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    Just an FYI bc I know some of you might dig it.... Kohls has a ton of Uni Monster stuff on their website right now. I bought a few thing
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    There’s no such thing as evidence in this game until summer. It’s all rumor and speculation. About a week before the first announcement is the first time “evidence” happens. Before then, it’s all whispers, conjecture, and wishful thinking. And while I can just blurt our all the rumors I’ve heard, all that does is get people’s hopes up without changing the fact that it’s still just rumor. That mess used to be over here, too. Whether I instigate it or it follows me is open for debate. But without the mess, HHN boards become ghost towns.
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    This is the place to share any fan-made wallpapers you've made for HHN 30 or to even request one. Please note: If you wish to have a different size wallpaper made please message the user who created it. Click to Download Full Size Images
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    My coworkers insist that I go to "Disney" every year, despite me explaining several times what HHN is, and that it's at Universal. They also think that Harry Potter is at "Disney" BTW.
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    And yet 80% of that map absolutely sells ME on going to the event. Different strokes.
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    In my opinion, if ever there was a year where things are up in the air, it's this one. Even with IP contracts in place, I can imagine ANYTHING can change at this point. Look at how movie studios are now pushing out their release plans. Those delays will ripple. For example, who knows if Candyman will be pushed out or if it will even release this year. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear originals announced first or if all announcements will be late. So this year may be like the good old days - when no one knew what was coming until it was announced. I wouldn't even be surprised if Hollywood backed off the "apocalyptic virus zombie house" (a.k.a. TWD) if the US has a much higher than expected death rate. Bill & Ted may get a go simply because it's a show intended to make you laugh. Might even be a very light year for gore, as they did in 2001. And number of houses? I seriously doubt 11. Heck, 10 might not even happen. Think about this: some major airlines have already said they are not resuming international service with Asia until OCTOBER. If similar happened with Europe, that's a non-insignificant amount of the HHN GP. The crystal ball is very cloudy as to what domestic travel will be like a short 6 months from now. Remember, viruses tend to flare up again later in the year... You had better believe theme park execs are video conferencing right now as to how or if they might be able to enforce a 6 foot separation rule in queues. I'd give the event about a 90% chance of happening at this point. Expect anything. Believe me, it's not fun being the pessimist in a room full of optimists. But that's what a pessimist would say...
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    The rumblings are still in favor of Scarecrow appearing at the event, though in what capacity is still TBD I think it's safe to say that any plans to have a zombie/virus related house/scarezone, are out the window. Here's an interesting exercise to help pass the time: Anyone want to compile a list of zombie/virus related scenes for a theoretical anniversary house or full houses(both original and IP, or speculated) that they will NOT be doing? I think it's safe to say we can rule these out. Also..... NO WALKING DEAD! C0NF1RM3D!@#
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    We have 5 permits! MIB Tent, Sprung 1, Sprung 2, B79, and SS23A(yes! SS23). Apps were received 1/28, 2/3, & 2/7.
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    Don't bury it yet. Still plenty of time left.
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    I hope we don't see Stranger Things again... Never saw Sabrina. The only Netflix based show I'd be interested in is Haunting of Hill House
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    How about this? Give the children and the moneygrubbers what they want. Give her a stupid lagoon show and maybe a zone or a house, but then make EVERY OTHER house and sz original, icon or mashup of the two or sequel to an original(minus IT and Conjuring). Then the kids can all go watch this Billie Eilish BS and leave the rest of the event to the fans of the actual event. Edit: This is not an attack on her personally, as I know she's a fan of the event and maybe a lovely person, but her music is just as unoriginal as the next pop princess, imo(get off my lawn).
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    I'm pretty sure the 80s theme is done now. The theme in 2018 wasn't originally planned to be 80s, it was more of a coincidence, which is why it was only featured in certain areas and then loosely represented everywhere else. Once they saw how much people loved it they went all in on it in 2019 with over the top merchandise, shows, drinks, signage, and heavy synth music everywhere. With it being an anniversary year in 2020 I'd expect a more traditional HHN with things like Icons making a return. Although...if they wanted to keep Marathon of Mayhem around for another year I wouldn't complain.
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    Just a friendly update that house construction has already begun...3 weeks ago
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    First - hello all - long time.. excited to be back reading spec for this year. I would LOVE it if they finally got a Conjuring house. I've said for ages that I thought the original Conjuring movie was the scariest horror movie in 10 years. I was so disappointed that it was pulled due to legal issues a couple years go. Other than that - my wish list is the same as it has been for years. I figure if I keep repeating it, maybe some day, one or all of these will happen: Phantasm - I've wished and wished for this every single year. I've told TJ and Aiello and David Hughes directly that we needed this. Hope I planted a seed. Stephen King - yes, I know. I, of all people, know of his resistance to allowing a haunt to do a house based on his stuff. But, I can still wish. However, as SK himself says, "Wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which fills first." Bloody Mary - if they were able to bring her back, I would lose my mind Legendary Truth - how can we have a HUGE anniversary year without LT??? Body Collectors - another version of BC would be great. We've had SO MUCH FUN in the BC houses previously. The actors have been amazing, and they all play with us An original as breathtaking as Winter's Night A scarezone in Central Park like Grown Evil - one of my faves of all time Monster of Mayhem Part 2 in Lagoon And here is my last big one: A "limited edition HHN only Horror Makeup Show". I've laid this out many times, but it's a new spec year, so I'll do it again. Every year at HHN, we walk by the Horror Makeup Show and wonder aloud why this isn't used at a HORROR event. There are always so many of us asking for more shows.. so why not use one of the best gems they have sitting RIGHT THERE? Theme the limited edition show to include whatever content is out there for that year.. create a script around that. Play some clips from the trailers of whatever IPs are being featured that year. Give a little makeup / FX history in the script for those same IPs. It's pretty much a no-brainer.. and they would fill that little theater for every single show. It would also be the humor show we've all been missing since the loss of B&T - but this would be better because the humor would be tailored to the event and the jokes wouldn't be stale. I presented this idea to A&D last year.. the response was "can I steal that idea?". YES, YES YOU CAN. Let's all start hoping now.
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    It has been announced Two houses open for daytime guests - one weekend only....for now.
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    got my Fright Nights poster up that I got from the merch store! Looks great! I guess this will have to do for this year ;(
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    I'm amazed that people actually continued to think this event was going to happen. Perhaps it was unrealistic hopeful thinking? We have witnessed situations in the world that have never been seen in most of our lifetimes, if ever, before. The Walt Disney Company with all of their parks closed worldwide for months at a time. Entire seasons of sports being cancelled. Mega-cities literally devoid of anyone on the streets and in public week after week after week. Tens of thousands dead each month and hundreds of thousands infected. Economies in shambles. And some thought a company was going to cram pack a Halloween event with night after night of crowds?
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    Next year will still be HHN 30. Can't count 2020 if it never happened.
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    Every year when I take vacation, my coworkers ask where I'm going and I say HHN. Every year without fail they ask what's HHN. After I explain it they're like oh yeah, that thing. At least I can come here to talk to people about HHN.
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    I did that ONCE.... I honestly got tired of explaining to people about HHN. Of course being a super fan Im always selling it but sometimes (rarely) I have to get some shit done!
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    I think it would be because of the domestic abuse theme - i could be wrong though
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    latest spec map looks A LOT better than the first.... looking good IMO.
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    According to my wife, I am definitely non-essential. In California. My kids are doing remote learning. My wife is doing remote teaching. I am doing remote working. Stores are stocked, but waits are over an hour even if you show up before opening. It's like having to buy your food from Hagrid. My 17 year old daughter just doesn't get why she needs to be practicing social distancing. My son is a gamer, so it kind of came naturally... We have a little dog and I looked up what would happen if she got sick. Vets are open by appointment only. You drive your pet to the vet. They meet you at your car window, take the animal and you wait. Kind of like if Uber Eats served pets. We can still eat out, but only for take out, or home delivery. Business are hurting terribly. Everyone is terrified of losing their job. This will end, and the economy will come back stronger than ever. I really believe this. Gotta believe it because of the alternative. If any of you feel anxious and afraid, I REALLY recommend you listen to Scott Adams (the Dilbert comic strip creator), who does a non-political Periscope once or twice a day. He is completely rational to listen to and I feel so much better as he talks about the crisis. Not political. Not happy talk. Not scary talk. Not comedy. Just level headed commentary. There's a good chance you will feel calm afterward. Take care, everyone.
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    I'm surprised this, from The Ifrit, has not been addressed on here: Seeped in blood, the roots have grown Vines of iron branch like a throne A flame is stoked, the fires lit A blade is forged in the pit Guards await, calm and steady Berries ripe, wine is ready Hold your hope within reason And prepare for the season Is this too obviously Terra Queen?
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    2011 was a FANTASTIC year - one of the best ever in my opinion. While Lady Luck was not a very memorable icon, the way she was weaved into all of the houses was very cool. The In Between was easily the best 3D house I've been in anywhere in the country. Saws & Steam backstory was described very well above. The final room was very close to that of Depths, but there was a waterfall separating you from the baddie ahead of you. In S&S, the costume was reminiscent of Big Daddy, and he came charging through the waterfall at you. Winter's Night was every bit as beautiful as Graveyard Games (which is my new GOAT) Forsaken was loosely based on The Fog, but was epic in scale, with a massive shipwreck in the middle of it. Nevermore was a Poe fan's nirvana. HR Bloodengutz was a great blend of comedy and horror, served with a side of 'memberberries. And 2011 was where Nightingales began, with the location being the trenches in WWI. 2011 was the last time HHN had overwhelmingly original houses. The pendulum swung hard to IP in 2012 and it took a long time to get back to even a 50/50 split.
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    If a Beetlejuice house is even close to capturing the movie like the Ghost Busters house I'm completely sold on the idea.
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    Saws n' Steam, Vanity Ball, and Depths of Fear all borrowed elements from BioShock so that might be the closest you get. Still though, maybe one day.
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    I wouldnt even say "true fans" but horror fans in general....
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    It is a very Hollywood thing. Marketing directed a house for both coasts. Orlando pushed back on a house but acquiesced the lagoon.
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    That sourcing is typically done behind the scenes. I don’t reveal sources, nor do I ask sources to reveal how they get their info. But, I have sources I trust because they’ve been right in the past. It’s a fine line.
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    Clue: Ashes to ashes Dust to dust The rumor mill turns It creaks with a gust
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    I'd love to see a house for The Last of US, Seeds was similar to The Last of Us and proves the concept works really well for a house
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    SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Tricks and Threats If you're not ready for Halloween, you should probably head down to the Spirit down the block. They've got all sorts of things, costumes, props, decorations, the like. Unlike most Spirits, however, the local store carries a curse. It's connected to a realm where all the decorations are really monsters, and mortal souls are considered valuable. Step into the Spirit after hours and see for yourself, however... Watch out for Jack. This might actually violate some kind of marketing law or something, I don't know and I don't care. Many animatronics are replaced by actors, and some may be in the wrong theme simply because I feel like they'd make a nice fit. ROOMS: Facade: Poppy Halloween music plays as guests queue up for a Spirit set up in an abandoned electronics store. For the most part, the Spirit is made to resemble a condensed version of an actual store from the year the house is used - the posters in the windows, the merchandise on the shelves, the themed displays are all accounted for. On the banner above the entrance, Jack The Reaper's eyes can be seen moving. The Store: It *looks* like a Spirit with less licenses (mainly Disney licenses, things like Pennywise and Sam can stick around), less lights and such. Guests walk through the front display, with animatronics triggering at random times. Above the line, a giant cutout puppet of Jack The Reaper taunts guests. Guests exit through a model of the back display, with an actor portraying an animatronic or scare from that year's display. For example, last year, guests would have gone through the aquarium and a giant animatronic shark would ram the window. This year, the back display would be modified to a walk-through display, and an actor playing the Harvester of Souls would scare guests. Haunted Cabin: Guests enter a decrepit cabin in the woods. The Midnight Countess recites her lines, distracting guests from the Executioner tearing his way through the door. As guests exit through the front door, the Hovering Ghost attacks. Terror Mill: Guests pass Punctured Pete, struggling to remove the beam that ended his life, as they enter the lumber mill. A Head-Banging Zombie drops from the ceiling, and the Rosemary Zombie Girl can be seen eating a brain. Suddenly, she notices the line, and attacks. Clown Train: Saturated by UV light, guests pass by a vividly-colored train crash. From the wreckage, Whacky Mole, Thrashing Clown, and Silent and Deadly will attack. Cirque Du Spirit: Uncle Charlie ushers guests into the big top, a maze of (gasp) clowns. Hugz, Bite-Size Clown, and the Darkside Jester attack, and Crouchy can be seen... crouching. Except he's a puppet that will lunge at guests. The Bone Collector, Caged Beast, and Haunted Magic Mirror are also hidden in the scene. (edit) Area 31: Guests enter an archway into a top-secret government facility. Fenced-In Hi-Voltage Zombie can be seen pressing against an electric fence, before swinging it open and lunging at guests. Guests then find a room full of alien capsules, lit by a pulsing green light. The alien version of the Toe-Tagged Corpse hides between two capsules, and lunges at guests. As guests leave, the Hazmat Zombie will lurch towards guests. (edit) Vampire Cemetery: The Gatekeeper watches as guests come in. From behind the tombstones, creatures attack, such as the Lurching Vampire, John Doe, and Grave Digger. Before entering the next scene, Mourning Gory can be seen mourning, before lunging at guests. The Ruins: Uncertain Death greets guests as they enter a ruined castle. Pumpkin Nestor sits on a swing, bantering with guests, distracting them from a Jack-O-Lunger. A Pop-Up werewolf will attack, and Li'l Nestor will chase guests into the next room. Spirit Hollow: The Forest Demon threatens guests as they enter a wooded area. From the treetops, the Hanging Hell fiend drops, and from the ground, Limb Ripper strikes. The Towering Clown will swipe at guests as they enter... Spirit Acre Farms: LOTS of scarecrows and spiders. Nightmare Harvester threatens guests as they walk past, Burlap Horror is seen butchering a corpse, and the Sitting Scarecrow will lunge at guests. The Pumpkin Patch Prowler will chase guests into the farmhouse. Dead Harvest: Menacing Molly sits on the front porch, twisting to threaten guests. In the farmhouse, Lost Her Way tries to navigate the rooms, despite being headless. (edit) As she fumbles about, Lunging Lily attacks from the opposite side of the room. At a stairwell, things seem normal... before the Broken Spine Girl drops from the ceiling. (edit) The Attic: Various old items are strewn about in the attic. Amongst them are the various toys, set to go off at various times - Monkey Chimes, Deady Teddy, Sawin' Wood Doll, and Deady Bear. The Creepy Rising Doll lunges at guests from a corner. A coat rack turns into a monster and grabs at guests, and a little girl playing in the attic reveals herself as Peek-A-Boo Penny, who chases guests into the next scene. Reaper's Wharf: As the scent changes from dust to saltwater, guests are greeted by Headless Help. Experimental Eddie will break his way down through a shop door, and Waving Wally can be seen abducting a victim. S.S. Rip Tide: On the pier, guests board the S.S. Rip Tide. On the deck, a dragon roars and Jack's shadow can be seen in the wheelhouse. In the ship, guests are attacked by Jack Straw and Rusty. As guests exit the ship, The Collector approaches, telling them that they're worthless except as meat for his demons. Reaper's Island Village: On a skull-covered island, guests find themselves stalked by the Hauntress. Turning a corner, they find a corpse barbecued by The Butcher, who attacks with his cleaver. Uncle Charlie will appear again, this time attacking with a skull speared on a stake. Jack's Cave: As guests enter the cave, Mommy's Favorite and Angeline attack. Nightcrawler crawls from around the corner, chasing guests on all fours, and the Harvester of Souls claims another victim. Finale: Guests find themselves in a twisted graveyard. As they try to navigate their way out, they are attacked by a number of animatronics - Harbinger of Hell, Night Digger, Grave Busting Skull, Smoldering Zombie, Limb-Eating Zombie Boy, and Barnyard Butcher attack at various points. As guests exit the maze, a blast of fog hits. When the fog settles, Jack the Reaper attacks with a scythe.
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    So this is what we have. Houses Monsters: The Brides - Soundstage 23A Texas Chainsaw - Soundstage 23B (Based on 2013 reboot) Bedtime Stories: The Tooth Fairy - Soundstage 24A Icons - Soundstage 24B Legendary Truth: Carey - MIB Tent (Anniversary house) The Pumpkin King - Sprung Tent 2 (sequel to Twisted Tradition) Theatre - Sprung Tent 1 (this is where the earthquake rumor comes from) The Haunting of Hill House - New Parade Building Beetlejuice - Parade Building (vortex you'd usually find in 3D houses is here) Billie Eilish - Shrek 4D Theater 2 (super freaky and weird house, first Shrek house since Krampus to have facade) Credit to Legacy for all of this.
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    Some more recent work with more projects coming down the line.
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    I hope you and your husband are ok! There’s nothing official yet unfortunately how ever most speculation is the 10 houses are 1. Billie Eilish 2.Beetlejuice 3.Haunting of Hill House 4. A original based around a theater 5. a original around a pumpkin king could be connected to twisted traditions zone from hhn 28 6. 30 Year Anniversary house 7. Icons house 8.Texas chainsaw house more then likely based of Texas chainsaw 3D 9. Universal Monsters The Brides 10. Tooth Fairy OG not much known on zones but speculated creepshow could possibly be a zone this year
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    Tooth Fairy, your party is ready. I feel like they missed such a huge opportunity with Deadly Ever After. Snow Queen should've been the main villain IMO. Bonus points for a guy impaled on an ice pick, bonus bonus points for him to be wearing a viking helmet.
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    I live in Kentucky. I get an annual pass for Universal though. I get it every other year, I makes sure to get two falls out of it so that I get my money's worth.
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    I just completed a new survey from Universal about Covid-19 in general and what measures Universal should be taking now while closed and once they reopen. Multiple questions about ways to make guests few safe. Temperature screening (forehead or body scanner), rapid testing (nasal or mouth swab), and even "immunity cards". One is clearly to cover themselves which is "requiring guest to fill out a health questionnaire about possible symptoms and exposure". You know all guests are not gonna be honest on that and simply say they feel fine. More questions about food/drink service. Keeping ALL doors open so you don't have to grab any door handles. Spacing of families in shows and rides. Areas to give feedback or ideas that were not mentioned. I mentioned during HHN, do not require guests to keep up with the party in front of them. Let guests walk through the house at the distance they feel comfortable with (within reason). One question asked if I had a trip planned and when. My answer was Sept 2020. The very next question was, if Universal opens Sept 2020, how quickly would you return to the park. So either they took my first answer and wanted more info, or they are thinking about staying closed for a while still. With Shanghai opening in a few days, i'm curious to see what happens.
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    Now this is a list I can totally get behind and hope is true! A 4/6 split of IP to Originals during an anniversary year is amazing. I'm guessing Shrek's days are numbered with them trying a new location. Once Bourne opens I could see them giving it a few more weeks and then pulling the plug. Most likely getting a copy of the new Secret Life of Pets ride from USH.
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    We have 9 permits now. ST1 ST2 T3 B79 B108 SS23 A & B SS24 A & B Watching for the 10th. Confirmed bldg number for La Bamba. B83. Shrek is B40.
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    Lemme fix this map with a 6 original, 4 IP split. Beetlejuice - Soundstage 23B Candyman - Soundstage 23A Psychoscareapy 6 - Soundstage 24B Terra Cruentes - Soundstage 24A H.R. Bloodengutz 2 - MIB Tent Dungeon of Terror - Sprung Tent 2 Slaughter Sinema II - Sprung Tent 1 Spiral - New Parade Building Legendary Truth: Carey - Parade Building Gremlins - Sprung Tent 3
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    This COULD be the year we finally get more originals than IPs, just by nature of the possibility of 11 houses. Anyways, here's my very rough, shot in the dark, and still too early prediction for the lineup: Beetlejuice (Legacy's clue and what he said recently) Revenge of Chucky (Again, Legacy's clue as well as ModDesigner's comments--if not Scarecrow, THIS would be a perfect opportunity for an open floor house--set it in a toy store, put it in SS25, lay the path via shelves) Stranger Things (for budget and to promote S4...believe me, ugh...maybe Sabrina instead, though I'm not sure if that would be much better; I just can't see them not using any Netflix properties). Creepshow (Ifrit + fairly cheap since Hollywood did it) "UCM: Bride" (Once again, Legacy's clue...and c'mon, it's the 30th, you really think they'd do nothing with the Monsters?) Jack's Dungeon of Terror (Legacy's clue; sticking with my idea of going through the carnival dark ride he was found in, to fit with the whole "back in his box" thing; heck you could work LT in there if that rumor is correct) Scarecrow sequel or repeat (The promo image; aside from cornfield which would be less likely if they did something in the vain of my Chucky idea, I remember someone pitching the idea of a Seeds of Extinction crossover) Terra Cruentes: Season of the Queen (Legacy saying that it's about on the same level of likelihood as Billie)
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    Lady Luck was basically involved with each house in some form of a way and I am sure she was, roll of the dice and bet your life type houses but they worked out very well, the full story behind each house including the Thing & Lady Luck was really good, a bit fleshed out, wish for more of that now as it was then but who knows anymore and as much as people say 21 seemed like the black sheep year, I'd say 23 was because it had a good build up with Evil Takes Root but dropped when TWD became the entire theme. Honestly, this talk of Beetlejuice, I mean the rumor has been going on since then, if it happens okay but I'm sure people are going to think of it the same way they thought about GB, people get all hyped for it and then it turns out completely different so if it happens which I am unsure it would, I'm going into that house with no anticipation, hopefully they do it well. Everything is still rumored until official by Universal you know.
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    At Universal Orlando? 08 or 09, I think. He was fully on the design team until 2010. I could be wrong on that.
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    Well, the GP makes 98% of the attendees... so... yeah. Things change. There’s no one left on A&D who was there when they had full control. Universal is under new ownership. Attendance is higher (because of that focus on the GP, btw). It was always going to happen. The event isn’t about “true fans” (which is an asinine, gate-keeping term anyway). But it never was. It’s a corporate event, designed to make money. Any loyalty you have towards it just means you’ve fallen for the marketing.
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    I got bored last night and went over and read the HHN 30 speculation thread over at IU. Wow that place is a mess. Right now, its just Legacy toying everyone over there with hints /clues of only rumors. Couldn't find a shred of credible evidence, or what I conciser credible evidence. I figured it was going to be "tight lipped" this year due to the past few years. Now Rix Flix went and posted the IU rumors on youtube . All this information/misinformation is going to make the speculation game hard as hell this year. What I like to see at the event Vs. what will actually be at the event are almost certainly different, but I am never disappointed. So for now, I can speculate that Creepshow and Billie Eilish lagoon show. I'd be surprised if ST came back due to its reception / execution last year, but crazier things have happened (As always though $$$$ makes the world go around). Conjuring / IT sounds to good to be true, so I am not getting my hopes up. Beetlejuice seems like low hanging fruit for Universal so its possible, but again no credible evidence. Pretty sure we will get our first announcement next month, so that will be exciting.
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    Annabelle & The Nun would be used at the marketing for the films because those films are centered around them, they could find a way to make the house work, they did with Insidious, they can do it with this one but not rush it. Universal Monsters was a big opportunity, of course they took advantage and did it last year because also coincided with Hollywood’s sequel house. King has ownership of his property, so it’s not WB’s permission they need to ask for the film, they would have to go to King but I am sure King is still hesitant since they went behind and did Shining but then again maybe they found a way to work on an arrangement and it could happen but at the moment, everything is tight lipped also with this said by Murdy I’m not sure this could be a joint ip or exclusive ip for them but I’m sure it’s leaning towards joint.
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