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    Newbie here, but Aiello just tweeted about the house progress out of the blue... Nothing sticks out as being hints for potential houses/scarezones, but its still really cool to see how far along things are! (Using "starting treatment" in reference to house 7 could be a hint, or maybe I'm just reading into things too much, haha) https://twitter.com/Michael_Aiello/status/1085699039033782272
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    Bloodengutz is undoubtedly on my wishlist for 30. I know I said that the only way I thought they could make a story out of it was for his ghost, but if he were to lead an escape from, say, Hellgate and hold a TV studio hostage, with the inmates "participating" in each of the shows, then I suppose it could work. But his ghost becoming a demi-god and turning his old studio into a TV nightmare world (think Gabriel from Supernatural) would work too.
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    I feel that HHNU's track record has been tarnished by their popularity. They may be getting more info from more sources, but they had a lot more misses than hits last year. Take everything on their site with a big 'ol shaker of salt. (Note: Apart from that, I think Chris seems like a great guy. This isn't meant as a personal attack.)
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    I finally watch the Belko Experiment. Good show! I enjoyed it! Now if it came to HHN it would just be another PURGE house set in an office building. .... and FREAKS as a house.... you've gotta be kidding. As GREAT as that film is.... todays culture isnt gonna let that happen.....
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    Happy Death Day is DEFINITELY comedy.
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