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    At ScareLA someone asked John about VIP and he said that he didn't even know if it's returning. I hope it is, there was a lot of negative feedback about it last year. At the least make front of the line unlimited
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    Probably not, but if they were I'd say close to $250. Congratulations StraightEdge, it sounds like you might get to go this year. Hope it's very fun for you first timers.
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    Yup, I owe you an apology for my dismissive wiseassery
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    Why are people thinking it is an extreme house? No where does it indicate this.
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    Maybe the guy who posted a week or two ago that he heard something of a 10th house wasn't so crazy after all....the house just happened to be Virtual.
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    I told you I had reasons to believe we were getting a tenth house
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    $10 we see a lot of repeated costumes here
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    We always have a list: 1. We will fly down a minimum of three different weekends this year, and we MAY add opening night for a fourth 2. We will consume the loaded fries probably multiple times (mmm, those are SO good!) 3. We will allow one weekend for my stepson and daughter-in-law to join us and experience the event with the caveat that they must be able to keep up with the old ladies. 4. Every night we attend, we will be there when the gates open until closing time when the lights come on 5. We will probably have more than one giant pink donut 6. We will buy several of the most awesome caramel/nut apples from the candy shop in the Universal store on the way out 7. Odds are pretty good that over the course of the event, I will spend an obscene amount of money on merchandise 8. If TWD is back, we are skipping it 9. We will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary on Halloween Night in whatever scarezone replaces Evils Roots this year
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