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    Hey, let's check in Horror Nights. ...Huh, House of 1000 Corpses. Meh, seen it before, and means we're getting less original houses this year, but it might be interesting to see Orlando's take on wait a minute. All the houses and scarezones have been announced...and none of them are The Purge! WE'RE FREE! THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED!
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    New Wallpapers Now Available For Halloween: Marathon of Mayhem
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    HHN 29 Full Commercial: Ghostbusters only 15 second Ad:
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    Yes. It’s sharing the SS with Us.
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    Yet and Stranger Things need to switch. sorry I didn’t notice it earlier.
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    Just re-watched this movie recently and oh my god, I forgot how much potential this has for a house! DR. SATAAAAANNN!!!!!
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    They're all amazing - thank you!
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    Thanks for the amazing work as always!!!
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    I’m still holding out hope, a fair amount of people will quit after the first week after realizing how taxing it is. I’m refusing to believe that I got the golden ticket and didn’t get cast twice in a row. (Although, I’m getting pretty psyched to go to the event as a guest because it actually looks really good this year). But it’s not over til it’s over, keep the hope alive, ya never know!
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    Well they are being very silent about the house, so all of the secrets behind this house will be kept so far, I'm sure they are going to do their best to top last year's house with this one, very intrigued in the season 3 portion of house than season 2 at the moment but my mind could change the day of the event. Those Demodogs gotta look pretty cool lol.
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    HHN Collector on fb by the name of Sergio had posted this last night, so it looks like the top three ips are Monsters, ST and Ghostbusters, definitely looking forward this year's commercial.
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    Not allowed at all, and you would be escorted out if caught. Media are the only ones allowed to video/photograph inside the houses and you wear credentials for that so they know.
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    Thank you HHN Gods I got accepted at a new day job that gets out at 3pm, plenty of time for a nap and HHN! Woo!
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    The dance got old real fast last year. Partially because the theme (whatever it was supposed to be) didn't work with dance numbers. The show was a mess, and I barely made it through one showing. I hope they don't feel the need to: 1) Force audience participation (the wave, robot mode, etc) 2) Bring up unsuspecting audience members to force a dance off/sing off/etc With the exception of House of Fear, all of their HHN shows have done something like this, and House of Fear was the only one I really enjoyed...it was so different than the other shows, and the only one that nailed an HHN atmosphere. Shouldn't be that hard to recapture that.
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    This is the place to share any fan-made wallpapers you've made for HHN 29 or to even request one. Please note: If you wish to have a different size wallpaper made please message the user who created it. Click to Download Full Size Images
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    I haven't seen the Cinematic Celebration show but Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle is hugely popular and very good IMO. I personally can't wait for this new show but I'm a sucker for neon and synth (I loved AOV: Cyberpunk last year). At the very least it might suck some crowds.
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    So, apparently a few people who have auditioned on the 27th have already heard back. I know of someone who got their role just yesterday. I heard they’re still casting a few roles but. Anyway, very disappointed, but there’s always next year.
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    Not in it's current format. It just uses the water spray to create a movie screen. And if you watch the video you'll see that the show is just basically commercials for the rides with parts of the rides in the show. It's really nothing more than the marketing channel you see in your on site hotel room. Here's to hoping HHN is better. Edit: From the Universal site: It may well run continuously and recycle hourly or it will be a 20 minute show 3 times a night? A new lagoon show is debuting at Universal Studios Florida during Halloween Horror Nights on select nights Sept. 6 – Nov. 2. Watch as the lagoon transforms with a spectacle of neon and synth, featuring iconic scenes from top horror films, cult classics and TV shows in “Halloween Marathon of Mayhem”. Grab a bucket of popcorn and get ready as the lagoon lights up with iconic scenes from Netflix’s Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Universal Monsters and Killer Klowns from Outer Space. This new show features a blend of fountain-based media, state-of-the-art technologies and special effects in a new way. This is one 80’s nightmare you won’t want to miss. Show times each event night are 10PM, 11PM and 12AM. Download the Official Universal Orlando Resort Mobile App for updates and more info.
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    Does Cinematic Celebration have a fixed projection screen as well as water projection screens? Reason I ask is that I find it interesting that they have "Marathon" in the title, which implies a continuous show. I suppose it's possible that they feel movie Marathons are somehow an 80's thing (I don't attach that concept to any particular decade). But assuming they do have a fixed projection screen, how would you feel if they used it to show the many HHN related videos that we also see on queue line monitors, but every 15 min or so they do something specifically related to the house IPs - adding water and lighting effects. That would technically be a marathon. And don't be surprised if this show is being used to test the waters for something else, as they did with projections in the Acid Assault scarezone long ago. When I saw "pop culture" in the description, Bill & Ted came to mind instantly (how could it not?). I'd love it if they had snippets from some shows to gauge audience reaction and appetite for something happening in HHN 30.
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    If anything it’ll be something the drunk people can gawk at which will help bring the lines down a bit.
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    @Gambit thank you! Look forward to the full event compilation every year!
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    Thanks for the correction. HHN Hollywood has 10 houses this year (but counts TWD attraction as one of them), and has no Terror Tram. So including TWD, 9 houses have been announced with one to go (which is speculated to be Pandora's Box, so no blue scareactors having sex with their tails)
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    I def have my opinions of RZ (good and bad) but my biggest question is... why? It's just odd. I know there is the Three From Hell film coming out, but none of the marketing for this has tied in to that film so far, and this along with the scarezone just strike me as weird. Juts weird/random timing for me personally
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    New Wallpapers Now Available For
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    My girlfriend made this shirt for the event this year since the theme is technically supposed to be 80s. I'm still working on mine, which will be different, but just wanted to give you guys a peek at hers. EDIT: It’s missing Depths of Fear but we’re adding it.
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    No it means that Charles Gray designed the house.
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    HALLOWEEN HAVOC Every late September, Bill DeToum gets to work on his yearly project - The DeToum Haunted House, a backyard haunt to entertain trick-or-treaters. For weeks, he's been working with friends and family to improve on his craft, and really make guests scream. But... things can easily go wrong. One of the props he bought from an antique store carries a curse, that brings a troupe of malevolent spirits into the mortal world every Halloween night. Will the DeToums survive the onslaught? Or will they be sent to an early grave? So I like to watch yard haunt videos on YouTube. This house would mimic the feel of those homemade haunts - lots of cheap backdrops and decorations that look store-bought. With a lot of effort put in to make things look like they're actually in a backyard, when the tarps are torn or you step into an outside scene. ROOMS: Facade: There's a house with an impressive Halloween graveyard out front. Tombstones, lights, projections, a hearse, they went all out. Guests walk up beside the garage, which is open but covered with dark tarp, into the entrance of the yard haunt. Halloween music plays, but screaming and violence can be heard from the garage, and a victim will crawl out, only to be dragged back in. Entrance: Guests pass by one of those skeletons that have the microphone, so that the skeleton says what you say. Except this skeleton is alive, and pissed. He's strangling his voice actor with the microphone cord. As guests get to the next scene, a pumpkin-headed scarecrow pops out from a boo-hole. The Boiler: Guests then enter a red-lit area, lined with pipes, covered with fog, and with those exposed wire props. A parent has been thrown into the wires, which fry him alive, and a deranged maniac that totally isn't Freddy Krueger, we promise, taunts guests. A burned victim will occasionally reach out from an open boiler, but Sharp-Hand Joe will force him back in. CIRCUS!: Guests then enter a carnival tent, where a victim is tied to a spinning wheel and impaled with knives. A clown ringmaster will appear, "throwing" a knife at guests. A zombie monkey will burst out of a cage, and a cartoony clown with a giant mallet attacks. Aaarrrrr: Then guests walk between two pirate ships. Alestorm plays, cannons fire (which ripped holes in the tarp), and some of the pirates attack guests. At the end, a skeletal parrot flies toward guests. Slasher: Guests exit the tarp for a bit, where an actor is supposed to menace guests with a chainsaw. Except the curse has caused the guy to be possessed, and now there's a bunch of dead guys all around. Chainsaw guy will attack guests. Doctor's Orders: Re-entering the tarped area, guests find themselves in a hospital. A John Doe prop lies on a bed, covered in blood, occasionally rising, and a corpse in a body bag attacks an actor playing the doctor. As guests leave, another scaracter, playing John Doe (with glowing red eyes under the sheet) will lunge out. Vroom: Guests then walk around a hearse. The driver, a dummy-turned-psycho undertaker with a serious case of road rage, insults guests while revving the engine. Suddenly, the vehicle lunges forwards, right towards part of the line! Of course, it's on a track and stops and returns before any damage, but that's out of universe. In-universe, the dummy's being an ass. Prison: A dark area, the prison scene has several animatronics behind bars, and a few actors were supposed to be at a table, threatening guests. Well, the actors are dead, and the animatronics will taunt guests before peeling back the bars and attacking again. Creepy Barn: The tarp is replaced with sheet metal, and a skeletal horse neighs from behind a fence. Scarecrows attack with sharp instruments. Witchery: A witch stirs a cauldron, stating her pre-recorded lines and cackling. A dragon animatronic (puppet) will attack guests. Dollies!: Lots of creepy dolls. While all of the recently-animated dolls squirm, one whose mouth opens like this creep's feeds on a victim, and a busted porcelain doll attacks. Zombie Palette Fence: Zombies reach from between the slats in the palette fence, moaning for brains. Suddenly, a zed rips through the boards, and attacks! Graveyard: Another open area, this one darker, as if it became later in the evening, guests enter a graveyard. From a mausoleum, a phantom hovers, before lunging out. A plasticky vampire feeds on who was supposed to be a sheet ghost actor. A tall, faceless creature in a suit hides by a tree, and will lurch at guests. Finally, a ghoulish undertaker will strike with his shovel, either acting like he's about to brain a victim, or slamming the metal head against a concrete tombstone. FINALE: Haunted House Garage: Entering the garage, guests find... a maze of tarp. A giant, kinda foglike Jack-O' Lantern head has taken control of the tarp, and mocks guests. As for what has happened? Well, an actor who was supposed to play the piano is now hanging by his neck on a cackling ghost prop. A woman tries to avoid the Jack-O' Lantern, who has grabbed her axe with his tarp form and is swinging at her. A hole in the tarp eats an actor alive, and on the other side, you can see his mulched remains! Finally, the Jack-O Lantern mocks Bill, holding him in his sheetlike clutches, and you see that the fog is coming from a lantern - the prop that started it all. Bill yells at guests to run, and as guests leave, a piece of tarp, formed into the shape of a ghoul, rushes the guests. It's... basically Night of the Living Decorations, given the house treatment.
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    Almost. From what I heard, it was going to be part of a new set of theme houses (like Scary Tales), called Bedtime Stories.
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    no. Yeah, a lot of things sound cool, only for me to realize that I'm out of my element. Anyways, here's wonderwall The Hallows Best Forgotten. ~~~ They say nothing can beat a good homemade costume. If you want proof, just look to vintage photos of Halloween costumes from the early 20th Century. Those costumes are like Cocaine-Fueled Nightmares. But the 1920's are gone, and they can't hurt you anymore... OR SO YOU THOUGHT. Malevolent spirits have taken a liking to these costumes, alongside everything else of the old Halloween Holiday. Trapping victims in a dark mimicry of those olden days, the spirits are rearing to have fun - and tormenting you is the best part! Okay, let's clear some things. I have "Vintage Halloween Costumes" on Google in another tab, and boy howdy there are some things to avoid. Namely, on the third row there's a kid covered in swastikas. Which, back then, made since, but post-WWII that's a no-no for obvious reasons. Plus, there are probably some racist stinkers in the bunch. Like in the Mardi Gras scene in Abbott and Costello Go To Mars, where there's a woman with a giant, racist mask. Still, the clowns, monsters, witches... there's enough material for a house and accompanying scarezone. Actual aesthetics? A lot of the house is Sepia-Toned, with many Black and Orange elements. The music is period-appropriate Jazz, Swing, and Ragtime. ROOMS: Facade: Enter a giant group photo of a troupe of Trick-Or-Treaters, with THE HALLOWS BEST FORGOTTEN stained into the top of the photo. Spinning Tunnel: Entering the tunnel, the soundtrack becomes warped, and voices mock guests. Barn: Guests enter a barn, where the music goes back to normal and everything seems... charming? Except everyone's in a creepy costume. Jack-O Lanterns are everywhere, and a clown invites you to stay a while. Treacle Game: Then things get dark. Literally, the lights go out. Treacle hangs from strings from the ceiling, meaning guests walk into a sticky hanging thing. (Wash during the day, please.) A spirit creeps up beside the line, scaring guests. Bobbing for Apples: The spirits then play a nice little game of bobbing for apples. And by that, I mean they're shoving a victim into a washtub, face-first, and reveling like she was actually winning. Divination: Guests then enter a house, where a woman stares into a wall mirror longingly, and a witch's silhouette is on the wall. A breezy voice recites a poem about the activity, stating that she SHOULD see her future husband, but if she sees a skull, she'll die. And guess what's hiding behind the mirror? A spirit in a skeleton costume. Pumpkin Carving: It goes dark once more, and Jack-O' Lanterns float in the air. From a boohole, a spirit in a pumpkin mask will lunge at guests with a carving knife. Vintage Artwork: Guests then enter a maze of vintage Halloween artwork, depicting witches, cats, Jack-O' Lanterns, moons... characters dressed like these depictions will lunge at guests. Coven: Three women in hag masks tend to a boiling cauldron. One will break from the group to lunge at guests. Scarecrows: Then there's a hall full of old-timey scarecrows. While many move their heads and arms, only one will lunge at guests. Guess which one! It changes with the shifts! Trick Or Treating: Stepping onto a long road, guests find themselves in the middle of a vintage trick-or-treat scene. There are many child mannequins, and quite a few actors roaming about, some hostile. Finale: The Graveyard: Guests then enter a cemetery, where many ghouls, ghosts and goblins lurk between the tombstones. The exit is through a crypt, which features a replication of the group photo from the facade. Then, suddenly, a vampire attacks for one last scare.
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    STARLAB 51 Starlabs - martian spacecrafts used to conduct experiments on creatures from other planets. You've been chosen as a test subject for the Terra Starlab - via abduction! Can you survive? I can't honestly think of how I'd do an Area 51 house. Aliens? Supersoldiers? Robots? MK Ultra? Too many options. Aliens too obvious. So instead, we flip the idea on its head and have aliens experiment on YOU - except that's standard Alien Procedure, isn't it? Nonetheless, Aliens. ROOMS: Facade: The entry is made up to look like the underside of the Starlab, with several lights and an open portal doorway. A green swirling light covers the queue line, drawing guests to the portal. Greetings from various languages, read by a machine voice, play. Inspection: An alien guard with a stun stick (cattle prod) ushers guests into a well-lit room. Other martians can be seen behind a window, judging guests, while a camera takes pictures. Stunstick guard might get hostile. Storage: Guests then pass by several stasis tubes, filled with human subjects. One at the end will have the human jolt awake, slamming on his prison. Biopsy: Guests then enter a surgical theater, where martian scientists cut open a screaming victim. They might start playing with the organs inside. On shelves lining the room, are jars with organs in them. Brain Scanner: Guests then pass by a human with a device drilling into his head. He's obviously in pain, and a screen attached to the device shows images related to pain. An alien scientist with a similar device will sneak up on guests, to experiment on them. Airlock: A subject is in the airlock, begging to be freed. The martian guard will then activate the airlock, silencing his screams. A few seconds pass, and the man floats past a window, dead. The guard, when not torturing the victim, will swipe at guests. Experiments: Not a single room, but a series of rooms where scientists attack and humans are mutated or messed with. Such sights as a zombie made from a modified brain scanner, a human whose bones are giving out and is growing tentacles, a head and lungs screaming for help, a stasis tube filled with floating parts (I have no idea what they're trying to achieve there), and several multi-headed and multi-limbed freaks. Finale: A short laser maze, like the one from The In-Between. If that had to be a 3-D house for it to work then by golly, this would have to be a 3-D house as well.
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    I was raised Catholic and I'm offended with how big of a pussy Universal is. Enough of the political correctness. It's Halloween. Suck it up.
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    Cool I can't wait to skip this show!
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