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    Tooth Fairy and Bride have never appeared at HHN (because HHN didn’t happen). If they return, they would not be “repeats.”
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    THIS! my kids have watched the show from 25 like 1000000 times the last month. LOL
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    Here’s the one on YouTube; only difference is that the Vimeo txt and the end was BLOODY MARY COMES ALIVE instead of WE DARE YOU here.
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    We love a good loophole. Also as to if they should return, personally these are 2 of my favorite houses in years! I see absolutely no reason they should not return.
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    I've been going through the websites for HHN 14 - 21 using a screen recorder, and I'm going to upload all of them onto YouTube.
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    Those who have completed all clues in Terra Cruentus were invited by Universal Creative to attend a special night held in the Navigator’s Club above Confisco’s. In there were conceptual designs, and props.
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