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    Here's what my next future 3 haunts will be guys.
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    Could I throw in a request. For a mobile wallpaper but with the VHS tapes similar to last years?
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    They better use IT next year and make it a mega-house for the 30th. That would be a nice current addition.
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    Fair point. It's just that I imagined a bunch of Harry Warden-like figures throughout the maze (minus the Toxic Gas scene, where the figures are unmasked). Still, giving them demonic features would work just as fine, possibly better, than just leaving them mundane. And I did figure that the possessed miners could have lit lenses on their masks.
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    I'm going to take a stab at this one. Since they're going with the "80's" again, my guess is that this will have a retro feel and will be a throwback to mall arcades, with ground projections that look like the photo below and neon all around. It would be neat if they had booths set up like they normally do, but they're just giant versions of these coin-op games. They'll probably have to make up the names due to copyright issues or if Nintendo doesn't want to see bloody versions of Mario.
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