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    (T.B.A.) Werewolf Apocalypse: In 1981, the same year that "An American Werewolf in London" was released, a rash of murders and attacks ravaged the country side, the towns, cities and London. Who are the culprits? Werewolves. The Royal Armed Forces, and police tried to stop the madness consuming all of the U.K., but to no avail. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, requested by the British government, conducts some operations into the UK to fight off the lycanthropes, but are there for mostly evacuating citizens. As the UK fell apart, N.A.T.O. and the remnants of the Royal Government evacuated to the United States. The U.K. quickly became overrun by the lycans, hostile factions arose grabbing any land not occupied by the lycans. The N.A.T.O. quarantined the entire island nation of the U.K. from the world, mining the ocean as well as issuing a shoot to kill order for anyone entering or leaving the U.K. This event rattled the world, but eventually, it has been forgotten by many. Present-day: After years had passed, it is decided to monitor, internally the long-forgotten situation in the U.K. With the consent of the remaining U.K. government, N.A.T.O has ordered a U.S. special forces unit to recon the wastelands of the U.K. When they arrive, they find out that the situation hasn't gotten any better. Not only do the lycans hunt the remaining humans, but hostile factions as well as a somewhat resurgent government has taken over London and whatever areas are left. In short, the U.K. is a Mad-Max type of environment.
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    Hellship: In 1943, during the Second World War, a famous and luxurious cruise liner that has departed from Belfast, North Ireland sails across the Atlantic to the United States. Eventually, on the way to the U.S., the ship is sunk by the German Navy despite the captain and crew signaling that they are a civilian ship. As news spreads to the entire world that the famous cruise ship has been sunk, the world mourns for the loss of the people aboard the ship and vows to avenge the lives lost during the war. The ship now has sunk to a watery grave. Or so you think. Present-Day: The Coast Guard gets a call that a cruise liner has strayed too close to the docks of NYC without warning. The Coast Guard finds out that this ship isn't modern and is vacant. Or so they think. As they board the ship, they suddenly realize that this ships crew and passengers had not perished during the Second World War. These once civilized and sane passengers have become insane blood-thirsty tribes fighting each other.The interior of the ship are now bloody battlegrounds between the tribes who fight for food and dominance. Psycho city: In 1979, an experiment for biological warfare is commenced under the name "Project White Rabbit" by the U.S. military. This weapon is a hallucinogenic drug that drives the enemy crazy and to kill each other. It is executed by dumping the drug into the water supply in a small town in Utah. The results are successful. As well as any evidence and reports of what happened covered up by the government. Despite a congressional hearing about the controversial biological weapons programs taking place, the drug is used in some places in the world for tests, in remote locations and smaller towns or villages. Present-day: The government then decided to launch a more improved and deadlier drug: "Project Rorschach", and executed the same method, dumping the drug into the water supply of a major city, akin to the size of Orlando, St. Louis, or New Orleans, for testing purposes. The citizens of this city go insane, start to kill each other in heinous acts of violence. The police are overwhelmed, and the National Guard have failed to stop this outbreak of violence. The city is in total chaos, and is now under quarantine.
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    holy shit, werewolf + 28 days later plot + mad max environments = a amazing maze
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    @themazethinker, actually, I didn't plan to have the title named fallout shelter, that was actually what the setting would be. As for the plot (which I'll have to read again), it is a much more in-depth and more detailed plot.
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    I feel like Blumhouse was pretty good. Remember how much Loved Insidious was as Stand alone house. I feel sometimes that house count could bad but in the end personal prefers of horror is why house count is good I think we need to do reboot of Chainsaw. I think It's not scary anymore. Cool icon of horror but not scary. I think because the Orion nabbin new horror it will be hard to get some new horror.
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