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    Lulz... So never got a casting email for HHN. Had postponed applying for "Maze Host", so "saved/exit" the application. Applied for "Dreamworks Animation Theatre" the same day it became available. Got an interview email on monday, had interview yesterday. Ended up getting hired for Maze Host Apparently, even though I never actually clicked "Apply/Submit" for Maze Host, apparently it did it on its own. They liked how into the event I was & hired me. See you in the fog kids!!! (wearing the dreaded black cloak & wielding the flashlight of doom!)
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    Since nobody bothered to take the initiative, I got screenshots of the merch that was teased during the Live Stream. STRANGER THINGS (shirt, hat, and "not pictured" mug) Character IP House Shirt (Notice it doesn't feature Blumhouse characters) ^The BACK says "We Know What Scares You" TRICK R TREAT (shirt & leggings) SCAREZONE (11x17 poster & "not pictured" shirt)
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    How's it hanging West Coast? I've returned with some new wallpapers for you once again. We here at HNN are equal opportunity fans and share the love where we can. Notice: This is a place to share any fan-made wallpapers you've made for HHN 2018. Everyone is welcome to share their creations. If you need a different size then please message the person who created that wallpaper and if you have any requests then please be specific. Other than that, enjoy! And if you want to take a trip over to the Orlando Wallpaper section then click here. Click to Download Full Size Images
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    IT, NoES, The Conjuring...uhh...definitely The Thing, definitely AHS.
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