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    This is the place to share any fan-made wallpapers you've made for HHN 28 or to even request one. Please note: If you wish to have a different size wallpaper made please message the user who created it. Click to Download Full Size Images BONUS - BLOGS MEETUP WALLPAPER
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    I can 100% confirm that the Charlie referenced in the postcards IS the same Charlie McPherson that was later featured in the original Dead Exposure house. After doing some digging I found an old photo from HHN 18 of the Dead Exposure facade and SURPRISE, Charlie's address is the same address the postcards were sent to! 1192 E. Findlay St, Carey, OH. And just in case you were wondering, yes it's a real address and it's an old farm house.
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    You can have Aiello when you pry him from my cold, dead hands
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    I had my audition tonight. It was Interesting. I won't know anything till 4 weeks. I hope to be back to scare you. my areas that I need for total conquest of scaring. most of soundstages 21, 22, 25, B79, new Blding. San Fran, Central Park and Mib, south street. I get hired this year, It would 7th year scaring and 8th year with the company.
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    SO I made a promise elsewhere, but the information applies here too. Since my wife won a twitter poll, I'm spoiling the official name for Poison. Poison is - "Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After" The Wicked Witch is the primary villain this year... and things get dark...
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    So if anyone was doubting those Poltergeist rumors, take a look at some of the latest construction photos from Hollywood. That house looks a little familiar... Pic from @CaliInformer
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    Oh yeah! This will be a TLDR, so if you don't like my stories, move on... As I mentioned, I live in CA, and didn't even learn about Orlando's HHN until 2003. Even though the very first HHN was at Hollywood (believe it or not), Hollywood has had many years with no HHN. 1994-1996, 2001-2005. In that drought from 2001-2005, I would always scan newspapers around September, hoping that I would find HHN returning. One day in 2003 I see this commercial on cable promoting HHN. Something about a jester with fish hooks in his cheeks, spreading into a forced smile, and a creepy director inviting you. So I immediately call Universal Hollywood and try to buy a ticket. They have no idea what I'm talking about. So I start scanning what passed as the Internet back then and discovered this was HHN in Orlando! I must have been watching an east-coast feed on satellite TV. Honestly, I had no idea there even was a Universal in Orlando at that time. I went to their website and fell instantly in love. At that time I didn't care if a house was IP or original - I mean, a Jason house? Sure! Sounds like fun. At that time, local haunts often had Freddy or Jason featured (without paying any licensing rights, because back then the studios saw it as free advertising). Sadly, I couldn't go to HHN 2003 because I had newborn twins. But then came 2004. I checked the Orlando site in July and saw what looked like boxes of files, and they were all locked, and there was this crazy guy in a straightjacket in a padded room.... Came back a week later, and one of the files was open. It gave a sneak peek at one of the houses for HHN that year. Had audio, letters, photos. So interesting. Every couple of weeks later I came back and another was revealed, teasing more. This was AMAZING, as I'd never seen a haunt teased like that. And more importantly, every house was brand new - was not there in 2003. I was astounded, because EVERY haunt whether local or theme park introduces only a bit of new stuff every year. They repeat haunted houses, milking as much as they can without affecting attendance. 100% new stuff every year was unheard of; it's just too expensive. But here was this place, HHN Orlando, and the houses were totally unique. I discovered The Vault around that time and was even more amazed to learn that HHN Orlando was known for presenting brand new stuff every year. This was not a one-off that 2004 was totally new. Miss a house and it's gone forever. Simply unheard of in the haunt industry. I made a point of going in 2004 and have not stopped since. But it wasn't just Orlando's new lineup every year that brought me back. These were not generic "clown houses" or "slaughterhouses" or "zombie houses". These has well defined backstories. The detail was incredible., Every character had a purpose. These guys did houses better than anyone else. There were many years where all of the houses were original, with maybe one house based on a movie. Some of the original houses were clearly homages to IP properties (i.e Zombiegeddon was slightly based on "Fido"), but with their own unique characters and story. Then the IP started up in earnest, and while HHN Orlando still had loads of detail, it was honestly just painting a picture based on freeze frames from a movie. We knew all the characters. We knew what kill scenes to expect. We were disappointed when our favorites were left out. We knew how we would be attacked. We knew what we would see, hear, smell - the whole experience ahead of time. To me, that was just not fun. The designers were handcuffed. They couldn't add a unique kill. They couldn't create a character. They couldn't place a character into a different scene unless it was in the movie. They couldn't create a twist ending. There were very few exceptions to this (Freddy vs Jason allowed them to have two different endings, Cabin in the Woods allowed them to invent some characters, etc). So for someone who had never seen the full creativity of an original house, something like Scarecrow: the Reaping would just be a house with scarecrows. How scary is that, and why would you go out of your way to visit HHN for the first time over something else? But, hey, they have AHS, and that was one scary TV show! So people go there for AHS or some other IP, but they leave remembering that scary-ass scarecrow house. Or that house with the huge paddle boat at the start. And AHS was maybe OK for them, but would have been better if it included that character they really liked from Coven. I can't tell you how many people talked about Scarecrow in every line I was in last year. My point is that IP can pretty much only set you up for disappointment, because unless it has absolutely everything, something will be missing. An original is a blank canvas. You have a vague idea of the theme, but have no idea what you will experience. THAT has nothing but potential. Biggest complaint about Dark Waters that was heard everywhere? It was too short. That "complaint" is a pure compliment if you were designing that house. People wanted more of it. As a designer you should be so lucky to hear that complaint. The vets around here love to see A&D doing what they love, and they love doing original content. It clearly shows. And the people clearly love it. I mean, some original characters have become so beloved that they become franchises themselves. Just look at the Body Collectors, Psychoscareapy, and Screamhouse. They've been back multiple times as houses and/or scarezones, each time telling another piece of their story. I still don't understand what's up with Body Collectors, because it's canon created by A&D, yet the makeup is 100% from a group of baddies that appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for one episode ("Hush"). So, are those characters IP? Does Universal have to pay someone for the rights to use those masks? Was the original intent to have a Buffy IP house in 2005, and it morphed into Body Collectors? I'd love to know the story behind that, if anyone knows.... I totally see why new people would come for the IP, and maybe even still want a lot of IP a few years later. But I have to believe those originals must totally take them by surprise and grow on them. I think there are only a few people around here who would prefer IP over originals. And they are weird, so I shun them
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    Anyone else think that the locations on the postcards could be locations withing the house? All I know is that there's been 3 references to the Paris Metro now and I'm starting to think it's not coincidence.
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    There's talk of it because of my uncertainty about Houses. But speculation doesn't equal rumor. People need to keep that in mind. EDIT - This is much closer to what it was like in the aughts. It's different. There's far more people who "know" stuff now. But when the old-hats talk about missing old speculation, this is why. I'll even admit, I'm holding back some information and phrasing things in certain ways to try and drive conversation. It's far more interesting that way.
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    But they DO fart, right? Just not enough of that at HHN. Although as a scareactor, you may be in disagreement. You're specifically talking Pumpkin Pie and not meat pie, right? I'd really like to see a Sweeny Todd themed house or zone. Wait - an original based on Pumpkin Guts??!!?!?? TAKE. MY. MONEY!!!
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    Prepare yourselves. This is going to turn some heads.
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    Sounds like we can strike Blumhouse from the event for the time being.
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    Hey guys! Check out my custom House for this year!
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    So great to catch up on all the news and commentary. I was in the UK for two weeks on vacation, and when I got back to work, I was buried for a week. I missed a lot, apparently. Btw, let me say right now how grateful I am for this forum. I've meet such great people because of Nightmares, and I continue to do so. This is more than just a place to speculate, bitch and fangirl/fanboy.. it's a place to make friends. @Drummanmatt - looking forward to meeting up with you at HHN. Thanks for spending some time with us - we really enjoyed meeting you. My last comment before leaving was that I hoped Chucky wasn't actually coming. Well, he is. Glad some of you are happy. I will spend my time elsewhere. Dumb little shit. I am intrigued about the Poltergeist spec.. I wasn't sure at first how that could be a house.. but the more I thought about it, the more I could see it happening. It was one of my fave movies growing up, so it would be cool to see this at HHN along with Killer Klowns! HAHAHAH!! Omg, that is priceless. It's such a dumbass movie, but still a classic. @mystiquephreeq your entire puzzle solving with the names Emily and Alice gave me goosebumps. I don't agree with @WESKER69 that because some of these things were posted on FB for the oblivious GP that they mean nothing. I think you're on to something with all this. I firmly believe that A&D was given some leeway again to do their thing, and they ran with it. I think they planted all kinds of Easter eggs for nerds like us - many of which "management" or "marketing" may not even realize. So, fuck them (management & marketing). A&D should be driving this train ALL THE TIME. Soon enough, maybe someone will realize it. @Legacy - are you telling us we get nothing this week? Is it going to be another 10 days before we get anything? I hate this waiting part.. though I can't bitch too much since all the postcards were released on my birthday. Thanks A&D. Oh, and thanks to whoever first mentioned that Kimberly Duncan was the chick from Terminator. I knew when I read the name I had heard it.. and I was banging my head trying to place it.. and there it was. You guys always have the answers. Sorry I haven't actually contributed shit here.. just wanted to say hi and let you all know how much I appreciate you. Super!
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    KIMBERLY DUNCAN IS AN EMPLOYEE OF CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS THIS IS HUGE AND BLOWS MY MIND Kimberly Duncan is an employee of Cyberdyne best known for supervising marketing packages and saying super. In her youth she grew up in Carey Ohio witnessing and surviving the horrors of.numerous HHNs. She put up with various horrible events in her life until her best friend(the bride thats writing the letters) was killed in a Zombie outbreak while on vacation in Paris. This inspired Kimberly Duncan to work on military AI for Cyberdyne in an attempt to protect the world from threats like the zombies Skynet was developed directly as a response to the zombies of dead exposure. Unfortionetly Kimberly Duncan was killed after being choked to death by the T-1000 ending her story. Terminator 2-3D: Battle across time takes place in the same fictional universe as HHN this is incredibly important news that changes everything. This means HHN Orlando’s Icons and storyline have had a presence daily in Orlando, Hollywood, and still do in Japan. please let Kimberly Duncan show up in a house and say super one last time, dont ruin this for me.
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    Maybe we could finally see Dr. Oddfellow!? "Years later the Carnival was sold by Dr. Oddfellow, and the various dark rides and exhibits were split and sent to various owners around the states, including the House of Horrors and it’s grisly secret. Sixty years later, in the Fall of 1980, a television crew from the BBC was documenting the great Dark Rides of America. They journeyed throughout the eastern seaboard looking for forgotten carnival rides and attractions. They stumbled upon the House of Horrors as it sat abandoned in a Louisiana Junkyard." Graveyard/Junkyard? Would be cool! I can dream!
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    So here's my guess so far: Coach = Poltergeist Craig T. Nelson, who played the father in Poltergeist, also played Coach Hayden Fox in the show Coach. Coach may also be Clue #4 Dynamite = Trick 'r Treat (Clue #2) Don't really need to explain this, do I? Feature = Most Likely Secret House (Special Feature?) Fireball = Stranger Things (NO clue) Meteor = Original (Clue #6 or 7) Poison = Original (Clue #5 or 6) Rag-tag = Cult of Immortal (or Undead) Carnies (Clue #3) Clue #3's rule was elements of the story; assuming that it meant finding a key specific piece of the story each R&M gif was referring to, I watched each scene of the episodes they belonged to. Part 1 - The "backwards savages" referred to the cult of tree-people that Morty joined when he and Rick were stranded in the mini-mini-mini-verse. Part 2 - Rick's "Good One Jerry" referred to the "Insane Clown Posse" joke Jerry made. Part 3 - The main key piece of the plot during the episode was the "Immortality field" that Rick and Jerry inadvertantly destroyed while escaping from alien hitmen. Adding up all of those pieces leads you to a savage group of immortal, insane, clowns. When you hear savage group/cult of clowns, you tend to think "Carnies," and the codename "rag-tag" fits that term nicely. Usually in horror, people tend to associate immortality with "undead" and by that extension 'graveyards." Therefore, it's probably an Undead Carny Graveyard. Snacks = Return of ANDI? (Clue #8?) Surprise = Happy Death Day or Secret House Zero = Dead Exposure: Patient Zero (Clue #1) - I think either "Meteor" or "Poison" might be the returning original of Scary Tales: Wizard of Oz, which I'm sure is Clue #6 from all the speculation in the past 1-2 pages. - Clue #7's Name is Nihilism, and its rule is "Sleight," meaning deceptive. Maybe it's not on the clip or the scene its in, or even the plot of the episode itself. The episode the GIF belongs to is titled, "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez." The title is a play on the movie "Big Trouble in Little China," which was directed by John Carpenter, whose movies had a consistent theme of nihilism, especially in his cult classic version of "The Thing." Now it might seem unlikely given the rumors this time around (and the info I was given, whose main sources seem to be quite reputable), so maybe it's an original version of it? I'll edit this every now and then.
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    Personally, I think that was one of the best promos they've ever done. LOVED IT!
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    I seriously doubt we would see a year with only one original. A&D has hit it BIG with their offerings every time - and last year was a crown jewel. The buzz was all about Scarecrow and Dead Waters. They must have some kind of leverage with that. I have to say, I would've killed for a Scarecrow shirt last year. Anyway, I digress. HHN is about balance. Not everyone likes sci-fi, not everyone likes gore, etc, etc. If you're calling it Halloween Horror Nights - then the horrors must be many, and they must be diversified. While I am very excited about the idea that the overall theme may be an 80's one (since I actually am a child of the 80's), I still want to see what they will come up with that's new and ORIGINAL. I am always the first one to say that A&D absolutely rocks the IPs - and some of those have been my faves over the years. But my heart is with the originals because the scares are unexpected. We have no idea what to anticipate other than the tiny details we get on the house name and a short blurb on the story. After that - well, prepare to have your best scares of the event. I also agree that they need to step it up with the scarezones. TRT was AMAZING last year - but the others just didn't do it for me, and one absolutely SUCKED. That bummed me out a bit because, to me, the scarezones are what keep the continuity of the event going. I love the interactions, and some of my fave actors have been in scarezones. As for an icon and marketing.. let me say how much a HATE that Universal has given HHN to their marketing group instead of letting A&D have their fingers in it. It's the worst decision they ever made. The soul collectors thing last year was not only stupid, but a huge letdown when not a single thing came of it. Their Twitter and FB interactions are lame, and they have no concept of what the fans want. I realize Aiello has moved on to bigger things, but goddam I miss him being the HHN voice on Twitter. He would always find a way to sneak pics to us or to make those lovely cryptic comments that would set this forum off for days. Now we got these nob-heads who use the most generic, over-used responses, and they have no initiative, passion or smarts to toss us those lovely bones as we scramble for information. I just HATE them. That all being said, if it's up to this group (and the assholes who put them in charge), don't hold your breath for the icon you so desperately want because these idiots can't see the forest for the trees.
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    In Hollywood, it was firmly in the original column for me (but so were the Drac and Frank houses in Orlando in 2009) I wasn't feeling Poltergeist when it was announced. At all. Those feelings could have not been more misplaced... Ghostbusters? Bring it on, Orlando team. Murdy, you can pass on this one; don't even try.
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    Think a game of Hide and Seek in a graveyard. Like, a cemetery.
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    I posted this on inside universal forum but I just saw a random comment (thats now deleted) but it said the other 3 original houses are toothfairy, depths of fear, and graveyard: Hide and shriek. No idea if it has any accuracy to it at all but thought it was worth sharing.
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    This reads like a fan-made event and not actual speculation.
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    I'm sure you've noticed that Reaper has decided not to carry on with his HHN Audio Mixes last year. While I can't exactly fill his shoes I would just like to announce that I will be taking over for him and carrying on with the HHN Audio Mixes. In case you don't know what that is, it's a compilation of most of the music used at that years HHN event. So please enjoy this years album and remember that all of Reaper's previous mixes are still available HERE. HHN 27 (2017) HHN 28 (2018)
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    No, it's based on logistics and logic. The Studios has immediate guests access to climate-controlled facilities that allows for rigging, indoor-weather effects, and can hold up to 9 houses by themselves. They're easier to build in, build for, and operationally control. That's not an artistic argument. To expect them to support HHN in the new park is to expect Creative (who has nothing to do with the event, remember) to design the park with enough intentionally empty or convertible space to support at least 10 houses. That's over an acre of "empty" space, plus an extra two acres for queue. When the whole purpose of the new park is enclosed, fully immersive lands akin to Diagon, providing that space is not going to be a priority when the Studios already has that space. Do we "have" to the soundstages? No. We can use restaurants, extended queues, tents, and borrowed storage space. That's what the Islands years mostly were. But, using those spaces means they're not available to the new park itself. Universal, as a company, doesn't want a justification to use that space that way - they could justify it in the early 2000s because tourism was drastically down. As time went on and the parks rebounded, they shifted back to the Studios. Because that's where the space was. If we want to argue artistic merit though, there are some effects that can only be done in the soundstages, especially "fliers." No other space has the height or rigging certification to support them. Weather effects can't be done in tents (height and drainage). So... Yeah. The event won't move.
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    I don't share the concern about the event becoming MNSSHP 2.0 to try to increase profitability. Stranger Things is the flavor of the month, and they will milk it as they did with TWD (which did not cater to the tweenies). Fact of the matter is ST has a certain demographic and that demographic isn't into extreme gore, yet they tend to be shall we say, a bit sensitive. So we saw an event devoid of anything remotely controversial (B&T RIP). But the new generation of GP ate it up. We also saw some of the best originals ever, along with an arguably GOAT Poltergeist that relied on classic scares. I have no doubt that if the next flavor of the month is an extreme gore show, HHN will lean that way. The kids that are coming for ST this year will be grown up in a few years with completely different tastes, and the event will evolve a bit to cater to whatever those tastes are. This reminds me of when I started going to Vegas regularly back in the early 90s. Excalibur and Treasure Island had opened and MGM had a theme park. The regulars there said "That's it! Vegas is done. It's turning into Disneyland, Nevada." Fast forward ten years and the theme park closed, Treasure Island became TI, and Timeshare went up everywhere. The regulars said "That's it! Vegas is done. It's turning into a timeshare wasteland." Fast forward to now and the city is catering to the quick getaway, with ads promising something naughty happening in Vegas, and staying in Vegas. And I'm sure the regulars are saying "That's it! Vegas is done..." Personally, I think the changing state of IP holdings may result in HHN Orlando seeing a renaissance - the return of mostly original houses. The GP have given huge thumbs up to recent originals. IP is going to be harder to come by and maybe more expensive. So maybe we will see a couple of big name IP and the rest Creative's original IP. Honestly, that the CEO touts Hollywood's HHN is troubling to me. It seems to me that Hollywood has had budget constraints that resulted in HHN upping quantity while reducing quality. Yet the masses are still coming (due to ST). My concern is that Orlando will be told "Look what Hollywood is doing with less money, and your budget is 2x that of Hollywood. Do the same thing with 1.5x the Hollywood budget." And then we see Orlando houses filled with black walls and the same scare over and over. I'm honestly shocked to see Hollywood continuing to do as well as they are, all while being roasted for the declining house quality. I truly hope that doesn't spread to Orlando.
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    Well this was unexpected... and it looks AWESOME (side note: how do i just get the tweet to show up in my post instead of just the URL? Sorry.. not savvy with this kind of stuff)
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    Thank you for this! After 10 years (this year), it's been a long crazy ride. Although things have slowed here the past couple of years, we will continue to try our best to run a community with information.. as fans for fans!
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    I'm not arguing the fact that the character design is lifted from Buffy. I'm arguing that they aren't popular BECAUSE of their connection to Buffy. I promise you 99% of people at HHN don't know they are originally from Buffy. I loved BC before I ever knew of it's Hush basis. And if you ask any of my filthy casual friends who have never watched an episode of Buffy and only went to HHN 25, they'd still tell you that The Gentlemen were the best part of that year aside from Jack. (Though they will probably refer to them as the Bone Collectors.)
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    Two days... Then five days... Then 24 days...
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    I am thrilled with all this news today - and my FFP w/ Express passes have been purchased... so, for me, it's now official (even thought I've had my airline tix for two months already for all four weekends). I love that it's an 80's year officially.. that's my era! WOO HOO! I am HOPING they have some of the Scarecrow stuff in the Harvest. Scarecrow was one of my top 5 houses of all time! A little taste of it in a zone this year would NOT piss me off.
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    Sometimes, clues and hints can be extremely obtuse and complicated. I actually made a concerted effort (that I feel got more effective after clue set 3) to make clues that WEREN'T difficult. They require a little research and thought, but not a huge amount of background knowledge (@mystique). They allow wrong answers, but I hope is that when houses are revealed, the seem obvious. Every single one has been figured out, at least. And today SHOULD be tickets (bring money), AoV, and 3 zones.
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    Since things I post end up over there anyway... Does someone want to tell IU that the trademark is dead? There are no longer any rights issues regarding Bloody Mary. Friendly reminder for here as well. ^That's my illogical optimism. EDIT: IU post no longer needed. Optimism and reminder stand.
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    Depends on what you consider to be blatant. Blatant connections for me are usually not the same for others. Nods to past houses, past stories, and IPs are very obvious to me. Interstellar Terror was blatantly Event Horizon to me. While others have associated it with a video game, Roddy's cameo in the house cemented the Event Horizon connection. I knew Run was a homage to The Running Man in '01. I can connect things very easily. I've said it before, but not recently: I am one step away from being a conspiracy theorist. I see obvious connections to the past in the remaining originals, but that is me. I see patterns, tropes, and similarities with ease. I can, also, match all of the originals to the Legions of Horror. There's only one Legion not represented.
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    The Legacy clue could also point to Trick r Treat. That isn't a Simpsons Halloween special, but it is an anthology made up of several vignettes. It already is a loosely connected mash-up EDIT- NEAT!
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    Eh, I think there was some valid spec based on wording in a blog post This year, the past will haunt you with brand-new mazes based on iconic horror films, terrifying hit TV-shows and haunting original stories. As for speculation vs wishful speculation vs rumors... All we have anymore is deductive reasoning on which properties best fit the formula. There's not much else to speculate on without hint givers such as yourself or riddle givers such as the Ifrit. Take IT for example: A highly successful horror film based on the works of a master of horror. The Shining happened last year. Simple deductive reasoning would suggest that IT has a strong possibility, unless you are aware of various intricacies. King's dislike of haunted house and King being loopholed out of last year's Shining house. IT makes sense as a potential if one does not know certain details. IT has all the hallmarks of being a feature property out of context. This isn't 2008 or 2009 where there is a website we can deduce information from. How long did we debate a detective vs. a doctor in 08? The office gave support for both. The edition of a Freud quote gave the doctor more validity. Then there was the debate of male vs. female. That one went on for quite sometime. The only evidence to support a female over a male was items bequeathed in a will. Speculation is no more than wishful thinking or a simple plug n' play now. There's been a ragtag assortment of riddle givers (Emeric in 2010, our mutual friend in 2011, the Ifrit in 2012, 2013, 2017, and this year, the good Dr. Jimmy who has left the game, Cassilda Carcossa) and there are the hint droppers, who you have to be familiar with to know when to read more into a comment. There's zero fun and imagination in spec anymore.
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    There's probably a specific age demographic that is hyped by the thought of a Lost Boys house. It's the same demographic that's more hyped than anyone for an 80's themed year. This is our childhood. There's a nostalgia that sucks (pun intended) us right in. Vampire houses are never frightening for me, but they are usually my favorite houses. I'm the weird one that loved Blade...I mean Vampyr: Bloodbath. Went through it three times the night I was there. The call of "Join us" used to creep out guests in vampire houses usually gets a response of "Yes, please!" from me. Lost Boys will have an aesthetic that I immensely enjoy. While I look forward to the potential of an upside down vampire scaring me from above, I'll spend the house reliving my desires to join the Frog brothers and Sam in their adventures and reveling in my continued desires to be one of the Lost Boys.
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    2 things... just my opinions: 1 - no way does Uni miss using IT two years in a row if its possible. That franchise is a cash cow and HHN isn't afraid to use the same property twice. 2 - no more video games and for the love of god... no pro wrasslin' anything.
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    With there being rumors of the Classic Monsters returning to the event this year, I put together a maze announcement trailer in hopes it actually happens. Hope you guys like it!
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    New a slightly updated Speculation Map
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    Coming directly from staffing: no casting emails have gone out yet. They are still making their selections as well as finalizing some other matters related to HHN. But you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.
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    It's that time again. Time for the infamous Speculation Map for #HHN28! DISCLAIMER: Nothing on this map is official unless otherwise already announced by Universal. It is based solely on current speculation and will change often.
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    To accuse any originals of just being “thrown together” is unfair to A&D, especially when one of the houses you name was a sequel, that was a new attempt at something they’d never tried before. They put effort into what they do. Whether it “works” is impossible to determine until a cast is performing. That said, what I’m hearing about the originals is interesting. There’s some effects/set-pieces that may work well or may be duds. They seem to be trying different things at least. That’s not bad. And it’s not any rumor-monger’s place to JUDGE something that isn’t even built yet. There may be a all-time great in this lineup. They may all be Spawnings. That determination can’t be made until September.
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