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    Just an FYI bc I know some of you might dig it.... Kohls has a ton of Uni Monster stuff on their website right now. I bought a few thing
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    I'm amazed that people actually continued to think this event was going to happen. Perhaps it was unrealistic hopeful thinking? We have witnessed situations in the world that have never been seen in most of our lifetimes, if ever, before. The Walt Disney Company with all of their parks closed worldwide for months at a time. Entire seasons of sports being cancelled. Mega-cities literally devoid of anyone on the streets and in public week after week after week. Tens of thousands dead each month and hundreds of thousands infected. Economies in shambles. And some thought a company was going to cram pack a Halloween event with night after night of crowds?
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    Next year will still be HHN 30. Can't count 2020 if it never happened.
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    SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: Tricks and Threats If you're not ready for Halloween, you should probably head down to the Spirit down the block. They've got all sorts of things, costumes, props, decorations, the like. Unlike most Spirits, however, the local store carries a curse. It's connected to a realm where all the decorations are really monsters, and mortal souls are considered valuable. Step into the Spirit after hours and see for yourself, however... Watch out for Jack. This might actually violate some kind of marketing law or something, I don't know and I don't care. Many animatronics are replaced by actors, and some may be in the wrong theme simply because I feel like they'd make a nice fit. ROOMS: Facade: Poppy Halloween music plays as guests queue up for a Spirit set up in an abandoned electronics store. For the most part, the Spirit is made to resemble a condensed version of an actual store from the year the house is used - the posters in the windows, the merchandise on the shelves, the themed displays are all accounted for. On the banner above the entrance, Jack The Reaper's eyes can be seen moving. The Store: It *looks* like a Spirit with less licenses (mainly Disney licenses, things like Pennywise and Sam can stick around), less lights and such. Guests walk through the front display, with animatronics triggering at random times. Above the line, a giant cutout puppet of Jack The Reaper taunts guests. Guests exit through a model of the back display, with an actor portraying an animatronic or scare from that year's display. For example, last year, guests would have gone through the aquarium and a giant animatronic shark would ram the window. This year, the back display would be modified to a walk-through display, and an actor playing the Harvester of Souls would scare guests. Haunted Cabin: Guests enter a decrepit cabin in the woods. The Midnight Countess recites her lines, distracting guests from the Executioner tearing his way through the door. As guests exit through the front door, the Hovering Ghost attacks. Terror Mill: Guests pass Punctured Pete, struggling to remove the beam that ended his life, as they enter the lumber mill. A Head-Banging Zombie drops from the ceiling, and the Rosemary Zombie Girl can be seen eating a brain. Suddenly, she notices the line, and attacks. Clown Train: Saturated by UV light, guests pass by a vividly-colored train crash. From the wreckage, Whacky Mole, Thrashing Clown, and Silent and Deadly will attack. Cirque Du Spirit: Uncle Charlie ushers guests into the big top, a maze of (gasp) clowns. Hugz, Bite-Size Clown, and the Darkside Jester attack, and Crouchy can be seen... crouching. Except he's a puppet that will lunge at guests. The Bone Collector, Caged Beast, and Haunted Magic Mirror are also hidden in the scene. (edit) Area 31: Guests enter an archway into a top-secret government facility. Fenced-In Hi-Voltage Zombie can be seen pressing against an electric fence, before swinging it open and lunging at guests. Guests then find a room full of alien capsules, lit by a pulsing green light. The alien version of the Toe-Tagged Corpse hides between two capsules, and lunges at guests. As guests leave, the Hazmat Zombie will lurch towards guests. (edit) Vampire Cemetery: The Gatekeeper watches as guests come in. From behind the tombstones, creatures attack, such as the Lurching Vampire, John Doe, and Grave Digger. Before entering the next scene, Mourning Gory can be seen mourning, before lunging at guests. The Ruins: Uncertain Death greets guests as they enter a ruined castle. Pumpkin Nestor sits on a swing, bantering with guests, distracting them from a Jack-O-Lunger. A Pop-Up werewolf will attack, and Li'l Nestor will chase guests into the next room. Spirit Hollow: The Forest Demon threatens guests as they enter a wooded area. From the treetops, the Hanging Hell fiend drops, and from the ground, Limb Ripper strikes. The Towering Clown will swipe at guests as they enter... Spirit Acre Farms: LOTS of scarecrows and spiders. Nightmare Harvester threatens guests as they walk past, Burlap Horror is seen butchering a corpse, and the Sitting Scarecrow will lunge at guests. The Pumpkin Patch Prowler will chase guests into the farmhouse. Dead Harvest: Menacing Molly sits on the front porch, twisting to threaten guests. In the farmhouse, Lost Her Way tries to navigate the rooms, despite being headless. (edit) As she fumbles about, Lunging Lily attacks from the opposite side of the room. At a stairwell, things seem normal... before the Broken Spine Girl drops from the ceiling. (edit) The Attic: Various old items are strewn about in the attic. Amongst them are the various toys, set to go off at various times - Monkey Chimes, Deady Teddy, Sawin' Wood Doll, and Deady Bear. The Creepy Rising Doll lunges at guests from a corner. A coat rack turns into a monster and grabs at guests, and a little girl playing in the attic reveals herself as Peek-A-Boo Penny, who chases guests into the next scene. Reaper's Wharf: As the scent changes from dust to saltwater, guests are greeted by Headless Help. Experimental Eddie will break his way down through a shop door, and Waving Wally can be seen abducting a victim. S.S. Rip Tide: On the pier, guests board the S.S. Rip Tide. On the deck, a dragon roars and Jack's shadow can be seen in the wheelhouse. In the ship, guests are attacked by Jack Straw and Rusty. As guests exit the ship, The Collector approaches, telling them that they're worthless except as meat for his demons. Reaper's Island Village: On a skull-covered island, guests find themselves stalked by the Hauntress. Turning a corner, they find a corpse barbecued by The Butcher, who attacks with his cleaver. Uncle Charlie will appear again, this time attacking with a skull speared on a stake. Jack's Cave: As guests enter the cave, Mommy's Favorite and Angeline attack. Nightcrawler crawls from around the corner, chasing guests on all fours, and the Harvester of Souls claims another victim. Finale: Guests find themselves in a twisted graveyard. As they try to navigate their way out, they are attacked by a number of animatronics - Harbinger of Hell, Night Digger, Grave Busting Skull, Smoldering Zombie, Limb-Eating Zombie Boy, and Barnyard Butcher attack at various points. As guests exit the maze, a blast of fog hits. When the fog settles, Jack the Reaper attacks with a scythe.
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    So this is what we have. Houses Monsters: The Brides - Soundstage 23A Texas Chainsaw - Soundstage 23B (Based on 2013 reboot) Bedtime Stories: The Tooth Fairy - Soundstage 24A Icons - Soundstage 24B Legendary Truth: Carey - MIB Tent (Anniversary house) The Pumpkin King - Sprung Tent 2 (sequel to Twisted Tradition) Theatre - Sprung Tent 1 (this is where the earthquake rumor comes from) The Haunting of Hill House - New Parade Building Beetlejuice - Parade Building (vortex you'd usually find in 3D houses is here) Billie Eilish - Shrek 4D Theater 2 (super freaky and weird house, first Shrek house since Krampus to have facade) Credit to Legacy for all of this.
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    They are building out from the tent like they did with Depths of Fear last year. A "tunnel" to walk though. Hong Kong Disneyland is officially shutting back down again. Tokyo Disney canceled all special events until March. If the cases in Florida continue to break records like they have been for at least a week, its only a matter of time before the state goes back on lockdown. I'm in Houston and am fully prepared for us to shut back down again as well. I don't see construction for the event stopping, but with this virus showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon, I just can't see it going on and if it does, I don't see it bringing in enough money to justify not delaying it. They could move it to January or just hold off until next October. I also don't feel like its right on Universal's part. The parks and rides will always be there but Horror Nights is so unique because every year in totally different. This year being a big anniversary year means that they usually go all out with original content and shows. As a die hard fan, it is leaving me with this tough choice of possibly getting Covid or missing out on a "once in a lifetime" experience and at the end of the day, my life is way more important than seeing the 30th anniversary but the fact that Universal doesn't see that makes me a little upset. I honesty hope that this year kinda fails so they just bring everything back again next year for a re-do of the 30th anniversary. I mean, at my work alone, we have just over 300 employees and in the last week 8 have tested positive and another 14 are out waiting for results. We have had strict mask guidelines in place for over a month now but we are human and all lower it from time to time to take a drink or just to get some cool air. I fear for the Scareactors working the event who may not be required to wear masks, and if they are, they might feel "safe" to lower it during their breaks since they are around coworkers. EDIT: Open auditions for the event are now live. To stick with social distancing guidelines, all auditions will be done from a recorded tape next to your refrigerator to gauge height. This alone scares me. If they are taking these steps for the auditions, what is the event gonna look like? Scareactors in the streets all on raised platforms away from guests? Houses with "socially distanced" scares? Whats the point of having the event if all the actors are gonna be 6 feet away from? How do you put on a house when actors can't get right next to guests?
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    This is the place to share any fan-made wallpapers you've made for HHN 30 or to even request one. Please note: If you wish to have a different size wallpaper made please message the user who created it. Click to Download Full Size Images
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    Generally, IPs are agreed upon for one year. Agreeing to more up front is an exception to the rule. If Universal wants to reuse the IPs from this year again next year, the IP holders would have to agree to it.
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    I'm glad they made the right choice. Having the 30th anniversary when so many people don't feel comfortable visiting the parks just wouldn't have been good. This event costs A TON to put on every night. They would have been operating at a loss or close to it nightly. Plus it would have just been nearly impossible to socially distance and create a safe environment for the guests and Team Members in the scarezones and houses. Hopefully they will expand on the houses for next year's 30th. Add extra effects and details that they didn't have time/budget for this year since i'm sure we will be seeing all these houses next year. Can give us an even more amazing 30th anniversary next year. Who knows, maybe even give us an 11th house.
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    Had already canceled my plans to go so most of my disappointment is for those that were still hoping. You have my empathy. Would still love to see what was planned for this year. Odds are by next year somethings will change. Not sure how the licensing will work and if they will still get to use all or any IPs they originally had. Plus budget will play a huge part depending on what happens between now and then.
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    So very upsetting, yet absolutely the right move by the company. Imagining the event in this COVID world wouldn't of been the same anyway. Clearly Universal waited this long to come out with an announcement because they were working their hardest to make this happen, but finally came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be possible and the backlash of the continual growing cases in the state of Florida would not be worth it for the reputation of the company. It would of been disastrous. The impact of this virus has to be MURDERING Universal. The fact that HHN isn't happening is going to be yet another massive financial set back for them, on top of stopping Mardi Gras early and shutting down the parks for over two months. To the team members, scareactors, etc. who were working to make this year happen through all this, we thank you and look forward to the next time we can walk through the fog. Also, those who are saying it will be HHN 31, the next time the event is held it will still be HHN 30 / 30th anniversary year considering the event never took place, right? Plus, and I'm just getting my hopes up, they didn't say we will see you next September, they said see you in 2021. HHN 30 in January lol?
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    They very much could just keep it to retro shirts. Last year they had the three massive rooms for merch, so maybe they just use one room and lead people in a one-way direction kind of thing to leave without seeing the rest of the sections of the tribute shop. However, I still think they are going to reveal everything tomorrow. As many have mentioned, we are nearing very close to the event and if people start seeing what's going to be at the event this year, they will be more inclined to buy tickets now and plan out their travel. Speaking of travel, I have unfortunately opted out of this year like others on the forum. I am up in Connecticut and I think the risk of contracting rona' at the event, which has to be extremely likely, out weighs the reward of going to the event. It breaks my heart to not be coming, but I believe it is the right choice. Thank God we live in a digital age where we can all watch walkthroughs on YouTube and see the reports on everything through this forum and other social media platforms. It doesn't compare to actually going, but it will help with the FOMO lol. Regarding the event, does anyone have past data on the demographic of people who come from out of state vs Florida residents who come? I'm just curious, as the tri-state area has a 31 state travel ban where you have to quarantine for 14 days after you return from traveling to those places and, obviously, Florida is on that list. I question how many people make up the events revenue from outside of Florida. There are plenty of people that come from different countries that won't be able to come and others that live in NY/NJ/CT that don't have the choice of missing work for 14 days after a trip. I'd love to know what the numbers are and how much money HHN won't make off those people if someone's got it. The amount of money they pour into the event and the return they won't see from the scenarios above and even locals who are fearful of attending due to the virus must be pretty substantial.
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    Same I haven't bought plane tix yet because I am unsure if the event will happen. If it DOES happen, I don't know if we will get Frequent Fear which makes it better for us to travel down for several different weekends. If we have to pay for each night individually, that could get VERY expensive. All that being said.. if the event happens, I would literally have to be dead to miss it. This is what i look forward to all year long. If i have to sweat my ass off wearing a mask the whole time to do it, I will. Screw this virus.!
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    Apparently on Universal's website they posted Halloween Horror Night merchandise for sale. The provided link is now broken however
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    The problem with making a house based off of a company that sells animatronics, is that there's so many good ones that some will inevitably be forgotten. I could probably edit in a few scenes, like The Attic, Area 31, and Vampire Cemetery. And the Lunging Spiders would make great GATs, hidden about the house.
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    I got that impression. That would have been so good. Can't wait, only 400 days to go!
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    So the final spec map showed a 30 years 30 fears zone and a anniversary zone. Does this mean there would be a Icon zone and a icon house?
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    Yeah. i can see where your coming from. I just think that Crowe, as a character. has so much potential. and is rather unique. If you read his backstory he wasn't a crazed killer or something like that. He was just a regular guy who was turnt into this horrific monster by god knows what caused it (i would say Jack but i'd highly doubt it. I dont think there is anything in the backstory that really shows that Jack was the direct cause of it). And plus, That description for his design sounds great, and perfect for someone who is suppose to be the embodiment of Halloween
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    The other day I heard there's a law where when a movie reaches 35 years old, the rights revert back to the original writer of the script. For example, the rights to A Nightmare on Elm Street reverted back to Wes Craven's estate. When Disney acquired Fox they got the rights to Alien and Predator, which is why it's believed those two franchises won't appear at HHN again. Predator is 33, which means the original script writer can request the rights back in two years. Alien 41 which means if the original writer decides, they could request the right back at any time they want. I'm not an expert on this law, I only heard about it in a video the other day. But if this is true, does it mean there would be a chance for Alien and/or Predator to be in future events? Going a step further, Scream is notoriously difficult to get to the event. when it hits 35 could we actually potentially get Scream at the event? This could all amount to nothing, but thought it could add to speculation. I'll post a link to the video I watched in case anyone wants to check it out, it has more info than what I've said.
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    To me, a Fall Festival at this point would be decorations, specialty food, merch, and perhaps some themed music. Unless it could bring in much needed cash I don't see it happening. And other than food or merch, I don't see a Fall Festival bringing in extra cash. For the 3rd Tribute room, I'm guessing they did NOT pull the trigger on IP merch (Legacy?). If they did, I'm certain it wouldn't have included any mention of 2020, so they could retain the ability postpone the IP and sell it in 2021. I'd like to imagine they would be selling DVDs of what we see in queue lines during HHN. "Relive HHN every night while in lockdown". I doubt they will do this but I'd love to see it. I'd also love to see that coffee table book we've all dreamed about, complete with backstories and blueprints.
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    Basic HHN is still better than most others do.
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    Looking forward to next year now i know i'll definitely be able to make it! Sad but i'm glad they're putting safety first.
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    I saw the Horror Night Store outside at night time, It looks pretty cool.
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    I'm sorry you aren't going this year MGregorio594. And everyone else who's not going. Hopefully everything will be back to normal next year.
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    I mean give props to Hollywood for sticking out for so long and trying to figure what directions they were trying to go this year but idk, our event looks like its really taking shape and that facade for the store is awesome and definitely looks like a homage to the Frankensteins' castle aftermath, maybe for the new Monsters house this year? Lets hope we get more insight later on.
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    With California basically under lockdown again, I don't see HHN Hollywood happening this year. Their governor is being smart and trying to keep large public spaces closed to slow their spread. With how strict both Disney and Universal are being with masks and social distancing, I am really curious as to how they think they can pull this off in Orlando. The queues are simply not large enough to space people out every 6 feet and "zig-zag" so people are not standing next to each other unless capacity levels are dropped a TON. Spacing inside the houses will also be interesting. They will need to space them out more than 6 feet. People stop and people run forward while inside. They are also not doing character meet and greets still so how do they expect to do scarezones with actors roaming around the streets with the guests? I hope we get info about how they plan to run things this year when they do the announcements to help ease peoples concerns.
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    Some potential bad news regarding HHN Hollywood. To date, only four houses had been visibly under construction (2 tents on backlot, Waterworld queue, and Mummy overflow). Drone footage last week showed backlot houses that included facades (unable to tell what themes these were supposed to have been for). Drone footage a few days ago showed facades removed from those houses and packed into portable storage. It appears (to me at least) that interior of one of the houses is also being dismantled. Drone Footage yesterday shows the storage container empty again. Assuming facade was hauled to storage. The facades were in the plywood stage and not painted. Not an insignificant amount of work being undone. Mummy facade still up (and it looks 100% to be a facade for TCM) Whether this indicates the event is being scrubbed is not clear, but considering no parks in California have any plans to open even in August, I personally feel HHN Hollywood has a slim to zero chance of happening. Unlike HHN Orlando, where HHN could theoretically happen any time of year and not impact day to day operation, a good deal of HHN Hollywood takes place in the backlot, which is scheduled for production throughout the year. So it's not as if Hollywood can keep backlot houses up for a mid-year HHN run. Same goes for Parisian courtyard house (what has not started construction). In other CA haunts, Queen Mary Dark Harbor has been officially scrubbed. No word on Knott's Haunt yet, but drone footage shows construction has not progressed in the slightest. Although most of their mazes are in permanent structures, no facades are up.
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    I said altered rather then construct or deconstruct because of how much the drone footage & other sources showed tent shifts and structure shifts.
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    As someone who has to deal with planes, hotels, buses, etc to enjoy the event.... I opted out this year. Be my first time missing in 13 years.
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    If the event fails I don't see them going all out for a "re-do" next year. If anything I think they would play it safer so that they don't lose even more money on the chance people still hold off on going to the event.
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    As long as mortality rate stays low I highly doubt we'll see them close. Some studies coming out are controversial on what's been said or done. I know Florida's governor does not look to be taking any steps back. Universal has always been able to implement things that astound us. They won't sacrifice our health or the events credibility. I have high hopes for the creativity they're going to bring With that being said though, I really recommend staying at home if you're at risk. Any place with large crowds will be harmful, even testing zones.
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    I have made the decision to cancel our trip this year. I hope if it does go on that everyone stays healthy and has fun.
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    As someone who lives in Florida and works in live entertainment within the state, I'd say its impossible for Universal Orlando not to have HHN. Even if they have to open some time during the day to compensate. At this point the mortality rate for the virus would have to double for them to accept a complete shutdown.
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    Some more recent work with more projects coming down the line.
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    I cried like a baby every time I saw it.
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    I live in Kentucky. I get an annual pass for Universal though. I get it every other year, I makes sure to get two falls out of it so that I get my money's worth.
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    Yeah, I get that too. My supervisor will ask if I'm excited for Disney.
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    My coworkers insist that I go to "Disney" every year, despite me explaining several times what HHN is, and that it's at Universal. They also think that Harry Potter is at "Disney" BTW.
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    Same, and their eyes glaze over when I start trying to explain it to them
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    Every year when I take vacation, my coworkers ask where I'm going and I say HHN. Every year without fail they ask what's HHN. After I explain it they're like oh yeah, that thing. At least I can come here to talk to people about HHN.
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    I did that ONCE.... I honestly got tired of explaining to people about HHN. Of course being a super fan Im always selling it but sometimes (rarely) I have to get some shit done!
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    No love from universal.... Just got another survey. Survey: Are you a Universal Season Passholder? Me: Yes Survey: Bye!
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