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    Hi folks!! Just wrapped up an exceptional piece of Netflix ... media ? I’m throwing out Black Mirror: Bandersnatch as a wonderful contendor for some event, if not 29. Look it up if you haven’t already heard of it, because it brings a lot to the table in the way of interactive film! No spoilers here, but given the decision-making mechanic of the choose-your-own-adventure short film, A&E may have many routes to choose from in regards to what should be shown in the house. It’s possible that we could even see bits and pieces of all of the events and endings, with so many characters worth showing. Genres abound, from monsters to video game/glitch aesthetics to gore, could make this a concept with potential. I’m not sure what agreement Universal has with Netflix, but I feel that the concept is just the right level of unreal that it would work without too much exposition dumping while staying scary.
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