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    I wouldnt even say "true fans" but horror fans in general....
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    It is a very Hollywood thing. Marketing directed a house for both coasts. Orlando pushed back on a house but acquiesced the lagoon.
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    Kind of a condescending remark. Further, who the hell has "fallen for the marketing"? If it was only about the marketing, I wouldn't still be attending after 16 straight years. It's about the creativity, the adrenaline, the love of horror, the camaraderie, the fun, the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR extended into two whole months! I get that Universal is a business first, no matter what. I get that the whole idea is to cater to the GP because they make up the most of the attendees. However, let's not forget that those of us who are rabid fans of this event are also, by default, sometimes their best marketing. We buy all the merch, and we wear it every where. People comment on the shirts, and we are thrilled to be able to talk about HHN to someone who doesn't know. We preach it like a religion, and we, therefore, also help to grow the "GP" at the event. I have worn my HHN shirts all over this country and in other countries as well, and I have lost count as to the many comments I get on those shirts and how many conversations I've had about HHN. Also, A&D doesn't discount its core fan base. They enjoy giving us whatever they can related to HHN history or to horror classics or whatever. I don't care about what Marketing says or does - to me, they are incompetent regarding this event. Too many tropes and cliches - they lose perspective as well as opportunity. A&D know how to pull the triggers, get the reactions and keep the fans. That's how you convert the GP into the crazies like us and organically grow this thing every year. I'm kind of tired of this whole snobby, eye-rolling reaction whenever the rabid fans wax nostalgic on a friggin site whose sole existence is for HHN. Let's keep a little perspective here.
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    At Universal Orlando? 08 or 09, I think. He was fully on the design team until 2010. I could be wrong on that.
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    Well, the GP makes 98% of the attendees... so... yeah. Things change. There’s no one left on A&D who was there when they had full control. Universal is under new ownership. Attendance is higher (because of that focus on the GP, btw). It was always going to happen. The event isn’t about “true fans” (which is an asinine, gate-keeping term anyway). But it never was. It’s a corporate event, designed to make money. Any loyalty you have towards it just means you’ve fallen for the marketing.
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    I wouldn't say they do nothing. We got that cool sweepstakes after the countdown timer expired in 2017. Yee Haw!
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    Lol I’m not gate-keeping. At the time of posting this I was looking through my old photos and watching videos of HHN pre 2009. Was feeling nostalgic.
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    It's February. What else is there to talk about in regard to HHN? Oh! I know! Do you think HHN will have a no-alcohol night this year? ** ** First one that responds as if that was a serious question is gonna get it. Don't make me pull this car over...
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    I don’t think I’ll be skipping any year for a long time time. But with that being said, what would have me skip 30? The event would have to be super generic. Not even mention that it’s the 30th. Have no original houses. And all the houses they did use would have to be some dumb borderline horror movies that all the dumbass Facebook lol omg fans begged to see. You know, the fans that see a horror movie and run to the HHN Facebook page and post “ Omg I just saw (insert horror movie) and it should totally be a house this year lol.” Even then, I might have to go just once to see it.
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    I feel like Marketing has screwed the event up. I wish the event still did fun things for the true fans, and had great websites.
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    A good chunk of her stuff is horror-inspired or laced with horror themes in terms of some of her music videos. Her album was apparently based on night terrors and such. and she’s already under Universal Music Group so...
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    All we know it might happen in March, we can't be too sure when in March, but definitely someone maybe before or after when they announced ST last year.
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    It says brb while I summon a demon. I saw it and replied to it. I don’t know why you can’t read it while it is selected, but my phone notification and twitter app notifications let me read it. Interesting, it can be read when it’s in my feed, too.
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    That sourcing is typically done behind the scenes. I don’t reveal sources, nor do I ask sources to reveal how they get their info. But, I have sources I trust because they’ve been right in the past. It’s a fine line.
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    I got bored last night and went over and read the HHN 30 speculation thread over at IU. Wow that place is a mess. Right now, its just Legacy toying everyone over there with hints /clues of only rumors. Couldn't find a shred of credible evidence, or what I conciser credible evidence. I figured it was going to be "tight lipped" this year due to the past few years. Now Rix Flix went and posted the IU rumors on youtube . All this information/misinformation is going to make the speculation game hard as hell this year. What I like to see at the event Vs. what will actually be at the event are almost certainly different, but I am never disappointed. So for now, I can speculate that Creepshow and Billie Eilish lagoon show. I'd be surprised if ST came back due to its reception / execution last year, but crazier things have happened (As always though $$$$ makes the world go around). Conjuring / IT sounds to good to be true, so I am not getting my hopes up. Beetlejuice seems like low hanging fruit for Universal so its possible, but again no credible evidence. Pretty sure we will get our first announcement next month, so that will be exciting.
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    This is the best post every single year I look forward to it. Thank you to all who take the time out of their visits to get the track tracklistings.
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    Marketing has never worked on me, which is why I live in a hole in the ground with a potato sack for clothing.
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    After going down the rabbit hole on youtube with her stuff.... nice voice, seems like a nice kid, very typical of what the industry seems to crank out as far as pop singers.... but there has to be ACTUAL horror ways to bring in the teenagers.... IF you have to bring in more teenagers. This seems like a very Hollywood thing to do. Hopefully Orlando does something different... maybe a JLo/Shakira Lagoon Show .....
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    Since Legacy mentions "whispers"... TwoTonTick told me that Hollywood reopening TWD attraction for HHN this year is only the beginning. HHN 30 will once again be All Walking Dead - this time all 10 houses. A Walking Dead house centered around the Governor A Walking Dead house centered around the Wolves A Walking Dead house centered around Gareth and Terminus A Walking Dead house centered around Negan A Walking Dead house centered around Jadis and the Scavengers A Walking Dead house centered around the Whisperers A Fear the Walking Dead house centered around the Vultures A Fear the Walking Dead house centered around Martha and Logan A Fear the Walking Dead house centered around the Settlers A Walking Dead: World Beyond house based on the newly announced spinoff And Billie Eilish will provide music for all ten houses. Let's see if this mess wakes up the board...
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