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    I mean I guess somebody somewhere has to have a phobia of large breasts. My heart goes out to them, that would be tragic :'(
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    Big reason I'm hoping for a Terra Cruentas house and scare-zone (similar to Blood Thunder Alley) at 30.
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    THE GALLERY OF LOST SOULS If you want to establish that you're an asshole with too much money, have a private art gallery filled with famous pieces. Mr. Metra has invited you to his mansion to peruse the various works in his, and you go, because when else are you going to see all of this? Of course, things go sour quickly. Admittedly I'm something of a philistine in regards to art, but there's some pretty freaky stuff out there. I used TV Tropes' Art/Nightmare Fuel page for most of these, and a lot of them come from one tab. ROOMS Facade: Guests enter Metra's mansion. The Gallery: Guests are surrounded with famous portraits, on every wall, from floor to ceiling. Metra can be heard welcoming guests, in a cold, sociopathic voice, and many of the portraits' eyes will be seen moving. The Damnation: As guests enter the next room, various sculptures of figures in pain line the floor, and Metras can be seen on the balcony above, wearing a costume obviously inspired by the Phantom of the Opera and mocking guests for entering his gallery. He claims that, by entering, you surrendered your soul to him and now you have to go through his demonic art gauntlet and die so that he can use your soul for a sacrifice. Or something. He's just an excuse for this house idea. The Scream: Guests step onto a dock at sunset, where they are harassed by two shadowy figures. As they enter the next room, the Screaming Man will lunge at guests with a scream. The Plague Hag on the Stairs: The setting turns to a dark grey, as plague victims can be seen suffering. (It's not in the original painting, sue me. We need some worldbuilding for some of these.) One will beg guests for help. On the other side is a set of stairs, where the Plague Hag will lurch up and attack guests. The Premature Burial: Guests enter a mausoleum, full of coffins and bones. One coffin contains a man who will reach out, begging for help. Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan: Guests enter a palace, where a murder just took place. Signs of the struggle are strewn about, and the killer cradles his kill - fitting, because as could be inferred from the title, Ivan the Terrible just killed his son and deeply regrets it. In the transition, a crying Ivan the Terrible will strike again. The Crying Boy: Guests enter a burning house with The Crying Boy on display, untouched. At times, the painting will lose its subject, and the boy, now burned, will attack. Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear: Guests enter Vincent Van Gogh's workshop, full of paintings, and also Vincent himself is carving his ear off. Either the ear is already off, and Van Gogh just attacks with the knife, or the scaracter pretends to cut it off, show it off, then attack. Also, it's probably not Van Gogh as in either of the Bandaged Ear works, but it is based off of the legend that led to them. The Bewitched Man: The man tends to his lamp, and you can hear him muttering about how it has to stay lit or he dies. In the surrounding darkness, donkeys on their hind legs will attack. The Nightmare: An imp rests on a sleeping woman, threatening guests. On the other side, the head of the black mare will emerge from the curtains, making scary horse noises and biting the air. The Hands Resist Him: Guests pass by the window from the painting, where the hands can be seen moving on the glass, trying to break free, and their owners' muffled screams can be heard. The Boy stares at guests, threatening them, but not attacking. The Doll stands lifeless, except when she lunges at guests. Figure With Meat: As guests enter the darkened room, the stench of rotten meat overwhelms them. The twisted Pope Innocent X sits upon his throne, screaming, convulsing, and lunging at guests in madness. As guests exit, the Innocent from Untitled (Pope) attacks. Saturn Devouring His Son: Guests enter a room full of corpses. Standing above them is Saturn, a giant puppet, buck-naked (though without genitals) and crazy-eyed while he bites into a corpse that was once his son. Pickman's Model: Okay, for the finale I'm cheating. It's not an actual painting, but based off of Lovecraft's work of the same name, where a man paints ghouls. The scene has guests interrupt a session of Pickman and some ghouls, where Pickman will express annoyance and a few ghouls will attack.
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    I'm not sure, it looks like both coasts have gone abit pg now.
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    It didn't, it's moved on to respectfully appreciating the beauty of the female form, catch up yo! :p
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