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  1. I'm really agreeing with you here. Unless they are trying to do a "best for last" thing, I'm not really feeling excited about the sequels and reboots this early in the game...
  2. so does that mean they are going to be expanding the scarezones or just moving their locations?
  3. Yeah, I know who she is. she's one of my friends, which is why I took the picture. She's also back up rat lady
  4. The ghosting in the background isn't photoshop, just another scareactor walking into a long exposure shot.
  5. another hard decision because i took so many pictures i loved in this zone. edit because i posted the wrong pic
  6. I had the hardest time deciding on this one, but I think I'm going with this one. It's tied for my favorite.
  7. Most of the scareactors that did awesome interactions I'm friends with on facebook so I mentioned it to them there, and I'll post a good list later, but I was wondering if it was a vaulter of HNN person last night that was playing "keep-away" from me with their eye in Coven. They started out by moving it around after getting it right in my face, then i got silly and got into it and started following it with my eyes and head, and then trying to "catch it" like a cat trying to catch light. it went on for like three minutes. XD Whoever they were, they were awesome! I just wish I knew who it was!
  8. UGggg my work took over my life for two weeks and I miss the fun stuff. sadness. -shakes fist at the mouse- we already knew that LT took over gothwackee's facebook, I posted that two weeks ago. It will be interesting to see if she pops up on here again.
  9. crazy! It's really cool that they are doing that, because it's adding extra levels of creepy (and awesome). Definitely adding to the "LT monitors the internet" bit...
  10. I'm a little frightened by how much IH and legendary truth seems to know about my life... My most recent conversation with IH:
  11. dunno if this has been posted yet: http://horrornightscollector.com/music/reversed.mp3 not mine, but i figured i'd share NOO! 1. TJ is awesome 2. TJ is a real person... they're more likely to sacrifice one of their fictional characters. Mr. Fell is my honest guess, or IH, since she'd do anything for Mr. Fell
  12. I asked IH who we should trust, and she told me that I can always trust her, and that she trusts Mr. Fell.
  13. though, i'm not sure if LT is the one summoning the demons/gods/whatever or if it's Uni. the information is confusing, since I'm not sure what's coming from Uni and whats coming from LT... I think I need to go back and re-read it. Were the pictures stolen by LT from Uni, or did they get them on their own? I can't remember.
  14. and i think this goes right back to the names Fell and IH - a fallen angel and fiery heaven. I'm definitely starting to feel that LT is in this for the dark side... I'm putting my trust in uni and A&D and TJ in this one, I think.
  15. I'm interested to see if Mr. Fell will ever address us directly.
  16. lmao. my first thought was that it was TJ too. I looked at the picture and was like "hey, wait." Though, they probably just mirrored the image to be able to say it's not him. So if Universal is resisting their investigation, and there's someone on the inside that's helping out, who is that person, and what is so important about the lantern? Obviously the person in the picture is studying the lantern, but if they are the person that's trying to help us, there's some fail of getting caught on camera. haha.
  17. I tried to start piecing the designs together using dinopirates drawings, but besides a few, none are fitting together. Guess there's a lot more to come then.
  18. really late to the game, but the comments I'm not posting were unrelated to the game. They were in character, but were in reference to my involvement with legendary truth last year -shrug-. has anyone commented on the content of the pictures? I haven't really looked through the comments so much. 2 or 3 of the pictures are directly related to the caretaker (he's actually in one of them)
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