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    Obviously next year they are going to have HHN at all 4 parks ... Make it a Halloween Destination with 30 houses in celebration of the anniversary
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    Watch HHN come to Epic Universe one year.
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    Well Epic Universe has been officially announced. Now that that's out of the way, hopefully we'll be getting the rest of HHN announced sooner than later. Can't believe we're coming up on 5 weeks already!
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    THE BACKWATER GOSPEL: Shadow of the Undertaker When The Undertaker rides into town, it's to bury the dead. People fear him, but he is inevitable. One day, he rode into Backwater, and... took a seat, not moving, for a week. The Pastor, using this to get rid of a public nuisance, led the town to murder The Tramp... but the Undertaker still didn't move. And in a fit of paranoia, the townsfolk turned on each other. Guess what I watched. I don't even know if it'd fit the park atmosphere. Like... is the short too good for this? But still, it'd make for some freaky scenes. As Sons of Perdition music plays, guests enter the riot scene from the short - characters are shadowed, with eyes aglow and teeth shining. And as you go further down the zone, the attacks get more brutal, going from people attacking with knives and pitchforks to people getting torn apart. It ends with The Pastor and Bubba, exchanging last blows. (The Bubba Scaracter hides in the scenery, the Pastor, gun in hand, lies in a roped-off area.) At both ends is the Undertaker, both on a bench. Crows surround the zone, and The Tramp's remains are on the "entrance" side. Other set pieces - The Tramp's car, the church, some buildings with The Shadow of The Undertaker's lyrics carved on them. This could very well be a gauntlet scarezone, probably along these lines: -The powerline guy's corpse, with an Undertaker scare -The Tramp at his truck -"The Undertaker's Comin'..." -The Stoning -The Battle, taking up most of the zone Not listing scaracters. The short alone gives enough of a visual. Plus, the guy with the cleaver will appear. You know the one - "IT AIN'T GONNA BE ME!" Sorry if this seems line-of-thought... it kinda is.
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    Now to be fair, I don't think the entrance was really decorated until 17-23. I know for a fact that 16 was no more decorated than 24-present. So on the subject of Stranger Things, I highly doubt season 4 comes before 2021. Would they take a year off of the property at 30 and allow maybe Haunting of Hill House to take its place for a year (and likely TWD for the movie)?
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    And if you thought the queue to the parade buildings was a chore, just wait!
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