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    How about this? Give the children and the moneygrubbers what they want. Give her a stupid lagoon show and maybe a zone or a house, but then make EVERY OTHER house and sz original, icon or mashup of the two or sequel to an original(minus IT and Conjuring). Then the kids can all go watch this Billie Eilish BS and leave the rest of the event to the fans of the actual event. Edit: This is not an attack on her personally, as I know she's a fan of the event and maybe a lovely person, but her music is just as unoriginal as the next pop princess, imo(get off my lawn).
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    Just a friendly update that house construction has already begun...3 weeks ago
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    First - hello all - long time.. excited to be back reading spec for this year. I would LOVE it if they finally got a Conjuring house. I've said for ages that I thought the original Conjuring movie was the scariest horror movie in 10 years. I was so disappointed that it was pulled due to legal issues a couple years go. Other than that - my wish list is the same as it has been for years. I figure if I keep repeating it, maybe some day, one or all of these will happen: Phantasm - I've wished and wished for this every single year. I've told TJ and Aiello and David Hughes directly that we needed this. Hope I planted a seed. Stephen King - yes, I know. I, of all people, know of his resistance to allowing a haunt to do a house based on his stuff. But, I can still wish. However, as SK himself says, "Wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which fills first." Bloody Mary - if they were able to bring her back, I would lose my mind Legendary Truth - how can we have a HUGE anniversary year without LT??? Body Collectors - another version of BC would be great. We've had SO MUCH FUN in the BC houses previously. The actors have been amazing, and they all play with us An original as breathtaking as Winter's Night A scarezone in Central Park like Grown Evil - one of my faves of all time Monster of Mayhem Part 2 in Lagoon And here is my last big one: A "limited edition HHN only Horror Makeup Show". I've laid this out many times, but it's a new spec year, so I'll do it again. Every year at HHN, we walk by the Horror Makeup Show and wonder aloud why this isn't used at a HORROR event. There are always so many of us asking for more shows.. so why not use one of the best gems they have sitting RIGHT THERE? Theme the limited edition show to include whatever content is out there for that year.. create a script around that. Play some clips from the trailers of whatever IPs are being featured that year. Give a little makeup / FX history in the script for those same IPs. It's pretty much a no-brainer.. and they would fill that little theater for every single show. It would also be the humor show we've all been missing since the loss of B&T - but this would be better because the humor would be tailored to the event and the jokes wouldn't be stale. I presented this idea to A&D last year.. the response was "can I steal that idea?". YES, YES YOU CAN. Let's all start hoping now.
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    I'm pretty sure the 80s theme is done now. The theme in 2018 wasn't originally planned to be 80s, it was more of a coincidence, which is why it was only featured in certain areas and then loosely represented everywhere else. Once they saw how much people loved it they went all in on it in 2019 with over the top merchandise, shows, drinks, signage, and heavy synth music everywhere. With it being an anniversary year in 2020 I'd expect a more traditional HHN with things like Icons making a return. Although...if they wanted to keep Marathon of Mayhem around for another year I wouldn't complain.
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    Clue: Ashes to ashes Dust to dust The rumor mill turns It creaks with a gust
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    I'd love to see a house for The Last of US, Seeds was similar to The Last of Us and proves the concept works really well for a house
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    The only thing I feel confident about ... (and I use the word "confident" very loosely) is Creepshow and Billy Eilish Lagoon Show (*Rolls Eyes*)... I try not to get my hopes up for IT and Conjuring, I would love them both, however seeing how this is a "speculation" thread, I haven't seen any evidence on either coming to HHN this year. Just going to have to wait and see, maybe do a little digging.
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    Annabelle & The Nun would be used at the marketing for the films because those films are centered around them, they could find a way to make the house work, they did with Insidious, they can do it with this one but not rush it. Universal Monsters was a big opportunity, of course they took advantage and did it last year because also coincided with Hollywood’s sequel house. King has ownership of his property, so it’s not WB’s permission they need to ask for the film, they would have to go to King but I am sure King is still hesitant since they went behind and did Shining but then again maybe they found a way to work on an arrangement and it could happen but at the moment, everything is tight lipped also with this said by Murdy I’m not sure this could be a joint ip or exclusive ip for them but I’m sure it’s leaning towards joint.
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    Been a long time “lurker” on these forums. This place is one of best sources for info for HHN. This is the first year that I can remember that I can’t even have an educated guess as to what houses are going to be here this year. Maybe 30 year anniversary house... And that’s about it... Maybe Hellraiser? I can’t even say that those are educated guesses. I know what I would like to see, but I don’t believe in getting my hopes up. (*Fingers crossed* Horror made here doesn’t return) I am also afraid that people “in the know” will be tight lipped after what happened last year (losing GoT... which I was super fine with) So I have a strong feeling information won’t be as easily available as previous years. What do you all think? Am I being to negative or realistic.
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    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Facade Radio Station We hear Stretch talking about the tape and about Lefty and hear the tape of the accident Downstairs of the radio station where we see Choptop pop out in his psychedelic wear with some dialogue hitting LG with the hammer and Leatherface pops out of the record room with his chainsaw towards the guests We are then in the room with Stretch as she tries to lock the sliding door as it's violent shaking and then stops as Leatherface pops through the wall and chainsaws the ice squirting water at guests Find ourselves underground in the Sawyer's hideout where we see Drayton, Grandpa, Leatherface and Choptop pop out of different spots Pass by LG's body as he jump scares and followed by Stretch popping pleading for help out of nowhere wearing his face We then see Grandpa Sawyer trying to hit Stretch with the hammer and continuously missing with the family cheering him on and Lefty jumps scares with the chainsaw We find ourselves in the middle of Leatherface and Lefty's fight with chainsaws Drayton pops out with Nubbins and pulls the grenade as we hear an explosion and smoke getting out the room As we find ourselves seeing Stretch and Choptop fighting to which Choptop tries to reach out at us one last time and Stretch cutting him up with the chainsaw meanwhile seeing Grandma dead in her throne We then see Stretch maniacally dancing around covered in blood with saw as we head for the exit only for one last chainsaw scare from Leatherface The Funhouse We hear the main title theme Find ourselves in Amy's room exactly how it looks like in the room and we are jumpscared by her brother in a costume and fake knife We then find ourselves heading into the carnival hearing the carousel and barkers and tents We are walking towards the fun house as the barker looks at us and beckoning "Who will survive the funhouse?" and Gunther in the Frankenstein costume lurking around the guests Find ourselves enter in and experiencing the old school props and effects as then all of a sudden they shut down Trapped we then proceed as is seen Gunther strangling Madame Zena and continue on to try and escape only to be jump scared by the barker Conrad with his gun We see Richie hanging above us and then later in the ride cart with an axe in his head, the barker shouts at us with his gun and continue to get away we then see him impale on the sword of a knight mannequin and Buzz on a prop's arm dead as we Gunther is upset and begins to chase us and we find the body of Liz in the industrial fan underground. In the maintenance area of the Funhouse all hell has broken loose, Amy is on one side screaming towards guests and Gunther is trapped in between the spinning gears and shrieks and screams and tries to lunge towards us and then dies we then proceed to exit to hear the animatronic fat lady's laugh followed by the main title's theme
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    John Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness We found ourselves in the basement of the church and see the cylinder containing the swirling green liquid with crosses and technology surrounding it and possibly get sprayed just like Susan who we see possibly jump scaring us in the next room and possessed. We begin to experience all of the different members in the group being possessed Find ourselves in the alleyway with the possessed homeless readying to attack and jumpscared by the leader We hearing bugs hissing and see Frank comes toward a dark lit room and saying "HELLO, HELLO, I'VE GOT A MESSAGE FOR YOU" Followed by another jumpscare from Frank saying 'PRAY FOR DEATH!" We hear the transmissions of the future "This is coming from year 1999" as we enter the next room and see Kelly laying in the hammock in the room changing and breathing heavy and get jump scared by both Susan and Lisa while we see Walter shouting for help. We enter the next room and are jumped by a few possessed as we find our selves in the mirror room where Kelly is reaching towards it and Satan's hand is reaching through only for Katherine running in towards Kelly The Priest act is if throwing the axe at the mirror We begin to hear the main title music again as we make our exit only for one last jumpscare followed by a scream as Catherine pops out possessed from the devil
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    Halloween III has been on my mind, I have no certain order but I can definitely see these parts happening in the house: The Junkyard location and seeing the tv in the building playing Shamrock Commercial Junkyard Jumpscares by the victim and the henchman Hospital scene with the dead man in the hospital bed and jumpscare through one of the curtains by a henchman Find ourselves in Marge Guttman's apartment room in the bed or maybe out of it (Giving it the Poltergeist house treatment) of her peeling her face with bugs coming out of it from being hit by the beam from the mask. Somewhere in the house they must probably have three silver shamrock kids popping out at certain points ("TRICK OR TREAT! TRICK OR TREAT!") Dan hiding from the androids in the factory and find ourselves in the middle of a few jumpscares Kupfer family's fate in the room with the snakes and bugs while the commercial plays on the tv Hearing Cochran's tale dialogue and then finally Cochran jumps out from one side saying "Hope you enjoy the Horror-thon Doctor") as Dan is on the other strapped to the chair with the skeleton shamrock mask on and seeing the tv (Possibly playing the same Halloween scene) Find ourselves trying to escape from the androids as we see them toying with the stonehenge prop before us and immediately see it vaporize them all and turning Cochran to stone (Maybe have a scareactor pop up every once in awhile after staying still) Ellie and Dan both pop out to scare us on both sides We hear the Shamrock tune playing louder and louder and find ourselves in the same room with Dan as his trying to yelling and pleading for the station to turn off the commercial, the commercial on our right side on the tv and Dan on our left, as he jumps towards saying for the last time STOP IT! we exit out of the house with the ending credit but not without one last jump scare from an android.
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    Just everything is not confirmed until they are confirmed, I'm not saying anyone is wrong, I just think we just gotta wait and see what happens, I think they'd probably would do a little change here and there to her character to appear much more older, sorta like what they did with Jack for 25, the aged-style look but still looking badass. The reason why she wasn't on the marketing for the event was because of the higher ups once again chopping away at A&D and well we all know what happened, regardless of the matter, this year has so much writing on it and so much anticipation and things to it that some people will go in impressed, confused and probably disappointed, but nothing has happened or been confirmed yet, so hopefully things go smoothly for announcement season before we kickoff into the event.
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    I'm thinking outside of the box, Eilish could or could not happen, regardless of the matter it's gonna get a lot of mixed reactions. Conjuring, both the Nun and Annabelle would be used as the marketing tool for this house, in ads and commercial I'm sure, if it happens It, King and Universal are not sitting well with another after what happened before with Shining, if the higher ups can sit with King and work a deal to make a contract for some of his properties for this year and few years to come that would be fine but right now, I'm sure it will take time. Creepshow seems to be a given with the fact, it did good in Hollywood, I'm sure they would want that to be at our event this year or maybe since it's an anniversary year they would save it for next year probably, who knows that one is up in the air but definitely possible for this year. Terra Queen, I feel like they would give Terra Cruentas a house but not feeling skeptical because it seems like a lot of the marketing will be focused on Jack and the IPs so I don't think Terra Queen will be the headliner of the event but given her due in some form of way just hope they just don't throw her in the Anniversary scarezone without a reason. Bill & Ted, I mean they shot themselves in the foot by ending the show at 27 when they could have done it at one of the 80s events but I don't see them bringing em back for the sole fact that marketed them as a farewell, a true farewell, if they brought them back in any form of way, it would mean the farewell show was for nothing.
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    HHN 30 Dates Universal HHN website now officially shows all 40 dates on their calendar Frequent Fear Plus (Source: UK Tickets for 2020 are on sale as of 2/8/20) UK tickets also are offering a BOGO deal. No Express tickets available yet. FFP Pass: 84 GBP ($108 USD). This looks like a fantastic deal. BOGO or GA Ticket: 70 GBP ($90 USD) Image below is my markup of the official calendar FFP = Frequent Fear PLUS admitted on this night
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    Creepshow was "OK" in Hollywood. It was one of those that I think Orlando would pull off much better. Hollywood's had so many static figures. Not enough actors. And the ones they did have were all in those stupid-ass strobe box scares. Over. And. Over. I can most easily picture it going into the MIB location.
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    That is definitely Creepshow. And that would be the most obvious clue yet from Ifrit. Howvever, I don't see how you can put The Raft into a house. Like at all.
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    Where do I sign up for another year of over the lagoon show, TWD Lagoon Show, I could live it with it, as long as the waterfall is red at some parts to simulate blood XD the Eillish rumor has sorta now just became an running meme now, I'm not really worried about it anymore, my concerns on what the originals and other ips could be, because I'm really excited to see what they have in store this year. As for IFrit, I could see them going for a Creepshow riddle but if we have it, we might just have half of the show and half of the movie like Hollywood did but not the sequel like the last part mentions The Raft story from CS2, I don't think they would go for Creepshow 2 and just stick to the first one. I also don't see them using The Lonesome Death Of Jody Verrill because that's King's story. They'd probably only stick the same stories which I don't mind, I would love to see how we tackle it over here compared to over there.
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    Anyone Else see the new Ifrit post? "Rumor says that we may face Weeds A raft where an oil slick feeds The dead awaken from their sleep And panic comes, when they creep" Creepshow?
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    ok Im finally jumping on here since 29.... whats all this Billie Eilish talk? You guys better be kidding. That kid is the most over hyped things since the DeLorean.
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    My personal opinion is that I hope they don't theme the lagoon show around Billie Eilish, i really enjoyed MoM last year and it seems such a shame to turn something as amazing as it was into a teenage attraction.
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    I will never be able to get the Dollhouse smell out of my nose, so bad
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    Nightingales was very out there with the smell but I remember the poop smell from Dollhouse very well and of course the smell of burning flesh in Roanoke that same year, those definitely stayed with me during that event, I couldn't get away from that smell in those houses lol also remembered the same with Interstellar Terror with the scareactor injecting two electric tubes into himself and you smell burning flesh as you pass by him.
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    Everyone talked about how bad Nightingales smelled--which it did, and it was glorious.
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    MONSTROLOGY "In my many years on this earth, I have encountered many monsters. Living, dead, and somewhere in-between, these creatures live secluded lives, only reaching civilization to feed. I have chronicled my experiences in this book, in the hopes that one may read it, and know how to survive a chance encounter with one of these beasts." -Dr. James Mortis MONSTERS ARE AWESOME. That is all. Throughout the house, Mortis narrates parts of his adventures. Dr. Mortis, when he appears, looks like a gentleman scholar, with a bushy beard, pipe, and glasses. Rooms: Facade: Guests walk up to a giant, leatherbound book with MONSTROLOGY written in gilded letters. Dr. Mortis' Chamber: Transitions are giant pages, much like Hollywood's Shining's "All Work And No Play" scene. After going through the first few pages, we see a silhoutte of Dr. Mortis penning his final draft, as he narrates part of his life story. As guests prepare to head to the next scene, James appears himself, struggling with a squid-like creature. Vampire: Guests enter a crypt, filled with shaking coffins. As hands emerge from one coffin, to strangle Dr. Mortis, an Orlok-esque vampire emerges from the shadows. Goblin: Guests then enter a cave, where goblins torture some surface dwellers. Mainly sticks, ropes, and rocks. Mortis will rush in, a goblin riding piggyback and pulling on his face. Golem: Guests then enter a village, at night, where no one is on the streets. A giant clay man will attack guests. Ghost: Guests then enter a castle courtyard, a full moon providing the lighting. Several of the plants move without wind, voices warn guests to get out, and spectral hands reach from the walls. A specter will appear from a wall, brandishing a sword, and the humanoid statue in the fountain will lunge towards the line. Troll: Guests then walk onto a bridge, where Mortis bargains with a troll that is eating one of his horses. From under the bridge, a large-handed troll will jump up and grab at guests. Gargoyle: In the pews of a church, Mortis sleeps. The sound of rain and thunder can be heard, and the stain-glass windows light up with lightning. Suddenly, two gargoyles fly through two opposite windows. Zombie: In some sort of dark mine, zombie men toil away. Under their master's command, they cannot think of doing anything else. Dr. Mortis watches from a rock, taking notes. Minotaur: Guests then enter a stone labrynth. The bull man will rush guests, but Mortis, holding onto some rope used to keep from getting lost and carrying a revolver, fires at him, keeping him at bay. Mortis will usher guests through to the next room. Mermaid: On a ship, guests and crew alike are attacked by mermaids who are more beast than human. One is seen taking a particularly large bite out of Dr. Mortis. Werewolf: In a deep forest, Mortis and a guide are on the hunt for a lycanthrope. They shoot at a beast, only for one to drag the guide away, unseen. As guests approach the transition, the werewolf attacks them. Death: Guests return to Dr. Mortis' study, where Mortis, now an old man, ponders the end of his journey. When the candlelights go out, a tall, robed figure carrying a scythe emerges from his desk and sweeps at guests. Exit: As guests exit, Dr. Mortis stands at a grave, pondering his life, and considering it well-lived. Upon closer inspection, Mortis is a ghost, and he's atop his own grave.
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    Frankly, I'm thrilled GOT never made it. There is so much better out there for house purposes. Did I miss something? What's the issue with the lagoon show? Is it not going to be a different version of Mayhem each year?
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    Also wanted to say that TWD overstayed more than 80s theme did, 23 may have been the real venture of it but marketing wise, TWD was everywhere so it definitely got sour really fast. The 80s theme wasn't too watered down because it was only for two years, now if it went on for the next two more years then it would fall next to TWD but thankfully it was only for these two years and because ST and Ghostbusters were the top 80s IPs they were promoting heavy in the marketing.
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    I think we could say that they are done with the 80s theme, ST doesn't look like it will be coming back with the new season being set for 2021, we can say that last year is the final year where we will have an 80s theme, this year I'm sure they will be more in tune with having based on a new theme coming to the event hopefully, sorta like they had with XX and ushering "a new age of fear", I think if they go this route and try to bring the event back to what made it frightening back then, I'm sure they will do their best to do that. As for the 80s dead and gone lol.
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    (I couldn't have done it without my friend Blake with this, so, thank her for the writing) Crystal Temple You find yourself outside on the beach. To your left, you see the massive temple that the crystal gems inhabit. It’s the form of Obsidian, with a greenhouse on top of the beach house. As you walk around, you can hear faint, distant whispering, seeming to come from Steven’s mind. They say various things that include self deprecation. “Why be such a burden?”, “You don’t do anything anymore”, “Why do you exist?”, etc and so on. You then enter inside. Foyer You then enter into a large room. It’s mostly clean, but has a soda can or a bag of chaps here and there left over by Amethyst. The faint whispering seems to have grown apparent and more louder here, almost becoming unbearably deafening the more it goes on. You wonder when it’s ever going to stop, until you see a pair of blood drops near the exit of the room, leading to the bathroom. The door being slightly cracked open. You can hear Steven inside, panting and groaning in pain. You enter inside to investigate. Bathroom You then enter into a medium size room. Inside, you see Steven pacing around. There are several pink pimples on his face, his hair is unkempt and oily, a rash is seen on his fingers, his eyes are bloodshot, and he just looks like absolute garbage. He walks to the mirror, and pokes away at a piece of dead skin on his forehead. It crinkles at the touch, before peeling off, revealing a small horn growing, that is currently the shape of a zit/pimple filled with pus threatening to burst (prosthetic on actors forehead). He then lurches forward, as he starts regurgitating the teeth he doesn’t need anymore (teeth are already inside sink, as some blood will be on the mouth). He then turns around and notices you, snarling angrily. The inside of his mouth is revealed while he snarls, showing painfully slow growing canines from his gums. You can see some of the bone through his sickly gums, blood tainting a bit of it. Plus, the canines growing in place of the old ones. You dash towards the next room in a hurry. Bedroom You then enter into a large room. It seems more dirty and untidied then it was from the show, with the blankets and pillows scattered messily on the floor. Steven is seen in the center of the room on the floor, in spasms of agony and gritting his teeth. Several bulges can be seen poking through his skin, as blood comes trickling from his lips, dropping onto the once clean rug below him. He then looks up and notices you again, he tries to make a bubble in front of you (projection), but it flickers and distorts, its projection dying like a firefly’s light going out, as he then cowers, and backs up into the bed accidentally bumping himself against the wood. You enter into the next room. Greenhouse You then enter into a large room. Surrounding you is longing neglected plant life, with the smell of wilting flowers in the air. The fresh scent of organic death. You can hear the sound of the warp pad going off and a blinding light reflecting on your body, as you turn around to look where the sound was elicited from. In the center of the room is the warp pad, with Steven on it. He is seen pounding on it, as he yells out from his deepening voice cracking, “Come on! Please work! I’m still human, please!”. As he wastes his effort pounding on the unresponsive device, you notice several more deformities on him. Steven is balding, some remnants of his messy, curly hair on the floor that transported with him to the greenhouse. The mild rash on his body has spread to his upper torso and jaw. His skin all red, damaged, and flaky by the scratching Steven did previously, spikes can be seen tearing through the flesh of his arms and back, blood painting a bit of the emerging spikes. Nails that look like they were forcefully torn out. The dead veins underneath the empty shells of the human nails can be seen on the pad, as claws can be seen growing on his hands. Another arm can be seen growing from the side of his torso. As he writhes in pain on the floor, he sends out blood curdling screams, sending spit particles flying into the air. As you’re distracted, a large eight foot deformed cactus monster emerges from behind some plants, its head split open, revealing a long maw with jagged spiked teeth and a cactus flower in the middle on the inside of the mouth (animatronic). You run in fear to the next room. Foyer You then re-enter into the foyer. You see some toenails lying on the floor, with claw marks etched deeply into the wooden floor nearby. As you walk by a door, Steven bursts through it. He is seen clutching his temples, as his horns have grown much longer. His eyes are bleeding, most of his head is bald, the rash completely covering his body like a spreading mold, his ears barely seen by the growing hide, sharp tusks ripping through the edges of his lips, recently fresh skin impaled onto them coating them a crimson red blood colour. A new arm can be seen bursting through his chest, and his tailbone stretching and elongating into a fully grown reptilian tail, scales coating the bone like protective armour. As Steven groans in pain, Pearl comes out from beside you. She shouts out, “Steven please, we can try and help you!”. Steven then pivots his attention towards Pearl’s voice and angrily shouts out in a deep set of octaves, “I don’t need help ...please...GO AWAY!” as he yells it out, the whole room shakes. He panics, then mutters under his breath, “I’m sorry...”, then runs out to the door. You then enter outside. Beach You find yourself now outside, and screams fill the air. In the center is what looks to be the “remaining” state of Steven, and he’s almost finished in his gruesome transformation. Most of his clothes have torn to shreds from his new structure forming, his eyeballs seem to have fallen off somewhere along the transformation, leaving his eye sockets as completely endless, black voids with small pink dots for his irises, his tongue split open with some of the taste buds coming off and the blood sticking to the halves of the tongue as it splits, his nose is less pronounced and shrunken into his face, his tail has grown more with spikes on it and the end of it split open. The spikes being created and shaped from the remnants of the tailbone, and his face is elongating with his jaw being painfully dislocated from his head as it molds into a muzzle with the sound of the bones creaking and twisting, revealing a now full muzzle (full body suit). As he twists and turns on all fours, he starts to swipe at you with his long claws protruding from his calloused fingers, and pounds the floor with his now beefy fists, causing the ground to shake. You run to the next room. Beta Kindergarten You then enter into a massive, desolate and sandy area. All around you, you see open holes that are around 10 feet long, and in the shape of humanoid beings, most likely gems. Next to several holes are claw marks, and these are massive, being nearly 6 feet long. The large, empty injectors lie on the walls and nested themselves on top of the slates, with some being broken from an unknown force. As you are distracted by this, a large, monstrous head emerges from behind a corner ...it’s Steven…? The creature’s head is… unusually huge, being around 15 feet tall. Spikes pierce its thick, scaly hide on his face, as large fangs that looks like tusk cover its lower and upper jaw. It tries to bite down at you, fangs dangerously hovering above your smaller frame as they slowly come down, but Garnet emerges beside you. She steps in front of the beast, and holds it back with all of her strength put into her gauntlets. The tall gem yells at you to run, so you do, as you enter into the next room. Abandoned Lab You then enter into a large, abandoned room. All around you, you see broken pillars and some of the chipped remnants scattered across the floor, some even being beside the broken cylindrical figures.Your nose can smell the god awful decaying odor in the area… how long has this lab been abandoned for? You then turn your attention near a corner since it caught your eye ...and you see a dead “vessel”... or a “husk” of a terribly grotesque coerced fusion of gems. Its side has been ripped open with big… teeth marks? Or what looked like big canines or scarily sharp teeth snacking on it, as some obscure... alien organs from what it looks like hang, drip, and pool from the lifeless amalgamation. But then you see a light shining from it... oddly enough. As you pay no more mind to the corpse, you hear a loud, deep and guttural roar, sounding almost a bit like a human teenager’s ear splitting screams and slowly degenerating into what it is now. Above, the Corrupted Steven’s head crashes from the ceiling, its jaw wide open, ready to swallow you whole and crunch your feebly thin flesh into a crunchy substance in between his teeth. Suddenly, a slender, prim and proper looking gem comes to your right. It's Pearl. She throws a magical spear at it, the monster flinching back in pain. She shouts out to it, “We know you’re still in there Steven, fight through this!” You run to the next room. Prime Kindergarten You then enter into a massive room. It looks like the Kindergarten from before, but it’s much more abandoned and ghost town like. Tons of injectors lie and dug in against the walls, with most of them being smashed, ripped out, and cracked. In the center of the room, is the giant 30 foot tall Corrupted “Steven”, and now you see the monster’s full body. Spikes cover most of his body, as his tail whips around, hitting the floor with a loud CRASH! sound. Right in front of it ...are the shattered pieces and shards of the once known crystal gems. The pieces are so small, you can only faintly recognize them by their colors. A small, crudely made nest that had been made and compiled together from crumbled rocks and debris gathered from the Prime Kindergarten. Steven notices you approach them closer, and he roars threateningly into the sky. That was a warning for you to get out, now. You run for your life away from him before he could strike, escaping this nightmare.
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    I'm going through the archives of past events, collecting writing materials, elevations and plans etc. of past events and I'm wondering if there will continue to be a pattern as seen from 9 to 10, 19 to 20 and 29 now to 30 for the 10 year anniversaries. 1. It seems that there is a heavy push of IP the year prior to an anniversary year and then more originals for year 10 and 20. This lends to the opinion that this year may be weak from an (current) IP stand point and the rumor of no ST this year, so it's a perfect time to go in hard on the original content. Examples HHN 9 - The Mummy, Doomsday, Creature Features 3D, Psycho - 4/5 were IP related houses and MotB as the SZ HHN 10 - Classic Monsters, Dark Torment, Fearhouse, Anxiety in 3D, Total Chaos (All were original/Universal classics) for the SZ's they had Clown Attack, Apocalypse Island, The Gauntlet, Midway of Dr. Morose HHN 19 - The Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, Leave it to Cleaver, SAW, Chucky, The Spawning (C.H.U.D.), Silver Screams and for the SZ's they had Containment, Lights Camera Hacktion, Cirque Du Freak, Horrorwood Die-In, Apocalypse, War of the Living Dead and Shadows from the Past (at the end of the event). HHN 20 - Everything was original or anniversary HHN 29 - We went in pretty heavy on big IP last year with RZ, Zombieland, ST, Ghostbusters, etc. It's interesting how they seem to go all in on IP the year before a 10 year anniversary. It's possible that each 10 year anniversary label is enough to sell tickets and HHN can use this time to further the roots of their lore. 2. There will most likely be an anniversary house (obviously). 3. There will most likely be an icon or a celebration of multiple icons. 4. Keep in mind, these anniversaries are coming: 30th: Tremors, Gremlins 2, The Exorcist 3 40th: Friday the 13th 60th: Psycho 5. With Birds of Prey coming out, do you think Chance will make an appearance to play off of the Harley Quinn similarities? I'm sure more common threads will appear when others dig deeper.
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    Streets As you wait outside, you see a pile of carnage in front of you. Lady Liberty’s head lies in the center, with claw marks all over her face. The sidewalk is torn apart, cars are smashed, flipped on their sides, and smoke (fog) all around you. You hear various sounds off in the distance, car alarms going off, police sirens, people screaming, and a loud echoing roar. You see a small bodega next to you, and you enter inside. Bodega You then enter into a small room. The shelves have fallen over, and the windows can be seen slowly cracking open. As you walk past them, the windows explode (air and water), spraying glass on you. You run to the next room. Brooklyn Bridge You then enter on a large platform. Down below, you see the ocean waves moving (projection), as you hear people screaming from the bridge below. A helicopter light shines on you, distorentating you. Suddenly, Clover’s tail comes crashing down, nearly hitting you (puppet that’s about 15 feet long). As you are about to exit, the floor shakes, as you hear the bridge collapsing. You enter into the next room Alleyway You then enter into a narrow alleyway. Fire can be seen coming out of several building windows (projection), as you hear people screaming for help. As you walk past a destroyed store, a looter emerges from it with a crowbar in hand. He swings it towards you, as you back away from him. A civilian with a large bite wound on there neck will the lunge from behind a trash can, blood coming out of there eyes, as they beg for help. You enter into the next room. Streets You then enter into a massive area. All around you, you hear gunfire and yelling. From your right, you see a large tank with dust all over it. A soldier then emerges from near it, and fires into the smoke (fog) in front of you. As you enter into the smoke, Clover’s head emerges (puppet) and roars at you. You run to the next room. Tunnels You then enter into a dark tunnel. You can hear strange clicking and chattering around you, as you hear Hud yelling “Run, run, run, run, just run!!”as he emerges from the shadows. He has a parasite on his back, as he tries to shove it against the wall to get it off. As you are distracted by this, a parasite emerges from the shadows (blackout puppet) and tries to bite at you. You run to the next room. Med-Bay You then enter into a large tent. Around you are various gurneys covered in blood, with a soldier’s body on one, his whole upper torso just in pieces. Next to him is the body of a parasite, yellow blood dripping out of it. As you are distracted by this, Marlena emerges from behind one sheet, a hazmat guy carrying her out. She vomits blood onto you (water), as she is pulled back. You then see her silhouette expand, then blood showers the curtain (projection). As you are about to exit the room, a hazmat guy sprays with some medicine (air), as you run to the next room. Beth’s Apartment You then enter back outside. In front of you is Beth’s collapsed apartment (forced perspective and downscaled), half of it leaning to the side. There’s another building next to it, still standing up. So, you enter into there. Rooftop You then enter into a large room. Around you is rubble and debris, as you realize you are hundreds of feet in the air (projection on side of wall). As you walk around, a parasite emerges from behind a pillar, as it tries to bite at you (puppet). You run to the next room. Apartment Room You then entered into Beth’s wrecked apartment room. Most of the furniture is gone or out of there place. To you right, you see Beth impaled by a piece of rebar (actor is under the floor). She reaches out to you for help. As you ignore her pleas, Clover’s head bursts in through the wall, roaring at you. You run to the next room. Streets You then enter back outside, as several destroyed buildings line the area. You hear a loud sound, and turn to your left. A tank emerges from the alleyway, as it fires at you (air and lighting), and almost runs you over. As you duck for cover, Clover’s foot then emerges from above, and almost stomps on you (puppet). In front of you is a helicopter, with a military soldier nearby. He ushers you in, telling you to evacuate right now, as you exit the room. Escape (Thank my friend for this room idea) You then enter into a crammed room. You then realize that you’re actually inside the helicopter, as you hear the loud rotor above you. To your sides, you see Manhattan fly by, as you hear missiles go off (projection). As you are about to exit the room, Clover’s head crashes through the wall, as it roars at you. An alarm goes off, as you run to the next room. Central Park You then enter into an open room. To your left is a crashed helicopter, with some blood covering the exit, along with a trail nearby. Right next to you is Hud’s lifeless body, his torso ripped to shreds, and organs placed everywhere. As you walk by him, you hear a loud roar. Suddenly, Clover’s giant torso emerges from your right (25 foot puppet), and roars at you. As you run to the exit, a bright orange light fills the room, as an explosion is heard. You run outside, escaping the nightmare.
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    They're probably only sticking to the show and the first few parts of the first film, if all honesty since the next season being made, I could see them having one of the tv series parts of the house being based on a episode from the second season or something.
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    So from what I've read on here... Billie Eilish lagoon show (why...) Three IP's: Conjuring, IT, Creepshow Everything else is original Terra Queen won't be Icon, but will be getting a house and zone Bill & Ted MAYBE returning
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    Let's just see how everything plays out guys, everyone wants to pull this event in different directions because of the anniversary and stuff and HHN has yet to put out anything or say anything but trolly little responses to people to keep the twitter active, let's just hope this year works out.
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    I personally feel like it outstayed its welcome for two years. I want HHN to be like 27 with the various properties although 27/2017 was regarded as terrible. The 80's took an interesting spin but it started to feel stale after one year and I don't want to be like the Walking Dead and become overused. Have a good evening/morning everyone!
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    What's funny is how much is sorta written about this year Some fans only want the ips Some fans want the originals to take over like 20 did along with icons getting their due again and Jack coming back Some fans want the Terra Queen and HHN 15 to be acknowledged again and take over Universal apart of this anniversary year And Eillish fans wanting the lagoon show which is now starting not to become a bad idea and gives more people option if they want to go and see the show and not have not have to deal with longer wait times for houses.
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    It's the higher ups they are going for the hot topics right now and right now Eillish has a big fanbase, although many people have different opinions of her, they see her as very profitable, she'll make the event a lot of money and draw a lot of people to the park and that's the higher ups goal, I honestly hope they have her announcement last and put everything else out first and AOV and save the lagoon show announcement for last like they did last year, to draw people off the trail because this lagoon has been talked about so much and drawing away from the other announcements but if they have to put her announcement first to get it out of the way that would probably fine too because hopefully people overlook it to get more hyped for the other announcements.
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    I went thru that house like 2 times. Didn't care for it that much.
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    Perhaps they can pump in the smell of teenage angst. I actually did hear this over the weekend. Wanna hear part 2 of the rumor? HHN Hollywood will be getting a Billie Eilish HOUSE. Rumor continues that Orlando design team resisted an Orlando house, and was told to incorporate her in some way. Hence, the lagoon show. Another Hollywood-related rumor: the year round Walking Dead attraction will CLOSE permanently on March 3. Again, just a rumor. TWD is immediately adjacent to the new Secret Life of Pets ride that will open in spring. TWD also typically has very short waits times and is closed every 90 minutes for cast breaks (only one cast).
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    I thought the 28 had an 80s theme because of Vamp 85 (my favorite HHN-related thing ever). 29 being 80s theme made no sense to me other than there happened to be two houses set in the 80s and some neon lights in a scare zone. No 80s music, no 80s theme overall.
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    The 80's was my 20's so I personally loved it. Would prefer a new icon for 30, but wouldn't be disappointed if they did a third round of 80's. A 70's theme might be cool for today's generation. I couldn't really imagine any other generational theme being too much fun other then 80's and 70's.
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    I agree! i loved all the 80's themed stuff but i also don't want it to become like how is was with TWD, we'll see!
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    They hadn’t even picked out a house location according to Legacy.
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    Yes, Thrones was rumored to be happening for 29, but HBO pulled out when GB leaked.
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    So...I'm doing a haunt...based off a theory for a cartoon...
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    Mary really would be the best icon for this year. I was fortunate enough to go to 18 and the story and website was the best. Never felt more immersed because of all of the Easter eggs and references throughout the park. Anyway, Mary was all about two things: Fear and the past. To take us back through the mirror to look at our past would fit perfect for an anniversary year. Candy man would also make a lot of sense as he basically is a variation of Bloody Mary. Keough is for Francis Patrick Keough, he was the archbishop Of Baltimore that used the motto and crest. Not sure if there is any significance.
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    I'll second the suggestion to look up the story behind the event. It was incredible. This was when HHN took place in IOA, yet they used three of the nearby soundstages. Everyone was coming off of the Lord of the Rings trilogy along with the second Hobbit movie released the year before, so as the site was coming to life, many (including me) were rolling our eyes saying it looked like they were trying to do a LOTR themed event. It was anything but. Between the look of Jurassic Park area and Lost Continent (before potter moved in), the park was ideal for what they did. They even managed to make it seem like you weren't in Marvel Island (mostly). HHN 30 must - MUST - have some reference to Terra Queen. Even though they came up with this under Michael J Roddy (who preceded TJ Mariano who preceded Mike Aiello) the people currently running HHN are well aware of the prophecy and won't let the 30th go by without paying homage. I have zero doubt about that. Personally, I'd love it if they somehow were able to use Lost Continent area of IOA for HHN 30 - had it become Terra Curentus complete with a house, even though there was no house in that area for HHN 15. But they do have the Sinbad theater at their disposal... And since it's so near, imagine if they had Hagrid open during HHN. A guy can dream...
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    I really want to see some video game horror houses. Here are some I really would love as houses- Dead By Daylight Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Resident Evil 4 The Evil Within Dead Space Agony Outlast Until Dawn Dead Island Welcome to the Game 2 DOOM 2016 Slender: The Arrival
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