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    ORCZ: LEGION OF SAVAGES The Kingdom of Farala hasn't been attacked by the creatures of the Wastelands in centuries. In fact, it's been so old that the kingdom has been replaced with a democracy, and Capital Farala is a 1920's utopian city. ...Until the Orcs came back. Overrun by these beasts, Capital Farala is in for trouble - can you escape the carnage, or will you become fresh meat? A scarezone that combines WarHammer 40K, Mad Max, and the wastes of the Roaring 20's, ORCZ: Legion of Savages is set in an urban section of the park. Posters for Farala businesses and events, such as a wizard that offers his services, or a lute concert, are hung, and there's an oldsmobile in the scarezone - shame that the driver has been slaughtered. Along with their army, the orcs brought along a few Wasteland-esque vehicles. There's a "Larder Truck", which is basically a truck with various humanoid meats hung over the bed. If the scarezone has the size for it, some of the Orcs can ride motorcycles. And as the crown jewel of the Orc Forces, is the giant Siege Wagon. The Siege Wagon is a large truck, coated with spikes, it can act like a battering ram and a portable barracks, and there's a gunner on top operating a machine gun. (The Purge's Big Daddy animatronic.) The music is a lot of drums and horns. SCARACTERS: Orc Leader: The guy in command, the Orc Leader is a big guy wearing a dirty, torn trenchcoat, military pants, huge boots, and a pair of goggles. Nine horns jut out of his head, three on each side and three down the middle, and his lower jaw is a piece of scrap metal. His voice can be heard over the soundtrack, barking orders, rallying his men, and insulting the weak, mortal men that make up the majority of guests. He carries a battleaxe made from a human's arm bones and scrap metal. Gruntz: The basic soldiers of the army, the gruntz wear scrap armor and carry weapons such as battleaxes, great swords, clubs, maces, and hammers. Since Orc Culture values strength over gender, the cast of soldiers can include female orcs. Boomerz: Okay, these guys wear scavenged, ragged clothes, lighter scrap armor, and carry boomsticks. Big-barreled shotguns made from salvaged materials. Preferably, the gun props will be able to "fire" (loud boom and flash in the muzzle.) Cookz: Fat orcs in skin aprons that carry body parts and cleavers. Berserkerz: Skinnier orcs that wear flayed humanoid pelts, run around, and attack with one-handed weapons. Destroyerz: Orcs that carry chainsaws.
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    We have 9 permits now. ST1 ST2 T3 B79 B108 SS23 A & B SS24 A & B Watching for the 10th. Confirmed bldg number for La Bamba. B83. Shrek is B40.
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    I’m having a lot of trouble understanding this. If marketing is so “incompetent” how come HHN’s attendance keeps growing? I know it can’t just be from random minutiae interactions over t-shirts. Don’t all parties involved have to work together at some point in time to sell HHN? I know that we all like to think we’re important in the hearts of HHN but the bottom line, at least to me, seems to be an insurance of growth. They’ve already got our money, and since they’re not a mom & pop operation but a Comcast stemmed event, they want more. From where I’m sitting if the event lacks growth, it stagnates, it eventually dies. While snobbiness and an aura of gatekeeping contribute to why I generally don’t come around here anymore, I didn’t really get that (or condescension) from what he said so I’m struggling with this.
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