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    BOGGED DOWN: Swamp of Terror There are rumors about odd going-ons in the trees of Brackwater Swamp. Naturally, these rumors bring in thrill-seekers, but more often than the locals are comfortable admitting do explorers of the swamp go missing. Still, when has a little danger stopped you from adventure? Get ready to explore Brackwater, but keep an eye out for anything mysterious. Hero Forge has added color to the mix. That is all. ROOMS: FACADE: The entrance to the house is a shop, Grampa's Swamp Shack. Outside the shop are ads for food, supplies, and local businesses; some rocking chairs; and fairy lights. Country music plays as guests enter the shack. Grampa's Swamp Shack is a convenience store ran by "Grampa", a friendly old man. He'll tell guests about supposed sightings in the woods, and offer maps of the swamp trail, but he's ultimately harmless and well-meaning. Newspaper clippings of strange occurrences are on the wall behind him. Guests walk down an aisle of junk food, and past an ice cream freezer, into Brackwater. The ground beneath guests' feet turns soft as they step onto the grass. The music of the store has been replaced with an atmospheric soundtrack, accompanied by the sounds of frogs, mosquitos, and other swamp critters. From behind a chain link fence, a pale man with a hatchet scares guests, telling them to "get". Grampa will appear from the shop and scare him off with a shotgun blast. However, Grampa can't protect you forever. As guests walk past a decrepit shack, reeking of moonshine and piss, a guard dog lunges at guests. Passing a truck on cinderblocks, the Hatchet Man will attack again. Past the shack, the smell of rotten flesh hangs in the air. A corpse lies on the ground, rotting. The Bloodybones will rush from the trees and attack guests, protecting its quarry. In the next part of the swamp, are a lot of lightning bugs. The scene is almost beautiful, until a hulking Treeman attacks. Guests then approach the rusted, creaking gates of a cemetery. Before they enter, the Headless Horseman attacks, carrying a big-ass sword and swinging it in one hand like it's a knife. In the graveyard, many of the gravestones are askew, many of the occupants are visible and decaying, and there's a presence. Maybe it's the moving of the stones. Maybe it's the blacklight glow. Maybe it's the shadows of people who aren't seen. However, from a mausoleum, rushes the ghost of a Highwayman, a pistol in one hand and a rapier in the other. Guests exit the graveyard. Entering a clearing, where the full moon shines bright, guests see the carcass of a gator. From the opposite side of the line, a Werewolf attacks. Guests then pass a campground, where the tent is ravaged and the campers have been mauled. From the trees, a Sasquatch jumps at guests, howling and hollering. Guests then find themselves beside the water, in front of the rotted remains of a pirate ship. A rustling in the trees is revealed to be a zombie pirate, who chases guests onto the ship. In the ship's remains is a bearded hag, stirring a glowing green cauldron. As she recites her incantation, a large, zombified gator (puppet) attacks guests. Exiting the ship, guests find themselves in a swamp garden. Various flowers, weeds, and vines are growing, and many scarecrows, made of sticks arranged like skeletons and covered with rags, stand watch. One scarecrow will jump off his perch and chase guests. After that, guests find themselves on a bridge that probably should use some repairs. On a rock, a siren sings. From the other side of the bridge, another siren attacks with a blood-stained trident. After crossing the bridge, guests find themselves amongst several statues. Many have sunken into the swamp, all are mossy, and one will come to life and attack with its sword. After the statue graveyard is a mass of bushes. A "Swampling" (creature covered in leaves and moss, with a skeletal face) will attack with a rusted axe. The scent of rotted flesh comes back, stronger than ever, as guests enter the final room of the house. Corpses are strewn across the ground, with Bloodybones patrolling the area. A giant Rawhead will emerge and attack guests. Guests then see the exit. As they make their way down a final corridor, an inbred cannibal chases them out with a chainsaw.
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