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    No it means that Charles Gray designed the house.
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    As much as I’m excited for Us (after somehow predicting it correctly a few months ago???), I would be lying if I said I wasn’t kinda sad to see Tooth Fairy go. However, the more I started thinking about it, the more I started realizing that it was probably for the best. Perhaps the biggest roadblock to getting Tooth Fairy would have to be Knott's. As many of you probably know, Knott's Berry Farm in California has had a popular maze based around the legend of the Tooth Fairy at their Halloween event for a couple years now. Knott's has seen a rather large increase in attendance for their Halloween event and is a formidable opponent to USH. Their competitor’s sister park having a Tooth Fairy maze would be very suspicious, even if the ideas aren’t exactly the same. My guess is that UO realized this and decided to scrap it. I have also wondered if Us was originally gonna be a Hollywood exclusive like Creepshow but was brought over to Orlando as a fix-it. Also, if the “Bedtime Stories” concept was in fact true, I really hope they bring that to the event next year. Besides, this year’s event seems to be very focused on myths and legends (Abominable Snowman in Terror of the Yukon, the legend of the cemetery in Graveyard Games, hell I’d even say Ghostbusters with their ghost mythology). This coupled with the fact that next year is an important HHN anniversary, it may be a clue to next year’s icon..... (hey, i can dream)
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    We're acting like they're on a baloney and white bread budget here. They've got the cash... They can shell out for a decent front gate without it eating into their bottom line too badly. Just throw up three more alcohol tents. BAM. SOLVED. Bottom line, I want the whole event to remain immersive. Sure, it probably won't happen because Joe Six-Pack probably doesn't care about what a front gate looks like, but I'm still putting it out there. I don't put it in a signature or my profile, but I've been doing HHN since it was simply Fright Nights. I'm an OG. And in being an old codger, I am ridiculously opinionated on what I want to see and how the event has changed (and continues to change).
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    I agree, I think my favorite Monster house would have to see Frankenstein: Creation From The Damned back at HHN 19 and also there is Dracula Legacy In Blood, when I experienced those and the fact that they were based on Hammer it was so cool, the House Of Horrors back at 2012, it was decent but had some cool effects but then when seeing the Monsters make their return in the All Nite Die In Double Feature scarezone, I was glad that wasn't going to be the last I'd see of them.
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