  5. Its the room across the little walkway from the pub on Baker Street. Its been the breakroom for the scarezones in the area since 2006. I wonder how theyll do breaks this year.
  6. I wasnt saying you couldn't have chainsaws and stilts in the same place, but it'd be rare to see stilts WITH chainsaws. Personally though, i feel power tools are beyond the mental capabilities of creatures with straw for brains. I;d rather they stick to hand tools.
  7. I think you'll probably be working with my friend who is playing final fight Mia.
  8. I don't see saws fitting with "tall" scarecrows.
  9. I dont think there will be chainsaws.
  10. No, I'm fairly certain. I asked about my makeup today.
  11. I figured that since it was Blumhouse and Jason Blum had a competing haunt it wouldn't happen. And then... not only do we get Insidious but Purge as well and Blum has a PURGE haunt elsewhere. I was very surprised.
  12. I can't tell you what they'll look like, but a go-go friend of mine described them after her fitting. You'll like it. A lot.
  13. Its pretty much the costume I wore on Tram last year. I dont think I'll look like that this year.
  14. Haha, no, I get no credit for anything- with the exception of "No duh, walking dead will be back" I had a source tell me all the mazes back in May or June. In fact, I've always been rather insistent that we wouldn't ever get Evil Dead or Insidious.
  15. With the tag line, I think this song should be the soundtrack: http://youtu.be/qL02p9KhABo
  16. I'm really excited. I feel like it'll be the largest scarezone we've had so far. Lots of room to run around!
  17. I have no idea how many of us are left on the board this year, but if you're here and working, list where it is! I'll update with my location tomorrow when I find out! El Cucuy: The Boogeyman ZackT Universal's Monsters Remixed: Ressurection Evil Dead: Book Of The Dead mrarbeezy Insidious: Into The Further your_name001 The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven Kingyams15 Black Sabbeth: 13 3D Rops The Terror Tram: Invaded By The Walking Dead WixFlix The Purge: Survive The Night Mr Misfit Cirqu Du Klownz Curse Of Chucky Scarecrowz The Walking Dead: Dead On Arrival Trevler Talent Pool kingundisputed_ Kurseddragon
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