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    For Terror Tram, I feel like it would be cool not to have an overall theme, with the same character or group of characters taking over the entire terror tram, but to have individual sets of characters that fit the different areas of the sets. For example, you'd have Norman Bates at the Bates Motel. Then a different set of characters at the War of the Worlds plane. I think they've done something like this before where it's different throughout, but I think it would be great to seen done again.
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    If Halloween Returns does come to HHN 2018 it's either gonna be part of a possible Horrors of Blumhouse Vol. 2 house or have it's own solo maze like Insidious. Trick r Treat is a no brainer as this point! If it comes it's definitely gonna be a shared IP. I know Stephen King doesn't want his books featured in haunts, but after the success of the Shining in HHN and the Neibolt House Attraction in Hollywood I don't think an IT maze is entirely impossible. I think after what happened behind the scenes this year(TOT replacing Conjuring, Evil Dead being changed into the Starz TV show, etc.) I think John Murdy has finally learned that he needs to make original mazes again so he won't have to worry about losing the rights to certain IPs. The Thing seems also likely this year since Murdy has a "classic horror movie" streak(The Exorcist, The Shining). In my honest opinion I think this year's AHS maze will feature Coven and Cult cuz it's obvious that John really wants to do Asylum justice by giving it a solo maze in the future. Here's a bunch of other IPs and OG concepts that I personally want to see in 2018: Stranger Things Killer Klowns from Outer Space(I wouldn't mind seeing this in 3D) The Conjuring Evil Dead: Dead by Dawn Army of Darkness A Living Dead maze based on any of George A. Romero's films Original Hollywood Harry Maze Classic Universal Monsters Mashup The Return of La Llarona The final installment of the Alice Cooper trilogy Original Urban Inferno maze I also suggest better scare zone decor with more scare actors, make the strobe lights and Dubstep tunnel a maze location if possible, have more variety with the scares, and please please please...No. More. Black Walls!
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    But the Trick R Treat zone is gorgeous as hell, and really true to the nature of the film (which isn't super scary either). Agreed. Altars of Horror is kind of garbage, but the actors are doing their best with it. Agreed that Bone IS the icon, despite what they say. IDK why they're so against saying it. He even narrates the opening scare-a-monies. But, hold your opinion on this zone until you see it in person. It's a lot better live, especially after dark. Again, wait to you see this one in person. Sure, there are some elements carried over from HHN24, but this zone is GREAT! They really took the extra budget they had from used elements, and introduced a ton of new stuff. Plus, the actors here are doing a stellar job, and having a ton of fun.
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