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    Happy Halloween Horror Nights everyone! And welcome to Killswitch’s yearly review. Not really too much to start off with this year. So far I’m really enjoying this year, there isn’t a bad scarezone or house this year. I know there were a few hiccups with marketing and that monster Irma but huge props to Universal for going all out this year. And without further ado we are going to go into my house reviews for the year. We’re going to do things a little different this year because all the houses are pretty good this year I’m not going to go through my usual route, this year let’s separate the houses into tiers. Tier 1: The Good SAW: The Games of Jigsaw- I was looking forward to this one as I love the SAW movies, and it had to better than the one back in 2009. There were lots of scares to be had and was significantly more intense than the previous maze. Lots of show scenes so if you only do it once you’ll probably miss a lot. A few things that I didn’t particularly care for were how much was going on in one room. Multiple traps on both sides of the room makes you miss a lot. Also the GAT’s this year were super cheesy and unimpressive. Overall it was a major improvement from the 09 maze and am glad they brought it back. This year I will give saw a 7 out of 10. Ash vs Evil Dead: This house is probably the weakest of the year in a very strong year. I really liked the concept and show’s humor is right down my alley and I was laughing more in this house than being scared. They have some really cool and unique gags and set pieces in the house as well. I really enjoyed the soundtrack and the finale as well. The house wasn’t as gory as I had expected, comparing it to the show and there was way to much empty space where there could have been scares. I’ll give Ash a 6 out of 10. Blumhouse of Horrors: This was probably the hardest house to judge mostly because the flow is a bit odd. I didn’t like that 2 movies get a total of 3.5 rooms and the rest of the house is another movie. Sinister especially deserved a lot more space in this house. The Insidious room’s however are fantastic and proved that they could have done another unique Insidious house all on its own. I would’ve like more movies included like Hush and Get Out. The scares were pretty good especially as you got deeper into the house. All in all it wasn’t a bad house but Blumhouse needs to thank Insidious for its ranking of a 6.5 out of 10. Tier 2: The Better Hive: I really like this house, but I can understand why people don’t. I really like how this how tells a story and gets crazier and crazier as you go into the house. The lack of lights make the house carier and pushes you through. There are lots of scare chances but nothing crazy unique. I loved the costumes and the intensity of the actors. The sets weren’t the best and lack of façade brings it down a little. Overall I like this house and has lots of room for improvement. I give Hive an 7.5 out of 10. American Horror Story Vol. 2: I had really high expectations for this one especially with how well last years was done and my favorite season is Asylum. It is a very well done house, really stoked that the majority of the house was Asylum. There a lots of scares to be had and the scareactors are really aggressive. I really liked the use of smells in this house and it really makes a difference compared to other houses. A really solid house overall I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. The Shining; This is the house I was most skeptical about, being that it is a film that still creeps me out to this day. I have to say the Shining did not disappoint. It’s a really in depth house and covers all the important parts from the movie. While its not the scariest house at the event, it has lots of cool stuff to look at. I really love the bar scene and going through the hedge maze. The only disappointment is the elevator scene, which I probably had way to high of hopes for. I really look forward to this maze every night. The Shining gets a 8.5 out of 10 Tier 3: The Best Scarecrow: This is by far the most intense house of the year. It uses a lot of scares that haven’t been used in a few years. The intensity and frequency of scares of this house is unreal. There are also a lot of unique scares and scenes in this one as well. I don’t’ really want to spoil a whole lot so we’ll leave Scarecrow as a 9 out of 10. The Fallen: I love this house, this is a house with an amazing combination of everything. Great scares, beautiful sets, unique scenes. This house is solid all the way through, and the final 3 or 4 rooms really make this house. The façade for this one is great too. The Fallen also receives a 9 out of 10. Dead Waters: Way to prove me wrong Universal, at the beginning of the event I was super skeptical about this house. Im not a huge fan of Voodoo themed things when it comes to haunted attractions but this house was phenominal. From the façade to the finale this house goes all out. The sets are amazing with so much to look at, which amplify the scares even further. All the scareactors do a great job brining their characters to life. I can’t say enough good things about this house. Even so much so that this house has cracked my top 5 of all time. Well done Universal 10 out of 10. On to the scarezones: Festival of the Deadliest: This is an odd scarezone to me, the sets are really cool, the scares are there and the costumes are great. However, I just don’t get it. It doesn’t convey a story like the other zones. Also lighting needs to be improved in this zone. Scares and costumes really save this zones rating of a 3.5 out of 5. Trick R Treat: What a beautiful zone, they did a great job with the overall ambiance of the zone. The scares here are okay but the actors do a good job with what they are supposed to do . Also they people who play Sam do a wonderful job. 4 out of 5 Invasion! This is straight up a fun zone. The acting is great. Scares aren’t particularly there but it is a quite good zone. 3.5 out of 5. The Purge: Despite popular opinion this is such as good zone. Lots of scareactors, the most ive seen in quite some time, intense scares, and lots to look at. Very good job with this. 4.5 out of 5. Altars of Horror: This is really a throw away zone, not a whole lot of scaring going on, mostly a photo op zone so meh. 2.5 out of 5. House Rankings 1. Dead Waters 2. Scarecrow 3. The Fallen 4. The Shining 5. AHS 6. Hive 7. SAW 8. Blumhouse 9. Ash vs Evil Dead Scareszone Ranknings: 1. The Purge 2. Trick R Treat 3. Invasion! 4. Festival of the Deadliest 5. Altars of Horror Last but not least a quick review of the shows: Bill and Ted was great for the farewell tour. Lots of laughs and always love when they do live singing. Thank you Bill and Ted for providing years of laughs and memories. Academy of Villains was very good considering the issues they’ve had with the hurricane. Thank you to all who have read and made it through the whole review. If any one has any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment J Killswitch
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