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    HHN 29 Full Commercial: Ghostbusters only 15 second Ad:
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    Just an FYI bc I know some of you might dig it.... Kohls has a ton of Uni Monster stuff on their website right now. I bought a few thing
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    There’s no such thing as evidence in this game until summer. It’s all rumor and speculation. About a week before the first announcement is the first time “evidence” happens. Before then, it’s all whispers, conjecture, and wishful thinking. And while I can just blurt our all the rumors I’ve heard, all that does is get people’s hopes up without changing the fact that it’s still just rumor. That mess used to be over here, too. Whether I instigate it or it follows me is open for debate. But without the mess, HHN boards become ghost towns.
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    Hey, let's check in Horror Nights. ...Huh, House of 1000 Corpses. Meh, seen it before, and means we're getting less original houses this year, but it might be interesting to see Orlando's take on wait a minute. All the houses and scarezones have been announced...and none of them are The Purge! WE'RE FREE! THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED!
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    This is the place to share any fan-made wallpapers you've made for HHN 30 or to even request one. Please note: If you wish to have a different size wallpaper made please message the user who created it. Click to Download Full Size Images
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    They risk it because it's an adult event for adults. If snowflakes can't handle that, they should stay home.
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    We're acting like they're on a baloney and white bread budget here. They've got the cash... They can shell out for a decent front gate without it eating into their bottom line too badly. Just throw up three more alcohol tents. BAM. SOLVED. Bottom line, I want the whole event to remain immersive. Sure, it probably won't happen because Joe Six-Pack probably doesn't care about what a front gate looks like, but I'm still putting it out there. I don't put it in a signature or my profile, but I've been doing HHN since it was simply Fright Nights. I'm an OG. And in being an old codger, I am ridiculously opinionated on what I want to see and how the event has changed (and continues to change).
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    My coworkers insist that I go to "Disney" every year, despite me explaining several times what HHN is, and that it's at Universal. They also think that Harry Potter is at "Disney" BTW.
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    And yet 80% of that map absolutely sells ME on going to the event. Different strokes.
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    In my opinion, if ever there was a year where things are up in the air, it's this one. Even with IP contracts in place, I can imagine ANYTHING can change at this point. Look at how movie studios are now pushing out their release plans. Those delays will ripple. For example, who knows if Candyman will be pushed out or if it will even release this year. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear originals announced first or if all announcements will be late. So this year may be like the good old days - when no one knew what was coming until it was announced. I wouldn't even be surprised if Hollywood backed off the "apocalyptic virus zombie house" (a.k.a. TWD) if the US has a much higher than expected death rate. Bill & Ted may get a go simply because it's a show intended to make you laugh. Might even be a very light year for gore, as they did in 2001. And number of houses? I seriously doubt 11. Heck, 10 might not even happen. Think about this: some major airlines have already said they are not resuming international service with Asia until OCTOBER. If similar happened with Europe, that's a non-insignificant amount of the HHN GP. The crystal ball is very cloudy as to what domestic travel will be like a short 6 months from now. Remember, viruses tend to flare up again later in the year... You had better believe theme park execs are video conferencing right now as to how or if they might be able to enforce a 6 foot separation rule in queues. I'd give the event about a 90% chance of happening at this point. Expect anything. Believe me, it's not fun being the pessimist in a room full of optimists. But that's what a pessimist would say...
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    The rumblings are still in favor of Scarecrow appearing at the event, though in what capacity is still TBD I think it's safe to say that any plans to have a zombie/virus related house/scarezone, are out the window. Here's an interesting exercise to help pass the time: Anyone want to compile a list of zombie/virus related scenes for a theoretical anniversary house or full houses(both original and IP, or speculated) that they will NOT be doing? I think it's safe to say we can rule these out. Also..... NO WALKING DEAD! C0NF1RM3D!@#
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    We have 5 permits! MIB Tent, Sprung 1, Sprung 2, B79, and SS23A(yes! SS23). Apps were received 1/28, 2/3, & 2/7.
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    Don't bury it yet. Still plenty of time left.
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    I hope we don't see Stranger Things again... Never saw Sabrina. The only Netflix based show I'd be interested in is Haunting of Hill House
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    How about this? Give the children and the moneygrubbers what they want. Give her a stupid lagoon show and maybe a zone or a house, but then make EVERY OTHER house and sz original, icon or mashup of the two or sequel to an original(minus IT and Conjuring). Then the kids can all go watch this Billie Eilish BS and leave the rest of the event to the fans of the actual event. Edit: This is not an attack on her personally, as I know she's a fan of the event and maybe a lovely person, but her music is just as unoriginal as the next pop princess, imo(get off my lawn).
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    I'm pretty sure the 80s theme is done now. The theme in 2018 wasn't originally planned to be 80s, it was more of a coincidence, which is why it was only featured in certain areas and then loosely represented everywhere else. Once they saw how much people loved it they went all in on it in 2019 with over the top merchandise, shows, drinks, signage, and heavy synth music everywhere. With it being an anniversary year in 2020 I'd expect a more traditional HHN with things like Icons making a return. Although...if they wanted to keep Marathon of Mayhem around for another year I wouldn't complain.
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    Just a friendly update that house construction has already begun...3 weeks ago
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    First - hello all - long time.. excited to be back reading spec for this year. I would LOVE it if they finally got a Conjuring house. I've said for ages that I thought the original Conjuring movie was the scariest horror movie in 10 years. I was so disappointed that it was pulled due to legal issues a couple years go. Other than that - my wish list is the same as it has been for years. I figure if I keep repeating it, maybe some day, one or all of these will happen: Phantasm - I've wished and wished for this every single year. I've told TJ and Aiello and David Hughes directly that we needed this. Hope I planted a seed. Stephen King - yes, I know. I, of all people, know of his resistance to allowing a haunt to do a house based on his stuff. But, I can still wish. However, as SK himself says, "Wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which fills first." Bloody Mary - if they were able to bring her back, I would lose my mind Legendary Truth - how can we have a HUGE anniversary year without LT??? Body Collectors - another version of BC would be great. We've had SO MUCH FUN in the BC houses previously. The actors have been amazing, and they all play with us An original as breathtaking as Winter's Night A scarezone in Central Park like Grown Evil - one of my faves of all time Monster of Mayhem Part 2 in Lagoon And here is my last big one: A "limited edition HHN only Horror Makeup Show". I've laid this out many times, but it's a new spec year, so I'll do it again. Every year at HHN, we walk by the Horror Makeup Show and wonder aloud why this isn't used at a HORROR event. There are always so many of us asking for more shows.. so why not use one of the best gems they have sitting RIGHT THERE? Theme the limited edition show to include whatever content is out there for that year.. create a script around that. Play some clips from the trailers of whatever IPs are being featured that year. Give a little makeup / FX history in the script for those same IPs. It's pretty much a no-brainer.. and they would fill that little theater for every single show. It would also be the humor show we've all been missing since the loss of B&T - but this would be better because the humor would be tailored to the event and the jokes wouldn't be stale. I presented this idea to A&D last year.. the response was "can I steal that idea?". YES, YES YOU CAN. Let's all start hoping now.
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    I now have a full treatment going for my goofy idea, "The Dungeon of Terra-Cruentus" that I should post in the creative thread, and it's a little more developed than what's below; but here's what I first sketched out for the random scene ideas I had in the early-going: 1. ENTER - Dungeon Wall Facade (2 actors = Eelmouth on top of the dungeon entrance, watching over a captive Storyteller suspended in a cage, who is being forced to read a new chapter in Cruentus's history) 2. Spider Room (1-2 actors = dying monk, combating monk/soldier) 3*. Spider hallway half-room with animatronic 4. Rat Lady Chamber (probably stopped seeing the Rat Lady at HHN for a multitude of safety/ethical reasons, so not an exact replica of this room but a twist of some sort) 5. Dining Room/Chainsaw Sacrifice 6. Sacrificial Chamber - Terra Queen using her knife on a victim actor 7. Skool in the Graveyard (3 actors = tombstone scare kids) 8. Bridge Back to the Dungeon (Knucklegrunt actors & static figures lurk in the "waters" here) 9. Body Collectors Dungeon Takeover (classic DoT & Collector gags here - hanging man, spine rip, etc...) 10. Body Collectors Dungeon Takeover 2 (more aggressive Collectors in tighter spaces here) 11. Finale - Terra Queen is sacrificed to complete the cycle, Queen's bike-prop scares guests as they pass by exiting the house Soundstage 24, maybe? I only thought that because my idea for the facade is fairly close in scope/style to Scary Tales: DEA. That or a parade building could probably house it too, considering how tall the scenery reached in Monsters & Graveyard Games this year. None of this will likely happen. But this would be a sweet, gory, delicious trip back in time.
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    HHN 30 event dates announced! https://orlando.halloweenhorrornights.com/site/?__source=A000201055.000003169&IndivKey=261295340 September 10 to October 31! Wild Ass Guess speculation! September 10, 11, 12, 13 17, 18, 19, 20 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 30, October 1, 2, 3, 4 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 14 (possible corporate buyout date?) 15, 16, 17, 18 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 28, 29, 30, 31 36 nights of XXX Horror!
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    So it's almost Halloween and I wanted to post some final thoughts before my last night in attendance. This year has had some of my favorite houses ever. Surprisingly for the first time ever my list really didn't change from most anticipated to what turned out to be my favorite. The only exception was Nightingales briefly, but what a comeback they had! A couple of people have commented that this year seems 'weird' or 'off'. I think a better term for this year would be experimental. There are some amazing houses that really clicked with what I wanted from the event. In addition US, Ghostbusters and Killer Klowns were amazing film-to-house adaptions. In my personal opinion an issue some of the fans had with these houses were not with their quality but their scare factor - that's not anyone but the IPs fault if that was an issue. Quite frankly Ghostbusters, US and Killer Klowns are not scary films - especially when compared to IP houses such as Halloween or Poltergeist which achieved being the best adaptation and one of if not the scariest houses in their respective years. I now understand one of the reasons why we've gotten Halloween 4 times over the past few years. Michael Myers is scary and the character works regardless of the quality of the film it's based off of. One of the reasons the originals ended up being so much scarier than other houses is the same reason Nightingales went from a rough house to a worthy sequel. The actors could find their groove and intensity to develop an already scary creature and environment into frightening experience. No matter how good a Ghostbuster is at filling his role, he will simply never get scarier. Ghostbusters (and Stranger Things last year) are some of the best theme park attractions Florida has seen in years but are only decent Haunted Houses. A final note on the issue of IPs: Us is so different and ridiculously good at the end of the night/ when it's empty. The scare actors are incredibly creepy and its unlike anything I've seen at HHN. With all of the above said, adaptation preference is simply that - a preference on what elements the event has. The REAL issue this year was the scare-zones. This is where the experimental issues were the most present. It's like every different zone had different testing elements. I do truly feel that they're trying to figure out how to proceed with scare zones now and into the future. I expect them to eventually hit the mark, after all, HNN does this event better than anyone else. I still don't like a single thing about Vanity Ball though (and I really don't like saying anything like that about a part of the event. I know A&D and the actors work very had to make the event so fun). I had a great time so far this year and can't wait to go back for a final trip. I loved hearing everyone's experiences and stories and I appreciate all those who post who keep me coming back to this forum. Happy Halloween everyone! Make sure to follow all the rules and avoid a visit from Sam because it's almost speculation season again!
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    This is the best post every single year I look forward to it. Thank you to all who take the time out of their visits to get the track tracklistings.
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    To be honest, I don’t have a massive problem with lighter content being featured. Trust me, I love the intense stuff, but I think that, as said before in this thread, it’s important to introduce a new audience of teenagers and young adults to HHN. I know that ST coming to the event ultimately serves as a means for Universal to make massive bank, but it does that by drawing in a population that might never have been interested in the park before. With the event coming close to 30 years old, we have to consider the generational differences between the diehard fans and the newcomers. Horror Nights wasn’t incredibly dark in its first few years, as they mostly revolved around the classic monsters (which are back again), and it sort of amped up in terror-factor over time. I don’t think that the older audience is “growing out” of the HHN fandom - we definitely have many middle-aged site members - but not everyone from the older days has still been frequenting the event. Passion and dedication towards theme parks in general is kind of niche as an older person with a career and a family. I also don’t think that we’re being patronized by “softer” content. Compared to, say, the Carnival of Carnage, the event has steered away from a lot of the intensity it once had, but that may be to welcome those who are just getting into horror. I don’t know about you guys, but HHN was NOT my first horror attraction, and I think I had to be exposed to other things first to not be terrified. I think that, even with “soft” content, it’s undeniably a blast to just sit in a street and witness what’s going on with areas like Vamp ‘85 and such, and being fun is harmless and what can pull people back. Also, I think it’s important to consider the toll that gun violence and internal terrorism has had on the United States and the world at large in the last decade, just as we did with 9/11; from dozens of school shootings to the Ariana Grande bombing to the horrific events of Pulse only eight miles away from Universal, it’s sort of difficult to tackle gore in a way that doesn’t drive people away. I don’t know how much of that side of things actually influences the HHN team, but I think it’s important to consider that the audience isn’t necessarily the stereotype of otherwise stable adults that can’t handle the slightest offense, but younger people who are invested in ST and likely the rest of the houses once exposed to them, as well as the possibility of a community heavily affected by Pulse. None of this talk really means anything anyway, because the team is going to choose the IPs that they choose and base it on profit in the end, but I think we should be more welcoming of younger people and their lack of exposure. Of course, I say all of this as a twenty-year-old who was first exposed to Horror Nights content at twelve but has only gone for 28 and soon to be 29. Personally, I had a blast last year, to the point where I not only bought more individual tickets, but ended up upgrading to an Ultimate Frequent Fear pass, contributing hundreds as just one individual. I was prepared for the gore and violence that comes with HHN (the first house video I ever saw was that of La Llorona, and damn, was that dark), but I left with a smile on my face every night. The scareactors put so much energy and joy into their zones, and the concepts were expressed so creatively that it didn’t matter whether they were “dark” or not, at least for me. Did anyone here particularly hate Vamp ‘85? To me, it was so unique and entertaining compared to other ‘traditional’ haunts, and that’s what kept me coming back. Anyway, yeah, if HHN30 isn’t a celebration of everything that the event has been, brutalization and all (including a Jack show, please god), I’ll be bothered. But for 29, it looks like, if nothing else, the HHN team wants us to have fun. Based on how much enjoyment the event brought last year, I went ahead and got myself a UFF+ pass as well as the six-house tour, and I’m anticipating so many nights of excitement. If you got this far, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great time, guys!
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    So Dorian is pretty much out of Flagler County, and it was mostly uneventful here, thank goodness. And even better, it did not ruin my HHN plans!! See you all on Friday.
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    My girlfriend made this shirt for the event this year since the theme is technically supposed to be 80s. I'm still working on mine, which will be different, but just wanted to give you guys a peek at hers. EDIT: It’s missing Depths of Fear but we’re adding it.
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    I would love a lagoon show.. I enjoyed the hell out of it when they had the monster movie collage going - what year was that? It was a while ago. Kinda cool we actually have something else to speculate on. However, I am sure the rest will be announced pretty quickly. I'd suspect before week end. So thrilled that Zombieland is coming!! Rob Zombie.. meh..
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    This was on their official blog post today RE: 2nd Show
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    As much as I’m excited for Us (after somehow predicting it correctly a few months ago???), I would be lying if I said I wasn’t kinda sad to see Tooth Fairy go. However, the more I started thinking about it, the more I started realizing that it was probably for the best. Perhaps the biggest roadblock to getting Tooth Fairy would have to be Knott's. As many of you probably know, Knott's Berry Farm in California has had a popular maze based around the legend of the Tooth Fairy at their Halloween event for a couple years now. Knott's has seen a rather large increase in attendance for their Halloween event and is a formidable opponent to USH. Their competitor’s sister park having a Tooth Fairy maze would be very suspicious, even if the ideas aren’t exactly the same. My guess is that UO realized this and decided to scrap it. I have also wondered if Us was originally gonna be a Hollywood exclusive like Creepshow but was brought over to Orlando as a fix-it. Also, if the “Bedtime Stories” concept was in fact true, I really hope they bring that to the event next year. Besides, this year’s event seems to be very focused on myths and legends (Abominable Snowman in Terror of the Yukon, the legend of the cemetery in Graveyard Games, hell I’d even say Ghostbusters with their ghost mythology). This coupled with the fact that next year is an important HHN anniversary, it may be a clue to next year’s icon..... (hey, i can dream)
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    Yeah it's interesting that they don't go all in on decorating the entrance. They could easily dress up the globe and arches like the concept art for ST like this year and last. They had the Upside Down vine things around the arcade games out in the open for day time guests in the Universal Studios Store near the entrance to the park. for HHN 28 Not necessarily family friendly looking but its not gory or hidden during the day like certain other props and such...
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    At the end of the day, it's not about whether or not you find it scary, but whether or not you find it fun. I can remember a year or two in which I wasn't really scared, but was entertained and had a blast. Though, often times I found the 'scariest' houses to be the original ones rather than any IP. Still, I agree with Rikku, the older I get, the more I go to just appreciate the set design and costumes. It's the best looking event by far in the US, I think!
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    Seeds Of Extinction was awesome house, awesome backstory, the fact that you didn't need any other human characters just the creatures themselves it was perfect, I'd love to see another house like it, this house next to Tombs back at 26 were just awesome and Depths Of Fear, I feel with the information we had been given, yes it may draw some questions to people but I feel like when we actually experience the house, it'll all make sense and the house should be really cool.
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    I think we will be pleasantly surprised by KKFOS. I know people are worried about the sizing of costumes for the scares, but there is a lot of good set design to play around with and i can think of about 7 or 8 'human' characters off the top of my head too. The majority of people did really enjoy the SZ last year and i actually think there are ways they can make it scary, i know a lot of people have referenced Poltergeist, but even if you think back to American Werewolf in London or anything similar the movie wasn't great and there was a lack of characters but they still made it work, trust Universal!
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    As you are coming from California, and I'm assuming you are doing HHN for more than one night, seems to me every house is worth the go one time (especially if you have Express). I was not looking forward to Poltergeist and it turned out to be the GOAT for me. I could understand skipping these in Hollywood, but Orlando rarely lets me down.
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    I'm going to take a stab at this one. Since they're going with the "80's" again, my guess is that this will have a retro feel and will be a throwback to mall arcades, with ground projections that look like the photo below and neon all around. It would be neat if they had booths set up like they normally do, but they're just giant versions of these coin-op games. They'll probably have to make up the names due to copyright issues or if Nintendo doesn't want to see bloody versions of Mario.
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    latest spec map looks A LOT better than the first.... looking good IMO.
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    I'm surprised this, from The Ifrit, has not been addressed on here: Seeped in blood, the roots have grown Vines of iron branch like a throne A flame is stoked, the fires lit A blade is forged in the pit Guards await, calm and steady Berries ripe, wine is ready Hold your hope within reason And prepare for the season Is this too obviously Terra Queen?
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    2011 was a FANTASTIC year - one of the best ever in my opinion. While Lady Luck was not a very memorable icon, the way she was weaved into all of the houses was very cool. The In Between was easily the best 3D house I've been in anywhere in the country. Saws & Steam backstory was described very well above. The final room was very close to that of Depths, but there was a waterfall separating you from the baddie ahead of you. In S&S, the costume was reminiscent of Big Daddy, and he came charging through the waterfall at you. Winter's Night was every bit as beautiful as Graveyard Games (which is my new GOAT) Forsaken was loosely based on The Fog, but was epic in scale, with a massive shipwreck in the middle of it. Nevermore was a Poe fan's nirvana. HR Bloodengutz was a great blend of comedy and horror, served with a side of 'memberberries. And 2011 was where Nightingales began, with the location being the trenches in WWI. 2011 was the last time HHN had overwhelmingly original houses. The pendulum swung hard to IP in 2012 and it took a long time to get back to even a 50/50 split.
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    If a Beetlejuice house is even close to capturing the movie like the Ghost Busters house I'm completely sold on the idea.
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    I'll second the suggestion to look up the story behind the event. It was incredible. This was when HHN took place in IOA, yet they used three of the nearby soundstages. Everyone was coming off of the Lord of the Rings trilogy along with the second Hobbit movie released the year before, so as the site was coming to life, many (including me) were rolling our eyes saying it looked like they were trying to do a LOTR themed event. It was anything but. Between the look of Jurassic Park area and Lost Continent (before potter moved in), the park was ideal for what they did. They even managed to make it seem like you weren't in Marvel Island (mostly). HHN 30 must - MUST - have some reference to Terra Queen. Even though they came up with this under Michael J Roddy (who preceded TJ Mariano who preceded Mike Aiello) the people currently running HHN are well aware of the prophecy and won't let the 30th go by without paying homage. I have zero doubt about that. Personally, I'd love it if they somehow were able to use Lost Continent area of IOA for HHN 30 - had it become Terra Curentus complete with a house, even though there was no house in that area for HHN 15. But they do have the Sinbad theater at their disposal... And since it's so near, imagine if they had Hagrid open during HHN. A guy can dream...
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    My line up I would love to see next year would be 1. Nightmare on elm street:cause you can never have to much Freddy. 2. The Witcher: if a Netflix property is to be featured I think a bad ass monster hunter house would be cooler then haunting of hill house. I just personally feel like hill house wouldn’t translate that well into a show. 3. Candyman: Jordan Peele got a US house this year and is apparently happy with the final results so I can absolutely see his sequel coming to the event next year. 4. Halloween 2018: having the first before Halloween kills comes out a month later just makes sense to me 5. 13 Ghosts: it’s probably the least likely of the 5 IPs but would love to see this house eventually!!! 6. Dungeon of Terra Cruentes: it’s been said why this house needs to be done above and I just absolutely think this is a bad ass name and could be a seriously twisted house! 7. Slaughter sinema 2: the first house was such a huge success and the ideas for this house are endless and I could see it becoming the new scary tales. 8. Nightingales vs Body Collectors 9. Scarecrow sequel 10. A brand new original house because I don’t want to see just old properties the entire event
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    I have a speculation map to come with this. Dungeon of Terra Cruentes (Soundstage 21) - Thanks to FaceBagman for that amazing name. This would be half Terra Queen house, half anniversary house, and take Monsters & Mayhem's place for longest house of all time. IT (Soundstage 22) - With the IT films finished (for now at least), I think it's now time to bring Pennywise to the event. All Nite Die-In: Usher'd In (Soundstage 24B) - As FaceBagman also came up with, a mash-up of The Director and The Usher. Psychoscareapy: Bloody Bolts (Soundstage 24A) - With the new Shadybrook Junkyard open, the ruthless inmates take the opportunity to set up a weapon station. A Nightmare On Elm Street (Soundstage 25) - Freddy Kreuger is inside Depths of Fear this year, and I believe it may be this year's "house hint" for next year. And not just the first film, but the original trilogy. RUN: Havoc Forever (MIB Tent) - Teaming up with the escaped Dogs, this newest airing of RUN is even bloodier than ever. Carnival Graveyard: House of Horrors (Sprung Tent 2) - The House of Horrors that Jack himself was found in has been shipped over to Sal's Amusement Salvage, where Jack has now taken leadership over the carnies, and their new main home being the House of Horrors itself. Scream (Sprung Tent 1) - Let's get Scream back, come on! Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (New Parade Building) - If they're continuing with their Halloween pattern, then Halloween 5 is next. Vanity Ball: Devilish Delight (Parade Building) - Scare zone to house treatment, and Vanity Ball has been insanely popular this year. Plus as many have already said, it would make an amazing house. H.R. Bloodengutz Presents Holidays of Horror: Rerun (Shrek 4D Theater 2) - The magnificent return of our glorious H.R. Bloodengutz.
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    New Wallpapers Now Available For Halloween: Marathon of Mayhem
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    The backstory told on the facade alone made Seeds the scariest house for me last year, being pretty damn similar to concerns we currently face: "CO2 levels increase exponentially; rapid change in temperature causes mammal and marine organisms to quickly die out...abundant algae blooms in ocean waters suffocating bottom dwellers and killing all coral." A very misunderstood house IMO. I get the feeling that Depths will be similarly misunderstood if what Legacy said about it is correct.
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    I don't like when people use the terms "real horror" or "actual horror" because it's just so subjective. Horror isn't always slashers and gore. Case in point, the house that actually scared me the most last year was Seeds of Extinction because that existential, Lovecraftian, Weird Horror just frightens me. That wouldn't be considered "real horror" but it worked really well for what it was.
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