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    I thought this was a team member only shirt..
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    Here's another shirt you can expect to for the event Also, I think the majority of you will be happy with the house shirt. It has the logo on the left chest with the house artwork on the back. No slogan, or sticky lettering.
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    AP HHN mailer came today with info about exclusive shirt and pin.
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    Uh oh , I don't have the picture of the bulletin anymore but I believe the Backlot.
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    It's a billboard that is being used to advertise more towards the locals as a reminder that the event is coming. If you put that billboard in Bangor, ME then I could see your point. Furthermore, you point out how long the URL is... whoa... it's so complex. As long as you can read English, it wouldn't be that difficult to remember. Halloween Horror Nights... yes, much too complicated to remember. Obviously you can't compare Disney marketing materials, which have existed for many decades, to a random billboard. However, having a billboard that is at least memorable each year would be cool instead of just plain unimaginative material. And for the record, I'll be lucky to see any advertisements at all for Horror Nights where I am. I think there may have been a commercial or 2 last year which was a 1st. Considering how large the event has become and how popular Halloween has become in general, you'd think they'd market at least a little in the Boston area on tv, but I've yet to really see that happen.
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    Chance's voice sounds like Angelica Pickles from Rugrats.
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    Just once I'd like a scarezone shirt
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    How exactly do you expect us to walk through an entire event , 9 houses, 5 scare zones and enjoy it when really all we can think about is just how plain the billboard is we saw once two weeks ago?
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