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    HEY GUYS! Remember that there are several members here with opinions that may not be as familiar with the event or how things work as some others. We're getting pretty tired of hiding posts because some can't stop acting like assholes to others with the witty remarks and sarcasm. This is a theme park event held for entertainment purposes. You are not some Norse god of Halloween Horror Nights. I'm going to start adding warning points leading to suspensions and bans when I have to remove a post because someone has to whip their e-peen out. Grow up and act your age.
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    "I dont know how you guys are actually happy with this year or what they're doing". Maybe because we're fans of the event and like to have fun, and dont act ike we are some superior "fan" who is owed everything we want into the event? Heaven forbid anyone be positive about an event that is supposed to be a good time! Nevermind, they arent doing every single ridiculous idea that I want them to do, WORST EVENT EVER. Yeah man, everything offered this year HAS been experienced in the past, thats the idea of an anniversary. A&D got killed in 2010 for using ALL NEW ideas instead of just using the past concepts. Now they use the old concepts and you're killing them for lack of new ideas? Geez. This complaint is a massive stretch. When has there ever been cohesion from scarezone to house? Never. We went from snowstorm to acid rain one year. Oh wait, no, I'm wrong. The Walking Dead in 2012 brought a tie in from house to zone but ya know it doesnt count because it's the Walking Dead, a property responsible solely for ruining everyone's life. This forum is becoming a headache to read between people just whining for the sake of whining and people STILL to this day complaining about a lack of website, like that even matters at all once the gates open. It's just unbearable now. I hope they sell a tshirt that says "I went to HHN after 1991, and it was Awful", because theyll make bank.
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    So, first time poster but long time reader. Here is my current theory on what might have gone down. I have no insider info and all of this is just pure speculation based on what I know happens with the IP holders typically. 1) A & D wanted to do a Scream house based on the movie 2) The IP holder, like he did with Hollywood, was VERY strict and only gave Orlando permission to make a house based on the TV show. As we know, the Hollywood version was only allowed to use elements from Movie 4. It is also rumored that the true reason behind the new mask for MTV was because the right holder would not allow the mask to be shown in a TV show. Overall, it seems the rights holder is a major pain to deal with. 3) Marketing agreed to the right holders terms forcing A & D to create a house using elements from the TV show. 4) A & D decided to build a "house" setting for the maze featuring elements and scares that were close to the movie but would feature the new mask from the TV show and a couple scares. The TV show is all over the place so having a focused location like a home makes sense. 5) The house was finished last week. Normally in the contact, IP holders get final say and can come in and tweak things. It happens a lot with IP houses. If the IP holder is not happy with a small detail or the look of a room, they tell A & D what they want changed and they have enough time to repaint a wall or change a few details. 6) Over the weekend, the IP holder came down to see the house. It could be during his tour, he thought the maze was too close to the movie, thus voiding the terms of the contract. If the contract states only elements from the TV show be used and A & D decided to toss in some scares/scenes not found in the TV show, then the IP holder has legal ground to end the terms of the contract. 7) With the contract now void and the IP holder proving once again how controlling he is, it was decided to scrap the house rather than deal with the demands of the IP holder. 8) Monday morning started the crazy drama of figuring out what they are going to do. They promised 9 houses and now only have 8 they can use with about 25-30 days to get something finished. Not to mention the fact that marketing now has to recreate all the press releases, billboards, grocery store displays, TV spots, and maybe even all the merchandise. One things for sure, if this all turns out to be true, it cost Universal a lot of money. Just imagine if all the t-shirts, lanyards, coffee mugs, etc had already been made and were sitting in a storeroom. ALL of that has to be destroyed and recreated to remove the Scream logo. With the event so close, its not unlikely that this could be the case. In year's past, some t-shirts started to go on sale before the event started. Plus, park maps might have been printed since they knew the location of all the houses well in advance. Billboards were for sure created and printed, just not placed. This could easily end up costing Universal a million dollars or more to correct. While I am by no means a lawyer, Universal could attempt to sue the IP holder if they feel the house they created didn't void the contract to recover some of this money. However, with the event so close, they can't worry about that now. They HAVE to get something in that location. They have announced 9 houses. If the event opens and only has 8 houses, they face a major PR/lawsuit nightmare far scarier than anything A & D can dream up. The most logical replacement would be the Purge or coming up with an original concept. Universal owns the rights to the Purge and it was well received last year. They have all the masks and weapons they need from last year. The first movie took place in a house. Simply repaint rooms, change some props and you have a house that looks something like the Purge home. Of course, they could just come up with any random theme for an original that took place in a home as well. At this late stage, they can't rebuild. All they can do is re-theme and hope for the best. I just feel sorry for all of them. They should be celebrating the fact that everything was basically finished and now their big 25th anniversary is causing them a ton of stress at the last minute.
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    "They won't give us any info, this isn't fair!" They release some info and everybody bitches. They announce WHEN they're making a big announcement and everybody bitches. "They're repeating Evil Dead and Saw!?!?!? This is Bull!@#$!" I really wish they re-did Catacombs and Gothic. Why won't they redo those? And bring back Hellgate Prison. And Dead Exposure. And Frightanic! Screw them for repeating houses! Who cares if one IP has 8 movies and the other has 4 movies and 2 seasons of episodes (yes, I know it's only from the first two movies...but making a point). They're still repeats. Nevermind that Halloween 2 is the same guy stalking the same girl in the same town....this is a travesty! "They're so lazy doing the same old thing every year!" Academy of Villians!?!?!? What does this have to do with horror other than their costumes and the content of their amazing shows. That's horrible! I wish they brought back Jack instead for the 32nd time. A VR experience? What kind of BS is this! Would prefer another house. "The Website sucks, it's not interactive like in the past!" What's this bullshit? A countdown clock, collecting our souls, slowly unlocking content based on twitter interactions. This sucks! "This year is going to suck! I have zero interest. this is going to be horrible!" But of course I already booked my trip and can't wait. Guess when I blocked Critical from my feed I missed out when he served everybody koolaid. Need to rename this site to horrornightsbitching.com. You guys probably complain when when a new roller coaster opens and it doesn't match the one you built in Rollercoaster Tycoon in 2009.
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    How exactly do you expect us to walk through an entire event , 9 houses, 5 scare zones and enjoy it when really all we can think about is just how plain the billboard is we saw once two weeks ago?
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    *Makes post about how HHN should announce everything already* *Makes detailed explanation on how excited I am for HHN* Now gimmie my ten likes.
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    The word "historic" has been dropped a lot, and questions about this sort of thing have been asked. As I am the resident historian, I guess (because I'm old enough to be your Dad) I will attempt to go over such incidents. I have no info on anything like this for the first 9 years of HHN, I went to all of those events, but it was back before Internet leaks and such things. It is probable that changes to plans were made a bit in those years. 2000 - The Lord of Darkness was meant to be in the house Dark Torment. The horns of the costume were too big for him to fit in, so the throne in the last scene in Hell was empty. 2001 - Due to 9/11 the planned Icon of the Event, Eddie was dropped and replaced by Jack. The character was dropped from the house that would have featured him, Run. A house had a name change - Terrorland became Scary Tales. The Bloodbath rave inside Kongfrontation under the tram was renamed Ooze Zone and lighting changed from red to green. 2002 - The original Icon, Sindy (how they spelled it then) was dropped and a new Icon, The Caretaker created. Sidney's house became Scary Tales II. A house called House of 1000 Maniacs was reworked into Caretaker's house, The Screamhouse. 2003 - This is the closest to what happened this year. Severe Fear, an extreme house was planned for the Event and scrapped at the very last minute. The local TV news coverage on the Event actually reported on the house just days before the opening date. Somehow they got the house description off the guide maps - but the highlighted Carnage Warehouse was still visible there. 2005 - A complete scenario for the Event was approved with a theme and Icon called Darkness (not the one from Legend) and they had started in on houses when the approval was pulled in April. In two quick weeks another whole concept was developed, Terra Cruentas and the new Icon, the Terra Queen. marketing forced another Icon over her however, The Storyteller who was rushed into a house, Where Evil Hides that originally had nothing to do with her. Also one entire house with a Voodoo theme was scrapped completely and the location of Blood Ruins was moved from the Dueling dragons queue area to a sound stage. 2007 - At the very last minute the house Silent Night, Psychotic Night was renamed Psychoscareapy: Home for the Holidays. This was too late to change the name of the house on the T Shirts! Also a Freddy and Jason scare zone featuring both characters together was scrapped due to New Line not wanting the characters to appear together. 2008 - Originally the Evil Queen was the Icon. They switched her over to Bloody Mary. This was the first year they tried to do American Werewolf in London, but the plans fell through. This happened very early, at least before May, so it was easy to redesign the house into Creatures! The Creature costumes also had size issues and many of them were not fully seen in the scenes they were planned. 2009 - They were unable to get the full rights to Army of Darkness, so a planned scare zone was scrapped in favor of War of the Dead. The AoD scenes in Silver Screams were kept anyway, they just called the film by a made up name in the movie poster seen in the house! And even though this sort of thing had happened before, once again a costume element, this time Dracula's wings were too big to get into the scene that was planned for them. 2010 - Cindy was meant to be the Icon of the Event. Once again she got bumped and they came up with FEAR instead. This made it a bit of a rush job. Also some really amazing special effects got dropped in both Hades: Gates of Ruin and Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate. They just couldn't get Cerberus and the Banshee to work correctly. 2012 - Some of the most notorious last minute changes that year, first American Werewolf in London was scrapped and Silent Hill put in its place. A planned Chupacabra house was being built when the orders came down to demolish the building it was in! Universal's House of Horrors was designed and built in the Parade building at the very last minute - they had not completely finished when the Event began! 2013 - Apparently there was supposed to be a theme for the Event that year that matched the whole Evil Has Taken Root thing. Some sort of haunted forest to top the previous year's cemetery. But all was scrapped for The Walking Dead Streets. Also American Horror Story was dropped and Evil Dead took its place. 2014 - An original house with a sort of "demon under the bed" concept was dropped in favor of From Dusk Till Dawn. A scare zone believed to feature some sort of "ninja geishas" in Sting Alley was also dropped. They had also tried again for AHS but it was still impossible with Fox's demands. And I am sure I've left a bunch of things out. So things change ALL THE TIME in the planning for HHN. Which is why they just don't go and reveal everything right away, And also another good reason why I have dropped my whole "cryptic clue" bit. If the current rumors are accurate, and they seem to be, this would be a more extreme case this year as it is very late in the game. But we have seen Creative and A&D display grace under pressure before... so let's all hope for the best!
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    That seems incredibly unfair and short sited based on a PREVIEW meant for employess. The whole point of last night was to find what does and does not work.with the event and fix it before the GP see it. I'm not reading the reviews because I don't want to know till I go. But anything can happen. Bars can be moved, Street experience will be fully staffed in the actual event, and houses can be tweaked. If fact, I don't form a full opinon on the event till I've experienced it twice. So, once I've been Friday and Saturday, I will review it. But Cmon... the event sucks based on a rehersal? That's jumping the gun a bit don't you think?
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    Because I'm a total wierdo I got a picture witg the girl with the Jack bow.
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    As a West-coaster, I generally don't participate on the Orlando discussions; however, since I will be going to HHN for my third time ever over on the East, I skimmed through some of the discussion mainly on this thread. Although some points i will mention may have been addressed beforehand, I will give my full two cents on the complete line-up: I think the line-up is very solid. I'm VERY excited to see it firsthand. The house line-up sounds great. You have two potentially awesome mash-up houseshouses (RUN & Body Collectors) that are nice continuation of fan-favorites. 25 Years sounds like an awesome anniversary megahouse suitable for the occasion. Having a house on two of the biggest slashers ever is a big hallmark. The highest-rated house ever is returning for thiS. TWD, the bigger contributed to the event's success, is apart if this (raises shield). Malice sounds like an awesome original concept building off of Scary Tales. The Purge and Insidious....well, they're there. The scarezones sound awesome, and I can't wait to see Jacks show and B & T after going a year without it. What's the point I'm making here? I think UO has done their best to make it a very-solid anniversary year. I think the originals sound amazing and the IPs sound extremely promising. Yeah, I'm not going to deny the marketing was abysmal this year. Very poor approach on several things; but is that going to make the event itself suck? I seriously doubt it. If you are going to go out of your way to nit-pick and criticize, you'll find reason to. This may be because I'm so accustomed to Hollywood's event, but I don't mind the IPs that much. If anything, I think HHN is more well-rounded with them there. If the mazes are awesome, then who cares what kind they are. I'm going to choose to be excited and enjoy the event and I anticipate that I will. BTW, if you long time Orlando fans want to complain, go to our event in Hollywood then we'll talk. Ours has no identity, no Bill and Ted, ZERO original content, mostly rehashes of IPs, worse marketing, a determination from creative to have nothing with a good creative story or "icon" at our event, and no willingness to completely solve capacity issues by cutting a maze so guests don't have to walk more. At least you guys don't have all of what I mentioned. I said all this to say this: "Be excellent to each other, and PARTY On DUDES!" See you in O-Town! Just go with an open mind, be thankful for what the event still maintains, and just HAVE FUN.
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    Allow me to relay a story, especially now since this the Media Darling house this year.
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    With people calling Jack Presents: Monsters and Mayhem "M&M" on here, I have to make a rather stupid visual pun. I apologize for this silliness.
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    The bacon and cheese sweet potato fries or the candied ones with cinnamon that they sell right by the NY library facade are LIFE. Screw the event, just put that in the street and I'll gladly pay admission to eat them again (kidding, of course) I can understand why many are not super excited by this year's event. Yeah, it's not the anniversary event that we would've hoped for, but honestly...outside of the IPs, how is it not? We've got the 2 most successful HHN franchises in the SAME house for the first time ever, A classic original who's sequel in 06 was not as great coming back for redemption, a house based on a fairy tale that's been done successfully as scenes in 2 houses and as a zone, and a house celebrating and honoring the past 25 years of the event. And even then, look at some of the IPs. You've got the 2 biggest names in horror who's last time at the event was HUGELY successful, back again for the first time in 8 years battling each other. You've also got one of the highest rated houses of all time returning, albeit very soon. TWD is the biggest thing to ever happen to HHN good or bad, no matter what your opinion on the property is you can't deny that, so in a way, it's appropriate to be a part of the anniversary, as it's been a major part of the more "commercialized" years of the event. Not saying it's good, and obviously that's not why it's back, but if you look at it from that perspective, it becomes a little more acceptable. Insidious and Purge make zero sense for this year, but Insidious is a property that's perfect for a house, is popular, and is one A&D wanted to do, so it made sense. Nothing they can do about the fallout from Scream, but Purge has potential to be a lot of fun. The streets are all returning characters and concepts from the past 25 years. We have an icon show for the first time in 8 years, we have an icon again for the first time in 4 years, albeit the most used one, more houses than ever, DOUBLE the actors in the streets (just in case anyone forgot that bit of info), more zones than last year, and even a new location for a house, which hasn't happened since 2008 if you don't count the plethora of different SS's used the past few years. You've got the modern HHN feel with the 5 IPs, but there's also a LOT of original content this year, and plenty showcasing the event. With Comcast running the show now, they're pushing for IPs for more money etc., but with what they were given, I think A&D still managed to put together a wonderful lineup for the anniversary. I haven't been this excited for the event since the last anniversary in 2010, and I have a feeling this is gonna be one for the ages. /endrant
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    Bitch moan and bitch. If they only had 8 houses, you'd bitch that it's the 25th anniversary, and they should have more. So, they have more, and you bitch because it's not what you want. If nothing else, a 9th house may help ease some of the congestion in the lines for other houses. I got smacked down because of my vocal hatred of TWD, and I gave up. I realize it's pointless to complain because it is what it is. This, however, THIS is awesome. It was one of the best houses they have ever done, so to put it back out there in an anniversary year is not so crazy. Plus, there are plenty of people who never got to see it, and there are those of us who loved the house so much, we are thrilled at another chance at it. I am not ashamed to admit, I actually had a few tears at the end of the season 2013 because I was sure I'd never get a chance to see this house again since Orlando doesn't usually repeat. The Halloween gods heard my cries, and life is awesome.
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    Am I the only one who thinks Chance is kinda hot?
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    Well, as most of you had heard, Wes Craven died at 76 today after losing to brain cancer. You know what sucks? The year we were supposed to get Scream happens to be the same year the horror legend who made that great satire on horror passed away. Instead, Dimension screwed us and Universal by yanking the rights to it. That house could've been a a nice tribute to the passing of Wes Craven. Screw you Dimension and screw you producers of the (abysmal) show who own the rights to it. What a shame. R.I.P. Wes Craven. You were one of the greats. Unrelated: My dad happened to be a sound editor for his show Chiller.
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    Everyone has opinions based on preconceived ideas formed around the subject matter... or rather the perceived subject matter. Honestly, I don't like Alice Cooper's music. I like a very wide base of music and even a few of his are OK but I don't think "killer idea" when I think aging rocker has a house based on him. I don't like Penn & Teller as people. They are good magicians but they are very crass, opinionated, and overtly political for entertainers. I feel it destroys the fun and any entertainment value is lost at that point. In fact I'm not real keen on ideas based on celebrities... I've always held the contention that is better suited for Hollywood and tends, in my mind, to lend to a lack in creativity. Yet even though the ideas don't thrill me, I cannot say this year will stink. How could I when I haven't seen the ideas and plans (or really the theme) of any of these houses? P&T could just be presented by P&T... or perhaps just designed by them. Fine OK well I have to see what that entails before I can form an opinion. Alice Cooper I have a better idea about but still which album? What songs? How will they be translated into a house? I don't know so I can't have an opinion. It goes even more for the original concept houses as well. You can't just say "Gargoyles" or "Ghosts" and know it will be good or bad. That is more the first thing you say in a brainstorming session than a finalized idea. Who knows what story the houses hold or what unique way they will be presented? I think negativity, for the most part, stems from the uncertainty of change and a lack of creative foresight. Being an artist, I gain inspiration from one-word ideas and I understand the creative process. When corporate says: "Body Collectors were popular... So we want them again.. but female this time" I know ideas start swirling in theirs heads on how to keep the parameters given without cheaping out and just making female body collectors. To me, it's exciting and challenging. Plus we've seen what they did with that. Nightingales was a hit last year. Bottom line is the guys and gals in A&D have been doing this kind of thing for a long time. They know what they are doing and, whether or not they like the changes personally, they know how to adapt and make something good out of what could seem like a bad idea. Will there be duds? Of course. Not everything can be a hit. But I think even a failed idea is just an experiment of what does and doesn't work. Plus what one person thinks is a dud another thinks of as a success so it more finding what works on a grand scale to optimize the experience (which I think they do very well).
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    Many people love movie houses and many don't, many people prefer original houses and many don't. They simply can't please everybody... therefore I now predict that with this damned if you do, damned if you don't situation that this year the Event will be called: HHN CATCH-22
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    This house will just have a countdown clock in one room, nothing else.
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    Just leaked, the remaining houses are 5 exact copies of Walking Dead 25 and one house where Vince McMahon shoves Roman Reigns down your throat.
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    I'll keep it short since I don't want to ruffle any feathers. Experience the event, then make your critiques.
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    We will be attending the media preview tomorrow night. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Periscope and watch for updates during the night starting around 7:30PM.
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    The actor who plays Jack tweeted last night that we haven't yet seen everything in the commercial.
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    Not to be an insufferable know it all, or even a sufferable one, let me just address the statement I think boogeyman made about those who may have inside knowledge "just telling us". There's a good reason that I only make "cryptic statements" and another good reason that this time I will neither confirm nor deny any guesses. Obviously those who know are hearing things from those who have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements. Hinting and making obscure clues won't put those people in jeopardy, openly saying things will. But, all you out there are dying for some scrap of info, and I think it wouldn't be fair not to give you something, even if it is something cryptic that you have to try and figure out. Also it makes the whole speculation thing a lot more fun. It builds anticipation, without out and out spoiling the whole thing. We wouldn't want to ruin all the fun and games before we even start playing them now, do we?
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    Thank you, thank you so much. We are all here to have fun not to fight over technical details. However, I am actually a Norse God of Halloween Horror Nights. But you don't have to worship me unless you want to.
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    The event will endure. We all will endure. Change always creates uncertainty... Which usually breeds negativity. I admit it's hard to stay positive when you hear things you like are changing. But change is necessary... and really the only constant. It's understandable why we may have the loss of houses and scare zones this year. There is a lot changing. But we cannot foresee how this will effect the event on the whole. I imagine bigger crowds with better houses. Roaming hoards (if it is true) has never really been achieved at Universal. But it's been done successfully at other parks so perhaps they will perfect it this year. I agree with the philosophy of ambiance over scare but that is my personal preference. But I imagine if we have a lack in one area Universal will try to compensate in others. So who knows the scares may be better than ever this year. Change breeds new ideas. and new ways of doing things. Take for example HHN X. When I went I really wasn't all that impressed. There were ball pits, rotating rooms, and other crazy things that were a real risk. But looking back, some of those things were amazing, innovative, and paved the way for things we have today. While I did not like Jack, He was the genesis for all the other icons I loved. Some of my favorite years were 6 houses or less. So while the crowds may be large, I'm still excited to see what transpires and I try not to be too concerned with "what ifs" until they happen. Bottom line most of us will go and most of us will have a good time. There will be pros and cons to the event like always. Have patience and try and remain open minded... To Universal: Now can we have a solid update? The natives are restless
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    My final opinion about all of this: Today sucked. Obviously. Big disappointment. But I personally think Marketing's actions shouldn't affect our opinions of CREATIVE's work. I believe Creative's successes can make up for Marketing's failures once we enter the gates. Bad Marketing does not equal a dead year. I think it's a very short-sighted way to look at things, to say it kindly.
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    Before I go into this, I'm not trying to bash any opinions, I respect them as much as I can, I find this new "Kool-aid" thing an odd argument for both sides. If mz or any of the other admins / mods thinks I was too harsh or rude, please tell me so and I'll just delete this and be quiet from now on. But here's my thing about people like you Crit, and I'm not going to call you any names if you're wondering: Criticizes Marketing negatively. Criticizes A&D and Mike Aiello himself on occasions negatively. Criticizes usually the majority of the house and scare zone options negatively, original and IP. Still will go and spend (Just the one day ticket, presuming you aren't bs'ing) a good 60-70 dollars and their parking fee to go to this event you claim has fallen in the pits. Because you're a "diehard". Sure, you'll not spend money on anything else and you'll bash it online, this forum, and the surveys should you take them. You're still the guy out nearly 100 bucks that Universal has garnered off this event you basically hate now. And you've done this for years now even when the event first went in this direction that you despise. So I'm just presuming. Wouldn't it just be a much better message to them instead of still giving them any ounce of money to just...stop going to the event? Show Universal that they truly finally drove away a diehard fan instead of just having another "hanger-on" who will give them an annual 60-70 but comes with the downside of wishes for the good ol days. I like to think Marketing at least talks about the diehard fan if only once, and I bet I can guess their conversation goes like: "Diehards complaining?" "Yes." "Are they still going at least one day to give us some cash?" "Yes." "Then who cares." I don't know honestly. I just think you're wasting your own time and money to dedicate yourself to complaining about every little detail of every little part of this event to go even just one day and maybe just like one house, one scarezone, no shows. And all these friends you mention I presume they feel the same. And they sound...exactly like you. Less profit = Profit still. You say "oh, I'm spending less money" like it's a big thing, a big middle finger at that evil Marketing team, they're probably just laughing that these guys hating on them are STILL GIVING THEM MONEY. You're sorta proving their Marketing regime right in a way, right? They're still keeping the old-comers while getting so many more new-comers. Most successful marketing tactics in years. I'm not saying all of this in a "How dare you hate the event" way. I'm saying it in a "I don't get why you're helping their financials if you hate them" way. It's like if I spouted out for every election that I hate all the candidates, I hate the way voting's done, I'm gonna hate who the final electee is anyways and I went and voted for that guy I specifically hated, citing "I liked him before and maybe he'll go back to his old ways, but I REFUSE TO DONATE FIVE DOLLARS TO HIS NEXT SHITTY FUNDRAISER.". My "rant", I guess, is really not even to just you specifically, you're just the guy that fits the plate on this day, on this forum. I don't know why I even typed this when it's going to be greeted with snark anyways, but I figured I would address the point. You're gonna complain about Blumhouse, Saw, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Bayou, Soul Collectors, all of it. You'll like Angels vs Demons though you'll say the details were sorta shoddy. That's fine, I'm not gonna go crazy cuz I like IP's and you don't or any other thing. I'll address your opinions, you'll address mine, and we can have a happier little chat than the ones recently. I just think by giving them even negative attention and even just a bit of money, they still gain more of your rants versus them than you ever will. Maybe I'm gonna be the dumb one, maybe some corporate douchebag will load up some cached version of the 2008 website and say "We've been doing it all wrong!". And you'll be better off for having stuck around in the "dark times". But if that doesn't happen...where does that place you? You'll be a big negative voice no doubt towards the whole thing through all the years. But does it not benefit you more to just take a breather a couple of years? Even stay on the forum, but don't give the Marketing team your money and time out of even just one day and night. Out of jest, you and Horror Nights seem to be in an abusive relationship. They hit you and batter you, but eventually you'll come back anyway because you like his originals. Rinse. Repeat. Perhaps I'm looking at it too cynical, but I'm just calling what I personally see.
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    It's been a while now so lets update that Speculation Map.
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    ***Start Bitching*** Ohhhhh, the humanity!!!!!! How dare they (potentially, we don't know the details yet) tell you to put the glasses on and off! Like how dare they make you put glasses on for Terminator...or Shrek...Or Spider-Man...etc. They should make them all one giant ride so we don't have to do be burdened with putting on glasses, and taking them off. It's bad enough I have sunglasses that I have to take off when I go indoors, but to make me do it in a house is unbearable! Nevermind that the glasses aren't some magic prescription lens that will damage your eyes if you leave them on when the black lights aren't on. Are you seriously complaining about that? LEAVE THEM ON THE WHOLE HOUSE. I'm sure you're eyes will survive the 3 minutes that the glasses are on. Or, better yet, don't go in it. I love 3D houses. Why? They're unique and they're fun and I get to see, at most, one per year. I can go see 3D movies and I have a 3D TV at home, but the house isn't that kind of 3D...it's a completely different and entertaining type. It's a type that can do optical illusions with black light that are impossible for real people to be able to do otherwise. It makes the most disorienting environments that can put you on edge more than any other kind of ambiance. I can't believe how many people are upset that they have the most successful and popular Horror TV show in history at the park every year and that somehow is ripping them off...and then people that complain that the house, they know nothing about, is somehow lessened by it being a 3D house. Nobody is forcing you to go to the event...nor is anybody forcing you to go through this house...or put on the glasses...or take them off. ***End Bitching***
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    Since there have been no major real leaks this year, just a bunch of rumors that appear to be based on wishful thinking more than anything else, all we really know for sure so far are: 1. The dates of the Event. More dates than before and three night opening weekend. Plus a final night that will automatically be on all FFPs. 2. Located at Studios - IOA will not be used. 3. Some IP houses - some IPs are shared with Hollywood and some entirely original houses. 4. One original house has the code name "cobweb". Has anything else been officially revealed so far? The rest is just speculation and rumor. Yes I know somebody said a "good source" told them 9 houses for sure this year, and this is probably correct but it has not been officially confirmed yet. So with this rather very sketchy information, I don't see why there should be a "negative vibe" about the Event as we don't know enough really to have any vibe at all. Also remember last year? We got all the info leaked early and it resulted in a negative vibe. But when the Event began most thought it was the best Event in years. Including most of whom had been so negative. Critical analysis wasn't happy. But I don't think he ever will be until we get an event with no IPs and all original houses are all about serial killers or some other "real-world" non-fantasy horror.
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    HHN 25. Congratulations, Horror Nights! You now have the opportunity for cheaper car insurance. It's all down hill from here. The next thing you have to look forward to is your receding hairline, and remembering "the good ol' days." FORTUNATELY. I will remember 25 as the good ol' days, because HHN 25...OOOOHHHH...you were good. Man. What a fantastic year. It really felt like a 17, or 19 for me. Those were my golden years; 17-20. WOOF. You didn't get any better than that. The themeing. The houses. The twisted taters (you always have to say taters in a Gollum voice...well, I do...). Those were the YEARS. And honesly, 25 felt like one of those YEARS. It was fantastic. Except for that damn firework in the beginning. It's the return of the DUD. HAHA. You guys. That firework. IT'S BACK. That had more of an impact on me than JACK. It's like last year's fireworks lame cousin who drives a truck and loves ICP. You're lame, firework. Go back to the other fireworks and feel bad. Okay. Okay. Let's get to it. LAAAAAAADIES and Gentlemen, in this corner, from the binary planet of one-zero-one-one-zero, weighing in at 250 tons, the robot that just cannot stop...ARMYOFROBUTTS!! HEY! EVERY YEAR. EVERY YEAR YOU SHOW UP. AND YOU DO THIS. IT HURTS. It hurts every year. You can't say that about people. LET'S GO. FORGET IT YOU JERK, YOU DO THIS EVERY YEAR. THE REVIEW. Spoilers, fun, and nonsense awaits you, my little Greedos. New paragraph. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem Sweet mother of ZEUS. Who titled this house? Might as well start this off right. AND WE HAVE OUR HOUSE OF THE YEAR. Seriously. There's no contender. This is the best of the best. From design, to length (*wink*), scareactors, content...this house is EVERYTHING. This house could come back every year and I woudln't be mad...I'm looking at you WEREWOLF. LOOKING. AT. YOU. The facade is fantastic and is so ominous. Seeing more of those portraits, and they are awesome, was really cool. CINDY! She has a portrait. But poor B-Mare. She has nothing. She was even taken off the shirt. Poor, poor B-Mare. You were the best, and now you're loam. Going into the house, you don't know really what to expect. Was it going to be like the "best of house" in 20? Well, kinda? But WAY more original content, which is great. And no Dead Exposure...which is even better. Just KIDDING. No I'm not. I loved the scene transitions with the Jacks, and they certainly did some great spoops, too. Right away, I knew this was THE house. The bear puppet? Fantastic. And then seeing poppa bear..it brought a grizzly sized tear to my eye. I LOVED it. Going into The Forsaken, with the best scene. GREAT. And they got rid of those glowing eyes, which is a plus, honestly. Because they can actually HIDE and SCARE. Kudos to whoever thought of that gem. And then stuff just gets better from there. My favorite part of the house was with the classic monsters. I like seeing the Monster, AND EBENIZER WULFMN. Me and him go WAY back. I hope you're still studying law, friendo. How's the family, Sam and Barbara? I hope they're great. Miss you buddy....ahem. Seeing the Bride was great. Really great stu---*HUMMMMMMMMM* OH MY LORDY LOU, PHANTOM JUST SCARED THE PANTS OFF OF ME. Literally. They ran off without me. Now I'm just walking around looking for my pants...no, I'm not trying to pick you up, vampire ladies of the night. My pants ran away. Oh, haHA. Yeah, it IS a little cold in here. grumble grumble. Okay. Found my pants. You know what was really supremely great about this house? I LOVED seeing the tank at the bottom of the cathederal during the Gothic scene. When you peeped over? That was AWESOME. I saw that and said..."TANKS. TANKS A LOT, HHN." And then, of couse that signaled that my little ladies are back. I missed you...EWWWW. SO BALD. So bald you tiny creepy nurses. <3 <3. Please come back in form of a street next year. I jumped for joy when I saw those little bald, Baraka looking ladies. They makes me so happy, but instantly creep me out when I focus on them. UGH. GROSS. And then, you keep winding through and there's just so many more surprises I won't get into. The finale was great. Just great. GREAT. GRATE. GR8. What a great house. Exiting through all of those black curtains, I knew this was it. Going outside, seeing the soundstag--*VROOOOM*. EDDIE. WHAT THE EFF. Where did you--*VROOOOM*. Oh. Your. God. MEATY MEETZ. HE'S BACK. HE'S BACK. HE'S BACK. HE'S BACK. HE'S BACK. HE'S BACK. HE'S BACK. excuse me...I have *sniff*...I have dust in my eye. House Count: 5 House Rating: 1 Meaty Meetz out of 1 My Life is Whole Again. The "Z" stands for "I miss you" An American Werewolf in London I must've jumped in that TARDIS, because I SWEAR I've seen this before. Honestly, if you want my thoughts on this house, read my review from 2013. It still stands, but it's not my House of the Year. Everything is still great. After experiencing it 2 years ago in Orlando, and last year in Hollywood, it did lose some shine..but it's still great and you can tell it's a labor of love. House Count: 4 House Rating: 1 We Need to Talk out of 3 It's Not Me, It's You. Freddy vs. Jason Dawn of Slashers and the First Time I saw Boobs on Film. Thanks, 80's. This was a VERY close contender for House of the Year. Really. It's fantastic. I may be a liiiitttlllle biased because Freddy was my first role in 2007, but none the less, it's a FANTASTIC house. It really felt like 2007 all over again, not just for Freddy, but also going back to Camp Crystal Lake...also, RIP Jaws queue. Just kidding, BYE JAWS. Also, second year of a versus house. Glad to see we got more "versus" this time around, but I hope this isn't a trend. Next year "Sharkando versus Sharktopus"...actually, that sounds badass. DIBS. MY IDEA. DIBS. Going in, you knew two things..Freddy, Jason. How those were going to play out, I really had no idea. I kind of had an idea...that film from 2003 or whatever. But apparently it's nothing like that, so I was intrigued. I do know this...QUEUE VIDEO, PLEASE. Man, what an opportunity for a queue video. AND IT'S GONE. POOF.../sigh....Jumping into the soundstage, you're instantly taken to Camp Crystal lake, and Jason has already started his Purge. RELEASE THE BEAST. DIBS. MY IDEA. JASON vs. The PURGE. Take that, horny teenagers...and your sex. That'll teach you. Really classic scares, and really effective. Jason was at every freaking turn. And he was PISSED. It was awesome. Winding through the cabin, and camp...And then...well...magic happened. 1...2....Freddy's coming for you... You're on Elm Street. You're in the dream. And it just becomes legendary at this point. Seeing the classic kills from the films, translated into real life was great. It was DIFFERENT than 2007, and I'm SO happy, because I just expected it to be the same. But you're seieng all new stuff. Going through the boiler room, seeing all of that iconic scenery. And then, if I may take a quote from Ken Wantanabe..."Let them fight" and they DID. You actually saw them brawling. It was GREAT. Some of the gags were LEGIT, too. Freddy stabbing Jason and stuff, and vice versa? So cool. Winding through the coor--did...what was that? Was that a roid-raged Freddy? Hold on... ... hahahaha. It was. Freddy, you been working out man. Looking..you're looking good, man. I laughed so hard I ran into the sweaty back of the guy in front of me. Gross. Now I have beer flavored sweat all over me. Ugh..this is the worst. Thanks. Thanks a lot roid-raged, Freddy. This IS a nightmare. Nightmare in Soundstage 24. Going underwater, seeing Freddy in a Camp Crystal Lake shift, all gold. The finale was great. Man, what a great freaking house. I, for one, will take a Freddy and Jason house every year. House Count: 5 House Rating: 1 Roid Raged Freddy out of 72 High School Students. (they'll never have a chance) Body Collectors: Recollections One thing is for sure, those Collectors aim for the throat. Hello, old friend. Great to see another Body Collectors house. It has a great history within HHN, and honestly, it has a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, for me, this house was kind of a little boring for me? Definitely wasn't bad, but it lacked some CHUTZPAH. Yeah, yeah, you're yelling at your computer screen. Just...listen. Or read. Read and listen..RESTEN. Facade? Check? Ominous setting? Check. Person in the fire place? Check. The setup was great. Great mood going into the house and it really sets itself up. *SHNIK* Man, how can you not cheer at the slit throat? Great setup, moving along...where..how..I'm lost. CURSES. WHY DID I ENTER A SOUNDSTAGE DURING THE DAY? I CAN'T SEE SQUAT. Table. Table in my way. Desk, chairs. I just whammied my knee on this table, guests are so angry. WHERE. WHERE DO I GO. *SHNIK* "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY". HEY HEY HEY. Listen, lady! You're dead! I can see that. Oh...the door to my left? That very obvious door that I completely missed because my eyes hadn't adjusted yet? Yeah..thanks. /tail between legs. Ew, gross. I'm not a furry. No, I won't give you a hug. Get away from me, guy dressed as Star Fox. NO, I won't be your Slippy. LEAVE. Geez. How did that guy get in here? But yeah, I seriously got lost in this house. It was awful. Moving along...! Nice wintery set up, and people in the snow? Am I going through the Shining? I'm not sure what's happening here, but it looks nice, so I accept it. And from here...? Catacombs and jail cells. Not really doing much for me in terms of scares, but it looks pretty, I guess. Some guy growling like a dog, walking around like Gollum (HUZZAH. Second Gollum reference!) and some basic scares. As always, the Spine Girl scene is great, although nothing too new, and the scene where the Collectors making the bodies? That was pretty great. And some really epic music, too. And then we go back through some catacombs and cells, and a guy gnashing his teeth at the end. That guy makes me laugh. He was great. Good job, dude. You made me sincerely laugh because you just hammed up the scene so well...but then it ends. I guess it just falls a little flat for me. Not terrible, but really middle of the road for me. As always, great to see the Collectors, but this time, they're a little more forgetable. House Count: 4 House Rating: 4 Chairs in My Way (WHERE DO I GO?) out of 1 Man Gnashing his Teeth. RUN: BLOOD, SWEAT, AND FEARS One Country to Rule Them All (note: It's Germany) Okay. This house was middle of the road, but I had probably some of the best interactions in this house. And that puts it in my Top 3. Crazy, right? This house was AWESOME because the actors are having FUN. Funactors? Maybe? But, let me tell you, I haven't laughed this hard in a house in a LONG time. First off, queue video is FANTASTIC. Second off, GREAT facade. Third off...uh...look at all of those ropes? Entering the house is pretty great. Really good set up, very Hunger Game-ish (OH GHAD, I made a Hunger Games reference), like you're being forced into the game. That count down really got me pumped. And the Police? Policia? Armed Forces? Master Chiefs? Did a great job moving you along into the game. Going into the steam zone thing was cool, and I met Jaden Smith from After Earth. He gave me a piece of his face; good jorb, Jaden. AND THEN YA GET THE STEAM. And you're on your way. Loved the mirror gag with the Samurai guy, you're just waiting for, OH SWEET JESUS. Little fan lady came out of nowhere. Where'd you come from, Kitana? Good spoop. And you pass her and KAPOWI, Samurai guy is right there. My buddy and I had a good chuckle when he got spooked by him and he yelled out, ME SO SORRY. In which Samurai Guy comes back and has a great chuckle. I laugh, my friend laughs, Samurai laughs, Samurai kills friend; it was a great time. Moving along, getting SO pumped after that. Loved going through Canada and singing O CANADA with those crazy Canadians. It was a blast. And then singing Carmena Burana with those gladiators. Just so much fun. And then...then here they are. DAS BLITZKRIEG BROTHERS. We started a chant "DEUTSCHLAND! DEUTSCHLAND!" And the brothers kick in "DEUTSCHLAND!DEUTSCHLAND!" We're all shouting, chanting! The whole room is going nuts. SO. MUCH. FUN. Really. This house is great. Kudos to every funactor involved. You made a pretty boring house so much fun. I went through 5 times in one night because you guys were killing it. DEUTSCHLAND! House Count: 9 House Rating: 3 BLITZKRIEG BROTHERS out of 2 Canadians, eh? Insidious HE'S GOT YER BABY. HE'S GOT YER BABY. I wish I could say I've seen the first Insidious, but I have not. I saw the second film, and that was a mistake. But hey- we learn. And I learned by not seeing the third OR the first. Because, man. I did not enjoy the second one, and it wasn't because I was lost...I was not. The house was...okay? I guess. People were saying this was the most intense house of the run, but it just kind of falls flat. The facade was great, a nice colonial type of house, in which we enter through the side, and then we encounter Darth Maul, scary ladies in wedding dresses, and sheets that stand up *insert boner joke here.* I did not understand what was happening here, and probably shame on me for that, so I really can't discredit what was happening. There were some okay scares, though. And the sets were really great. Darth Maul was particuarly scary, and there were some great moments with him. I liked seeing the return of the claustrophobic hallway..I guess that was us going into the Dark World? What's it called? I don't remember. So, I'll just got it Dark World. Dark World was pretty effective, and kind of tonally different. The "funeral" scene was really great, too. The house was also decently long (that's what she said) and people all over were getting spooked. It was like I was not a part of the spook, but I did like seeing the other get scared, so it was worth the wait. Again, I probably should have seen the film, and I probably would have liked this house a little more, just because I can understand the story of it. But, here we are. It just falls middle of the road for me. It also doesn't help that this house was always insanely busy. House Count: 1 House Rating: 3 Boner Jokes out for 2 Sith Lords (No More and No Less) The Purge Let us SCREAM from the rooftops, RELEASE THE BEAST I'm basing this soley on what we had, not what could have been. Honestly, I'm a big fan of The Purge films, and I have no idea why. I mean, really, they're okay. But I find the idea so much fun, and it's really probably just the IDEA of the Purge of what tickles my Beast Bone *insert second boner joke here.* Either way, I find this house REALLY enjoyable, and it's for ONE reason...well...15-20 reasons. THE PURGERS. Man, you guys kept this house alive. The sets were pretty mediocre, and that's nobody's fault, but The Purgers were awesome. There were some pretty awesome things going on here. Firstly, having the nicely dressed Purger out front talking to folks really set the mood, and then...BWURRRR....BWURRRR. God, I love that siren. Seeing the screens with the rest of the Purgers happening around the country, that was pretty fantastic. And then going through the house was great. Aw, man. Jiffy Pop! I haven't seen Jiffy Pop since it was in this movie about a guy running around in a mask murdering teenagers. I can't remember what it was called.... anyway. Lots of guns blowing people away in this. I will say I wish I saw more unique kills, but you know..that's a minor gripe. Going through the garage and...oh, somebody got lost. Let me help you little, tiny girl. It's okay. Come with us, we'll meet your family outside. How did yo--OH NO. SHE'S DEAD. A PURGER TOOK HER AND MURDERED HER. that. was awesome. I love seeing that stuff. It really ties it all together, like this one rug I had in this room. I wish there were more gags like that. And we finish it out with STROBES STROBES STROBES STROBES STROBES. Lady murder on bed. STROBES STROBES STROBES. Sweet Jesus who steals hubcaps from cars, I'm flopping like fish out of this house. Somebody put a plank in my mouth so I don't swallow my tongue. As I seizured out of the house, I reflected back on what happened, and really, I give kudos. They really turned around a crappy situation and not only turned it into something that worked, but something that worked effectively. Job great, work good. House Count: 5 House Rating: 45 Gun Shots to the Face out of 0 Sidney Prescotts. The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead something something Walking Dead something something WOOF. Here we are. The RETURN OF. I don't watch the Walking Dead, nor do I watch FEAR the Walking Dead...but I DO watch The Walken Dead *insert Disaster joke here*. I have no clue what is happening here. We have Walkers, and we have people, living in harmony. And then we have sleepy time for me. I just kind of wander through this house, just trying to wrap my head around everything. The sets are very impressive, as they usually are with these DEAD houses. But, everything else falls flat for me, unfortunately. Really, I don't have much else to say. I think it just falls under fatigue for me. Oh well. Maybe next year. House Count: 2 House Rating: 7 Zoombies, Coral out of 1 Coon Tombstone (that's racist) Asylum in Wonderland 3D Wait...I have to go ALL THE WAY AROUND TO GET HERE? Hey! This is pretty neat! Using the Shrek building for a house? That's pretty cool they were able to pull it off. That's really impressive. The Shrek building and all. I mean, to build a house in one of the theaters was really cool...can't talk more enough about buidling a house in there...because..well...womp womp. Alice isn't looking too fine. I think the idea was taking Alice from 2008, from that awesome Street, and then basing a house around it, but man, it doesn't really translate. I will say, best use of the vortex, and I really liked the sets, they were all pretty good. I did not like the costumes too much, and the scares didn't play into the scenery very well. The 3D was some of the better uses, but what was that one house a couple years ago...what was it called? The one about the serial killer. Let me check my old review: oh yeaaah. Afterlife. That was it. Definitely some things from Afterlife here. This house wasn't as good as Afterlife. And that says it all. House Count: 3 House Rating: 2 Checkered Unitards out of 1 Underage Alice HOUSE RANKZ: 1. Jack Presents: DON'T TALK ABOUT BLOODY MARY. 2. Pepperoni Face versus The Goalie from The Mighty Ducks 3. JOG: TEARS FOR FEARS. 4. The Purge: Totally Not Scream 5. Tax Collectors: What the IRS Thinks of You 6. Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace 7. The Return of the Werewolf Bar Mitzvah 8. Alice in WonderDuloc 9. The Snoring Dead STREET RANKS: 1. All Nite Die-In: GRAYSCALE EDITION 2. What Evil has Taken Root? 3. Saws n' Clowns: Into the Circus 4. Psychoscareapy: Get it? It's like THERAPY, but it's SCARY 5. HHN Icons: DON'T TALK ABOUT BLOODY MARY. 6. Chainsaw Drill Team: TIME TO GET DRILLED *insert boner joke here* 7. All Nite Die-In: NOW IN TECHNICOLOR 8. Kids Like the Steam and the Punks Still, RIGHT?
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    So after opening night Friday the 18th, I have done all nine houses once except for Asylum which I saw twice. I think additional nights are necessary before a full review and any sort of ranking. But overall a very good year. One person who has been going to HHN as long as I have told me it was the best one in many years. Highlights of the Houses: RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears - Ninja Geisha, Canadian Back Bacon and Candyman! Asylum in Wonderland 3D - Quite simply the best use of the revolving tunnel ever. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem - Got some of the best scares of the night from Classic Monsters. Many delightful surprise appearances! An American Werewolf in London - Not 100% the same house. There is at least one thing from 2013 that is missing now, nothing major, but it had personal meaning for me. However, there is at least one thing new added. The punchline to one of the best scenes, a real "Holy F@ck" moment. Also new Wolves are awesome. Freddy vs Jason - Major love for both of these guys in this house. Brilliant use of video. And a good use of one of Jason's earlier looks. Body Collectors: Recollections - Fun crossover. Ornate and beautiful sets and costumes. Another one of my biggest scares of the night, a scare that was also used last year in a very different house. But maybe I misunderstood what some had been saying about this house? I saw no indications of any big revelations of secrets about important characters' back stories and origins. Or maybe I missed something due to timing issues? The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead - The biggest surprise for me was that I actually liked this. I did not expect to. Hot tub zombies are silly, though. But there were a couple things that i really thought were clever and well done. The revolving door for example. And did A&D plant an inside joke? Perhaps at the expense of those who force them to do this series for four years? I mean there was a scene where they are literally (b)eating a dead horse! The Purge - Another example of grace under pressure. Brilliant overlay of The Purge on the existing Scream sets. And perhaps it is a better house than that one would have been? Very high energy, the Havoc of the year I think. Funny how that mannequin looks so much like Drew Barrymore.... Insidious - A lot has already been said on how creepy and terrifying this house is, and they are not wrong. But that hallway. That one hallway. Maybe one of the scariest moments in all HHN history. Ranks along with the first scene in Insanity and the crowd room in Dead Exposure. Highlights from Zones: Scary Tales: Screampunk - Cute and Clever. My kind of wrong. Icons: HHN - Didn't have time to catch all the kills, but a zone to revisit over and over. And I did see a certain Lady! Psychoscareapy: Unleashed - I must confess that I thought the first inmate who approached me, giggled and said "this is fun!" was a fanboy guest. A bit close to home, sometimes. But fun, fun, fun! I look forward to spending a lot of time at the block party during this event. All Nite Die-In: Double Feature - There are so many guests passing through this area getting from one side of the park to another that sometimes it's hard to see the scareactors! But clever to have little used characters from the Classic Monsters. And at the risk of raising political controversy, does anybody else think that Tiffany looks weirdly a lot like Hillary? Evil's Roots - Just beautiful. Very very pretty zone. Notes on shows: Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure - Glad to see they continue now to change up the sets and take the basic structure of the show and tweak it a bit. Lots of funny jokes at the expense of Disney, but at least one hysterical one at their own expense. The Carnage Returns - Sexier than B&T, and ruder and of course, way more violent! Fun and irreverent. A harder, more R rated version of the show from 2007. But NOT just a re-worked version of that show. This is actually rather new. Over all this has taught me to not pay attention to those people who never have a good thing to say about HHN under any circumstances. They were way off course with all the negative talk earlier this year.
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    Nightcrawlers of the HHN community haha it's amazing what some people would do for a few retweets on Twitter. Back on topic. Yea HHN25 begins in a few days! 300 and so odd days of waiting has finally concluded. I think everyone deserves a round of applause for making it through.
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    If you haven't seen this yet, Nancy Murphy took this pic! The Lantern is in this zone - over by the Gardens of Allah!!! This leads me to some speculation, as most of you should know by now, about four months ago I asked any sources I may have had to no longer give me any "inside information". But long before I did that, back in early 2013 I had heard that the original plans for "street experiences" that year were to have been something sorta "arboreal" actually fitting into a real theme - "What Evil Has Taken Root?" But then, something happened "higher up" most likely involving the IP contract with AMC and we got only TWD in the streets that year. So now, I gotta wonder, is Evil's Roots what What Evil Has Taken Root? was originally supposed to be? Will we be getting a taste of what we should have experienced on a much larger scale two years ago?
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    Yawn... and I had it all in March. What's your point? I saw that teaser over a week ago. Who cares? No one likes a know it all. People keep asking why I'm moving on from the community and it's because of the bickering, the carrot danglers, and general all around "know it all" mentality. It's a flipping Halloween attraction. It's cool and I've been doing it a very long time... But the community in general drives me to drink. I'm trying my best to just enjoy it and not care about who had what first and who is upset with who. It's like a Bloody soap opera at times
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    The Body Collectors and Plague Doctors have become joint venture capitalists and hired the Nightingales to work as their nurses in the newly opened Shadybrook Asylum. It was built on the site of an old city called Thunder Gulch. All of their patients came from Hellgate Prison after being driven made by watching nothing but HR Bloodengutz. And they hire a clown for parties. (I'm so happy I can finally post all this stuff... I've been hording it for weeks.)
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    Something a little different for everyone.
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    I want my puddin scene. Even if it is just a can of puddinfg sitting on a roof in the house. but preferably Carl eating the pudding.
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    I'm sorry why does the event have to have a story? Do we go for the event or for the stuff leading up to it? I know that all the little story updates are fun and awesome... but really they are just icing on the cake. They are something they do to show the fans appreciation (as the GP doesn't care about story) but it isn't required for a successful event. Cut them a break... they got a lot on there plate this year. Why does one year full of celebrations and construction spell the end of an event 22 years strong? An event that has happened yet mind you. I've seen every year of this event. It was successful in '91 and it was successful in '11... The company has changed hands numerous times and numerous times they have changed up the game. Have a little faith... Wait until the reveal before complaing... better yet go to the event and then complain. We haven't seen anything to say one way or the other officially if there will be a theme. Do you know what we had last year at this time? A hand, two cards, and the Thing house confirmed... that's it. This year we already have 3 houses confirmed (4 should have been already) and they seem to be hurrying to reveal the IP's. So if we have another reveal next week all 4 IPs will be revealed and then the normal time frame for teasing starts. So people are essentially complaing because they have given you more quicker than last year. Regardless, It's really hard to judge Universal's marketing plan before they actually implement said plan... 0.o
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    You can have Aiello when you pry him from my cold, dead hands
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    Screw it, I've had fun with these in the past... House list. The announced The announced: Second coming (Tent 2) The unannounced: The return (Parade) The unannounced: The expected The unannounced: The returning The unannounced: The requeling The unannounced: Claustrophic jewel (Tent 1) The unknown Shall not be named
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    Berto ‏@Disnversal This lanyard. I like it. Another! #hhn25
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    Great shot of this year's billboard. Many thanks to @CFLParkJunkie (Theme Park Junkie) for the photo.
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    Looks like we've got a bunch of psychics on this board. Everyone already knows the house is gonna suck. You know I thought about going this year... What with 9 houses, the 25th Anniversary, Jack returning and all...... THANK GOD you all know this house is going to be terrible. Saved me some big time money. Im going to let this house ruin any happiness about this event for me. Those hundreds and thousands of guest who left last years house clapping and cheering as they exited are just dumb GP. Their overwhelming opinion doesnt matter like us 1%-ers. They dont even know how many dots Jack has on his blouse. Amateurs. I mean, so what if Jacks been repeated over and over again. Hes gets a Hall Pass because we say so.... unlike that Walking Dead.
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    I made a new map now that we know all the houses and scarezone. Please Note that the entrances to the soundstage houses MAY be incorrect as this is the first year houses will be in certain locations.
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    and now there is this: joke time is over.
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