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  1. Considering they have Charles Lee Ray AND Chucky at the same time...
  2. I like detail. (But I really only care that you write a detailed review of DoA.)
  3. I actually LOVED Bill and Ted, but I saw it before Employee preview, so I dunno what they changed. I laughed my ass off. Keep in mind though, I normally hate Bill and Ted.
  4. Okay, I asked someone who is that Scare Zone just to double check. It was NOT Rhys Wakefield, as I suspected, just a very talented look alike. That also not Rhys in that picture. its the Polite Stranger scareactor on a break. its scary good casting though.
  5. Uh, that IS a look alike. He looks JUST like him though.
  6. I'm glad you liked Dead on Arrival. You came through when I was there- I was probably doing my "shuffle-towards-the-tram-when-it-arrives" thing.
  7. 1 to 10, a 5 (being in the middle) is average. Letter Grade is based on more of pass/fail percentage system where you need a 60 percent or higher to pass, so while a C (75 percent) is the average of a passing grade its NOT an average of the whole scale.
  8. A scale of 1 to 10 is not the same a letter grade score. Apples and oranges, my friend.
  9. Ground Fog is actually REALLY hard to pull off consistently, especially outdoors (which a tent is.). Its HIGHLY weather and temperature sensitive.
  10. Considering that the maze is called INTO THE FURTHER, I suspect that you will be wrong.
  11. Yeah, it was pretty much while watching the movie last night.
  12. Speaking of the hospital, those scenes were filmed at Linda Vista... and it turns out I was there while they were fliming! (not at the same time, but the hospital was dressed for SOME sort of horror movie.) I randomly stumbled into some room with boarded up windows and blood on the floor during my paranormal investigation and it turns out that was Parker Crane's room!
  13. I sorta disagree. To begin with, I REALLY liked the movie, but I felt that it'd make a much stronger haunt than the first one.
  14. Guys, guys. Neither Hollywood NOR Orlando holds a candle to Pierce College's Fright Fair so whats the point of arguing? (Also, why is everyone so vested in which event is better. Seriously- unless you're Creative who cares?)
  15. You can still go if you aren't scheduled to work those nights.
  16. Yes, I know. Edit: Oh, this is Orlando. I have no idea!
  17. On the other hand- having a screaming girl that you're attracted to on your arm is fun- and fear sometimes triggers a... well, a certain response. I personally love taking dates to haunts. Since not liking this stuff is a deal breaker for me, its good to see how they behave early on. That being said, my personal budget (and priorities!) allow me to attend things multiple times if I want, so if a girl ruins one trip, I'll just go again!
  18. I think his actual was complaint that a real walker wouldn't attack and reset.
  19. You've never seen it. Period. Its not something that happens. if you've THINK youv'e seen it, you haven't. You saw a scareactor on break getting messed with by his friends, but its not a planned thing or even something that we are supposed to do. Or even allowed to do.
  20. The GP are the people who only start paying attention in September.
  21. The behind the scenes tours didn't really start last year until after Scare Academy. So next week.
  22. Considering that I played that character one night, it for sure wasn't Rick.
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