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  1. Wasn't me. My buddy and I switched roles, so there was someone with my prosthetic and costume, but it wasn't me.
  2. I was a french clown tonight. It was a lot of fun.
  3. Every supervisor always tells their maze they were rated number one.
  4. You pretty much whispered at me. By the time I'd realized you were talking to me, I was already on my way to whatever it was I was doing. (I think, seeing where one of my friends got placed for the night.)
  5. Ferox, we get it. You didn't like Knott's. But It IS real competition. Its not the SAME product as HHN, but its in the same category. As I like to say, one s Del Taco, the other is Taco Bell. Some people prefer one style to the other. You just don't like KSFs style. A lot of people do, however, and its something that HHN has to take into consideration.
  6. Like I said- performer issue, not design. They'll figure out how to work their rooms better. HHN mazes are designed to be be idiot proof. You could almost put dummies on a timer in most of them. Knotts (and most haunts) are MUCH more performer dependent.
  7. KSF has had vortex tunnels in the past, though its true they don't have one this year. Its not that they are necessarily innovating this year, its that their mazes all have different feels to them., Its not Boo Door, after Body Box, after boo door, which is more to the point. (Also, there was some pretty cool shit inside of Trapped, but since thats locked behind an additional fee, I dont want to count that. )
  8. It actually is a Scrim scare. They just didn't do it right. the painting is supposed to light up and you see the vampires making out or feeding on a victim. As far as scaring in an open room- that IS a performer issue. I'm perfectly capable to scare you standing in plain sight. In fact, its the scare I do most often and I learned it at knott's. Its not an EASY scare, however, and it takes people some time to learn how to do it right. Now, I'm not telling you to go again later in the month, but if you WERE to go, you might see a world of difference.
  9. Thats a performer issue, not a design issue. While I try not to pass judgement on Knott's cast on opening weekend, their maze performers seemed particularly weak this year. I suspect they're still dealing with the "stay in character!" direction they were given, rather than the usual "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT" they usually get.
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