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    No, the freestyle cups.
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    First, we did not do Blumhouse because my fiance' has not seen the first Purge and we both have not seen Sinister yet, nor did we do AHS because we're not finished with those seasons. There are some spoilers...nothing crazy...but just wanted to give a heads up. Let's get into it, shall we. Scarezones: Overall, much more impressed by this year than previous years. Festival of the Deadliest - I'm going to cut this one some slack because I saw their set design back stage, so it was just scareactors. However, I have no idea what they're going for here. They played some dark rock songs and it looked like they were trying to go for a sleeker version of Demon Cantina. This has been our favorite zone to hang out in and watch scares, but we may be spending more time in Altars of Horror for that. Altars of Horror - It was cool to see the IP characters up close and personal, but they definitely need some props in here. It's also very evident this year more than ever, that Universal has gone all-in when it comes to the advertising side. Some of the banners are tacky and remind me of Six Flags, but it's definitely an improvement over last year. The Purge - Biggest scarezone surprise of the night for me. I don't really like anything Purge related, but the scareactors and the atmosphere get it done here. Much better, in my opinion, than that Mad Max looking zone we had last year. I don't even remember what it was called. Invasion - Supremely disappointed. Odd scares, odd costumes, odd atmosphere. Last year, albeit small and cramped, this was my favorite scarezone. Here's hoping they up just about everything. Trick r' Treat - This is the most aesthetically pleasing this area has looked in a long time. Photographs galore. The scares weren't there last night but WOW does it look nice. Houses: Overall, it was a decent night. This is going to be more from an aesthetic standpoint from the look of the house and the makeup/effects unless there were some real standouts with scareactors(which...there WERE). I realize things change, some casts have on/off nights, some effects change, etc. but this is just what I saw. Here's my list from worst to first: The Shining: Full disclosure: This film is my favorite of all time, so this review may be skewed a little. Good. God. Was this a disappointment. The scareactors were doing their best to work with what they had(horrible receding hairlines and makeup) in this house, but oh my what a turd. I'm sorry, but WOW. The Shining is GRANDIOSE! I thought Shining + Soundstage would equal GRANDIOSE! None of that need apply. Everything felt cramped and forced and not what you would expect out of a Shining house. First off...uhhhh...WHERE IS THE EXTERIOR OF THE OVERLOOK HOTEL?! They had a HUGE opportunity here to really give it that chilling factor. And based on what I saw from one house later in the night, you can't tell me it's not possible to do. That being said, the ballroom is a micro version from the film, but still very well executed and they have the effect in here where it's a more relaxed vibe, the light goes out, back on, and all hell breaks loose. I still find joy in that. The elevator blood scene was pretty poor, however, it is spot on to the way I thought they would do it, but with less space...which you have a TON of in a soundstage. Ugh. I've had houses grow on me over the course of the event(Frankenstein) and I'm truly hoping that happens with this one. Saw: The Games of Jigsaw: This would actually be listed as my worst house had I not had such high expectations for The Shining. There's really not much to say. There are traps. We're not being put into the traps, we're just watching other people experience the traps with actually very little fear if they're going to get out. The props they use don't even come close to their face or remotely look like they're going to do any damage to the scareactor. Now, the scareactors, again, did a solid job of making it work, but I didn't have too big of expectations to begin with. The one cool scene I liked was the bathroom from the first film. They did an awesome job with the space they had, but overall, I wasn't impressed. Ash Vs. Evil Dead: We were REALLY looking forward to this one and it was just ok. They left out some of the best quotes and best scenes from the show! It wasn't as funny or gory as I thought it was going to be, but it was...meh. They include the cabin, which is awesome...but meh. I'm sure they'll amp it up when everyone finds their groove(no pun intended). The Fallen: Spoiler alert: This one is not a battle of Angels vs. Demons. It's just hell. Want to know why they removed(yes removed) the angels? Because an exec thought it was too violent toward religion. So...like I said....it's just hell..sometimes on earth? The soundtrack is pretty awesome, but it's mostly just demons munching dead remains and poppping out to get you, throughout. Again, a PERFECT opportunity to make things GRANDIOSE!! Soundstage! Hell! Nope. Although, we are getting on the right track with design here. There are some very cool effects, the makeup is great and the bungy demon is a badass. The scareactors have an opportunity to make things great and it could end up being one of the top houses. I just fully believe they got shafted with what they have to work with from a story standpoint and it's not really A&D's fault. Hive: The lack of a true facade for this one is understandable considering we lost The Conjuring, however, that immediately throws you off. They need to do something with that. As far as scares go, this, so far, is the Tomb of the Ancients of last year. The makeup is PHENOMENAL and the scares are even better. These guys really buy into the story and man do they go all out. The design is ok, but again, the scareactors are what will make or break this house on any given night. Scarecrow: The Reaping: Besides the fact they clearly used a lot of Texas Chainsaw props from last year, they did a VERY good job with the space they had. The makeup and masks, again, are really solid and that's definitely a consistency I've seen across the board with this year(minus The Shining). They have a couple of pretty cool effects in here, including a scene where you feel like you're being bombarded by crows and then somehow they made me feel like I was in an actual cornfield for another scene, although you know you're not. I truly believe the tent house scareactors are maybe the best of the best because A&D knows they can pick up where they lack as far as design and the space they're able to use, because they're in mid-event form already. And for my last review, I want to warn any of those who are afraid to get on any hype train and feel disappointed because someone built something up too much for you. I'm about to pour hype ALL OVER DEAD WATERS. Dead Waters: OH MY F***ING GOOD LORDY D:SLIJHNSE:E:UHEO#*IH:FDJ:ELKFJE:LK!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Unfreakingbelievable....If you can't tell by my The Forsaken avatar, when it comes to HHN, I'm a huge fan of crashed boats. I don't know why, but same thing with Dead Man's Wharf last year. This house has THE BEST facade I've ever scene at an HHN event. Period, end of story. The design inside is up there with THE BEST I've ever seen at an HHN event. They poured SO much love into this house and it is evident around every corner. From the swampy forest, to the paddle boat, to the sacrificing rooms, everything is just freaking amazing. The scareactors don't even need to be on point for this house to be awesome, in fact, I think they could run this house WITHOUT scareactors and it would still be the best(so far). This point of view is coming from someone who, again, is more into the design, story and aesthetics of the houses, than the scares. Full disclosure, I actually got choked up a couple of times walking through because of some throwbacks to the Forsaken, but mostly I just FELT. THE. LOVE. This house takes an event dripping with a corporate feel, and transports you into the world of voodoo and mystery. The one and ONLY complaint I have is that IT'S TOO SHORT! I feel like I can visit this house every night of the event and it will never bore me. On that note, I'm looking forward to finishing the other two houses and seeing B&T and AoV this year. It's going to be a solid, not great, but not horrible year. Ringwraith out.
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    Any updates on the merch? HHN hollywood just added Saw shirts. I also heard rumors that Orlando got B&T shirts now?
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    In their defense, they didn't have a full dress rehearsal before the Employee Preview (EP) and are trying to figure out what works for them in the zone. There were no set pieces during EP either so they didn't get a chance to interact with them prior to opening night. Let's hope, for their sake, that the big sets that are expected are there sooner than later on in the run.
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    Have been through all of the house queues, haven't seen any liquor sales before, during, or after them.
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    Exactly, like even if not this weekend but ready by next then that is fine and fair but any longer then I will really be like "Hey what is going on?"
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    Agreed. I believe that stage normally comes down and goes back up during Rock the Universe. So, it should be able to go right back up unless something got broken. Maybe they didn't have enough practice on the stage with full effects to finalize the whole new show? Hence why there are pieces of last year's show and this years? Just spit-balling. Hopefully that's the case, and we'll see them this weekend or next.
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    Overall from worst to best: Afterlife - Death’s Vengeance 3D Lunatics Playground 3D RUN - Blood, Sweat, and Fears AWIL 2015 Urban Legends - La Llorona HAVOC - Derailed Roanoke - Cannibal Colony Alien Vs Predator Resident Evil - Escape From Raccoon City Ghost Town - Curse Of Lightning Gulch The Walking Dead (2016) From Dusk Till Dawn Texas Chainsaw Massacre HIVE Giggles & Gore Inc. Asylum In Wonderland 3D Evil Dead The Shining Freddy Vs Jason Horrors Of Blumhouse TWD - Living & The Dead Saw - Games Of Jigsaw AWIL 2013 Halloween Halloween - Hell Comes To Haddonfield The Purge Body Collectors - ReCollections Dead Waters Krampus The Walking Dead - End Of The Line The Fallen Ash Vs. Evil Dead American Horror Story Insidious American Horror Story - Volume 2 Dollhouse Of The Damned Dracula Untold - Reign Of Blood The Exorcist Tomb Of The Ancients / Scarecrow - The Reaping (Tied) Cabin In The Woods Jack Presents - 25 Years Of Monsters & Mayhem
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    THIS IS A REVIEW OF THINGS. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. NO BITCHING. I also haven't read any other reviews besides Alice's and Ringwraiths. And honestly I can't remember what they ranked things. So this is my unbiased review. Neat. The cool thing about humans is that we're all different and prefer different things. If you don't like the house/street/whatever, then don't do it. I like it for my own reasons and will continue to do so. Be your own person So, I haven't had an internet connection at home for a week due to Irma somehow getting a power surge through the coax line on my 1500VA 900W UPS/battery backup and frying my brand new $300 DOCSIS 3.1 modem. Still pissed about that. Also mildly impressed. But mostly pissed. So, since I'm typing this up at work while I await my RMA, I'm going to make it short. Like, very short. Easily digestible reviews. I also may have been intoxicated and don't remember every single detail. Reviews will also be done in the order of my favorite to least favorite. Let's begin! Houses - 1) Scarecrow: The Reaping - Loved every second of this house. I dig scarecrows. Scarecrow might be my favorite Batman villain. But my favorite thing here is the room with all of the crows overhead. IMMEDIATELY followed by the room where the crows are "attacking" or just flying around idk. But it's super cool and whoever came up with that idea did a great job. Very well executed. 2) Dead Waters - Might be my favorite facade of all time. Good scares, I liked the costumes, but the set was beautiful. I really want to walk through this one every night just to admire the set design. 3) The Hive - I was skeptical about this because oooo vampires. But it felt grittier. I also really enjoyed the sets here. A couple good scare points I wasn't expecting. I'd really like to see the costumes in better detail up close. 4) Ash vs Evil Dead - I haven't seen the show, but I have seen all of the other Evil Dead stuff. While I may not have recognized the scenes, it felt like there was enough stuff here from the other movies that I recognized. The Ash actors were still getting their groove, but I liked the lines they had and it felt just campy enough to get a passing grade. 5) The Fallen - I love the theme, but it fell short in almost every aspect. I need to go through it a few more times, but the conflict between heaven and hell is so broad and there's so much cool shit you can do (just rip off content from the Diablo franchise by Blizzard Entertainment) but I feel like it was just missed completely. 6) SAW - I like SAW, and traps, but this house felt empty. I don't think I've ever had a house in the Shrek queue that I really enjoyed. Maybe I was expecting something to the level of SAW from 2009 but nothing really stood out. Flat and uninspired is the only thing I can think of here. 7) The Shining - Oh boy I don't even want to get into this one. Easily my most anticipated house, and probably one of the biggest reasons I purchased a FFP+ this year. The Shining is probably my favorite horror film of all time. I love the grandiose scale, the psychological thrill, the shaping of Jack Torrance throughout the film. This house had so much potential and opportunity to play with perspective, so many cool scenes to walk through. And what do I remember from the house? Walking through an endless hallway of doors with axe holes in them, and little recognizable pieces from the movie just thrown up on the wall with seemingly no rhyme or reason. It's like they just grabbed a handful of stuff from a bucket containing The Shining references and just threw it all over the place as they walked through. God damnit I was sad when I left this one. 8) American Horror Story - Haven't seen AHS, so that's my own fault. The Roanoke set was cool. Not much to say here. Would probably most definitely rank higher if I was familiar with the content. But for those unfamiliar, it just goes from one scene abruptly into the next with no cohesion and makes little sense. Just seems like it's there to make people go "OH I RECOGNIZE THAT!". 9) Blumhouse - Not really a fan of Blumhouse stuff in general. Had no scares here, everything was predictable. Maybe it was just our set, but the one thing I was anticipating was aggressive scareactors and everything we got was extremely lackluster. Actors seemed bored. Again, might have just been tired (it was 11pm on Sunday and I understand the first weekend can be rough, especially to newcomers) but I'll definitely be giving it several more tries in the coming weeks. Zones - 1) The Purge - After my above review of Blumhouse, who'd have thought? The actors are lively, New York works as a great set for this type of zone, and the costumes and props are great. I also like that there's plenty of room to stay on the side, out of the way. And the lighting is good enough for photos, but not overwhelming. Keep it up guys and gals. 2) Trick 'r Treat - Easily the most ambient and beautiful of the zones. This is my must-watch movie of the season, and I watch it every year. I love the costumes, I love the interactions, I love the props and lights and everything. Bravo to the designers here. The only reason I rank it lower than The Purge is because it's much more difficult to hang out in. To no fault of the zone, I just like being able to be out of the way and watch people get scared. Every time I hang out in this area year after year I always just feel like I'm in the way. A+ though, keep it up. 3) Invasion! - I love love love this zone and especially the costumes. My only problem is that there needs to be more aggressive scareactors mixed in with the elegant beautiful ones. I've seen a few, but it just feels too stagnant. And the couple of times I've been through here the actors are almost all taking selfies with guests. I know it's hard for actors (especially in slower more relaxed roles) to get away from cameras, but maybe coordinators could me more aggressive about it? Idk, it looked like a photo op for everybody. 4) Altars of Horror - Needs more props. Felt barren, as if the whole area was simply an afterthought. Only walked through once but wasn't impressed. Honestly just felt like they took whatever amalgamation of leftover ideas they had and went "ehhhh, yeah. just toss it there I guess". Will have to come back. 5) Festival of the Deadliest - See "Altars of Horror" Misc - Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure - Honestly, felt weak for a farewell show. I got the references and stuff, and the jokes were alright, but I feel like the could've gone all out. More actors, more fireworks, balls to the wall. Cmon guys, you're losing one of your most iconic shows this year. Go all out. It felt just like any other years show. The montage at the end was neat and felt really good, but the show itself was pretty disappointing for a farewell tour. Academy of Villains: Afterlife - Haven't seen it. Heard good things. Now that I've done all the houses I'll probably do it next weekend. Das it.
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    Whoops. Shoulda explained. 41 is all the different houses I've been in in 5 years (all minus TWD 2013).
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    Hey Grind how's it been?!?! Me and you chose to come outta the shadows at the same time lmao good to see you back
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    Yeah, I saw a really long line for it on opening night.
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    People on fb are losing their freaking crap over the alcohol and organizing mass calling to complain to uni and figuring out new ways to sneak liquor like hiding bags on their boots or on their underwear lol. ( some are threatening to cancel their vacation or even their annual pass LOL) I understand drinking is is fun but some people are acting like if they found out that their car was stolen or something... like if they lost all their savings or something Some people were truly fully panicking, very funny to see really. I never knew some many went to hhn with alcohol being their biggest motivator for going,
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    This maze. Scary as hell, especially if your eyes haven't adjusted and it becomes hard to see what the hell is going on. The actors really give it their all, and the setting is just wonderful. It's Tomb of the Ancients set to 11.
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    I know 4 people who got cast on the last 2 weeks of the event last year so you shouldn't give up. You could get cast any day and the casting is random.
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    I will be at HHN in 25 days and look forward to being drunk both nights I'm there courtesy of mystery drinks in blinky cups. That is all.
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    Well for me I only started going last year but the second time I've ever been I was there with family & we were unfortunately walking next to a very inebriated couple, one half of which decides to throw her almost empty beer cup across the crowd hitting a lady walking further ahead, but the woman she hit turned around and looked at ME like I did it. While I know random unfortunate situations like that one are pretty much unavoidable (even if it did go dry, which I doubt it ever will, there's always City Walk) if these changes even possibly deter the people that will act up like that when they drink from going to HHN, then I'm for it.
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    Then don't bother trying to understand
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    Here are some photos taken from the RIP lounge and buffet, along with John Murdy and Slash whom I happened to pass by. https://imgur.com/a/jyMeK
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    Limits your ability....or enhances it? That's debatable. Some would argue it limits your awareness of your surroundings and makes you more open to scares. And while some of us might be raging alcoholics, for a lot of us it's a part of the trip as we have real lives as responsibilities at home that may or may not include jobs, kids, other dependents, etc. and this vacation is a time to cut lose and have some drinks. Many of us stay in local hotels and take shuttles/cabs to the event when at home we all have to drive home from bars. Etc, etc, etc. It's our vacation to escape reality for a few nights and go into a world of horror which also allows us us to drink alcohol (to excess) in a way that doesn't have any adverse consequences for our jobs/families/public, etc. Someone who has responsibilities 360 days throughout the year looking forward to 5 days of vacation where they get to have jello shots they purchase form a scantily clad young lady that they look forward to all year...that's a shame that they can't have that experience for some crazy reason. Now, 22 year old locals who drive to the event, get wasted, and throw potatoes at scareactors are just assholes and a completely different story. And you know what? They'll STILL get belligerently drunk. Pregaming, sneaking in liquor, spending whatever they have to do get to that point through the alcohol available, etc. And, as shocking as this may sound, there is such a thing as drinking in moderation where you have a few beers throughout the course of night where you walk 10 miles and metabolize it super fast...and getting so drunk that you get lost in houses, don't understand them, and puke in the bushes.
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