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    That's about all I got for now, but I will be updating this very frequently
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    Personally I think it's going to be the dark universe. It wouldn't take too long to sort the building out for a live action show, so why such a long delay? Maybe to allow the dark universe franchise time to really take off and get more films out?
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    Bourne has been speculated, possibly James Bond if Uni gets the rights to the next film.
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    Zones 1) Invasion (#1 with a bullet) 2) Trick r Treat 3) Festival of the Deadliest 51) The Purge 100) Altars of Horror (because I really dislike photo op scarezones) Houses 1) The Fallen 2) Dead Waters 3) Scarecrows 4) Hive 5) Ash v Evil Dead 6) American Horror Story 7) Blumhouse 8) The Shining (Hoping it's a surprise hit like Exorcist; expectations are very low) Infinity+1) Saw (As much interest as I'd have for another year of TWD) My expectations overall are very high for this year, in light of AHS being so far down on my list and it being a top house from last year. HHN is still all about the originals for me. Saw just doesn't belong here... Hoping the whole "you are in the trap" thing will somehow work out.
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    SCAREZONES: 1. Trick 'R Treat- I mean, who here HASN'T BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!? Although it's not a house, if the scare zone kills (which I'm willing to bet it will) then we can only hope and pray for a house next year. I may have to break my rule of not taking pictures with the actors so I can have a picture with Sam. 2. Alters of Horror- It's actually really an interesting scare zone to have a mashup of everything waiting for you inside the houses. Although this may be a scheme to have more pictures posted online (of things such as Sinister, Insidious, AHS, Saw), I'm excited to see how it's planned out. 3. Festival of the Deadliest- I feel like this will end up being the best scare zone, however I'm a little skeptical. It may be like Esqueleto Muerte but without all the showy lights and more scares. 4. Invasion! - I hope this is really cool. I just am always disappointed with alien stuff and don't find it scary. Hopefully the 1955 retro aspect makes this amazing, because that's all I'm holding on to! 5. The Purge- Done it before. Also, seeing it in a house and having it's own scare zone I'm not that excited. Of course Election Year had great masks and people, I'm still not expecting too much. Hate to say it, but I feel like The Purge is becoming the new TWD. HOUSES: 1. Horrors of Blumhouse- I don't get scared too easily during movies. Sinister makes me tear up when I think about it. Honestly, I've been waiting for a house to scare me enough to make me feel nervous and I think this will do it. Insidious is also an old favorite of mine (since the house a couple years ago). The Purge I can do without, however I'm excited for it. 2. Saw: The Games of Jigsaw- I've been rewatching all 7 Saws this past week and it still reigns as my favorite franchise ever. I want this house to be even more gory than my first year (2009) and to have the same last room (I still remember that room with the most vivid memory)! 3. Ash Vs. Evil Dead- This is one of my favorite tv shows and I'm so excited for this house. I'm not sure if it will focus more on the movies or the show, even though I believe it will be more show. This will probably be the fun house, which usually makes it go to the top, so we will have to see my rankings after going! 4. Scarecrow: The Reaping- My guess: think Gothic with scarecrows and during the Dust Bowl. Hopefully this doesn't go so western that it makes me think "WHERE'S MY GOLD". 5. AHS- I loved last years maze, which I'm shocked cause I didn't think it would be so amazing. This year has Roanoke, Asylum and Coven, which are arguably the best seasons. Super excited. 6. The Shinning- Okay, I still have to watch this movie and that's why it's so low. I would not rate it, however I do have some excitement because I know of the maze, Redrum, and the Twins. I'm watching this movie next week before I go, so maybe that will change my mind on it's ranking. 7. The Fallen- I'm really excited about this because it's you stuck in the middle of a war. I love these kind of mazes and it sounds really intriguing. I'm not sure what to expect, which makes it more enticing to go in. 8. Hive- Vampires are cool. I just never really get scared by them. Hopefully this year that changes. 9. Dead Waters- I have a lot of mixed feelings on this. Bayou of Blood was mediocre, and considering this is sort of the same thing than that's all I can expect. I feel like it may come in and surprise everyone, however I'm not too excited about it. HOS has the same type of voodoo swamp theme every year and they do it very cheesy but perfect. I just hope HHN doesn't copy it and make it exactly like it. PS. Making this list just made me realize that I'm actually really really excited for every house this year. We have a nice balance of old/new stuff and IP/Original houses. Going to be an amazing year!
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    Since we're so slow at the moment, and at the risk of turning this into an AHS thread, I thought I'd see if anyone watched the AHS: Cult premier the other night? I have a love/hate relationship with the show, and skipped last season entirely. But, I have to say, if they can keep the focus that they did with this episode; I may be in for the entire season. There was even a "Made for HHN" scene already featured. (The supermarket for those of you that watched).
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    This one I'm working into a shirt design.
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    Do they ever make shirts that aren't black? They all look the same after a while. Whenever I wear one of the shirts I've got at HHN people either know what it is (very few people here NOLA) or think it's a Slipknot tshirt especially the one from 25.
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    Friend and I chilling at Citywalk. I'm in the hat. Septum piercing has gotten larger since then, but that's about it.
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