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    Exactly one house. Winter's night. Yeah you don't need it to be cold but look at the costumes in the movie and then look at a MIB tent and the Florida temps. That could be a serious health risk. If it is in a tent (and I genuinely am not 100% sure it is or even if 100% happening) I would hope large AC units would be involved. It can be done the question is will it? It isn't hard to connect the dots on what the mega house is. Whether it's worth it is a matter of opinion and remains to be seen. There is this odd precedent lately of making new ideas... and then Universal seemingly feeling they can't go backwards. But that isn't sustainable unless they stop "one-uppping" each year. 9 houses, mega house, classic movies, heavy hitting IPs, etc. all of that can't keep progressing upwards forever. I'm in the boat that states less is sometimes more. Spread yourself too thin and you have lots of quantity but suffer quality. I'm guessing they will probably plateau in house numbers now with 9 being the norm for some time. They have to have enough crowd eaters to keep the event manageable. But I guess it remains to be seen what happens when they've done all the crowd drawing IPs what happens next. Will they endlessly rehash them? Already we seem to be trending with a "2 year reboot" where they are rebooting an IP from just two years prior (AWIL last year and Halloween this year). While I have no problem with H2, it seems like a worrisome trend. By that logic I would expect the purge or FVJ back next year, and then one of this years back the next... and it soon becomes a house of mirrors where all IPs have been rebooted at least once. But this is all hypothetical. I am curious to see where the next few years will take HHN.
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    How about that announcement? It was almost comical how little effort and excitement there was behind it. It was kinda like, psssstt... hey TWD is coming back, that is all, carry on.
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    I'm not a fan of the show (watched most of two seasons), or using the IP as a megahouse, but the fact that Creative kept trying for 3 years to get AHS shows they must be big fans. I think it does potentially pull--or at least cater to--nontraditional HHN fans. It's fanbase may be declining but it's still rabid and not necessarily, say, Conjuring fans who were going to show up anyway. Also, a lot of the iconography and creature design on the show could make for a great house. Jack never bothered me, but the clown in Season 4 is the scariest clown I've ever seen.
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    I think people are over reacting the term "megahouse" or "uberhouse". Before it's meant more rooms or more scareactors so it could mean anything...and it's pretty much here to stay. It might be mega because it has the biggest facade ever...or it has the most puppets ever...or is 300 sq ft bigger...or has a section with a second floor...whatever. The super mega uber mondo extravaganza house is here to stay. Whatever record they choose to one up each year is fine by me and it really doesn't matter which house it is. My guess would be AHS if that's coming (I have yet to watch a second of the show) and it will probably be 2 rooms per season or whatever bringing it up to 12 rooms which is 2 more than usual and therefor "uber". But nothing major.
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    I don't know why I'm having so much trouble believing that AHS is the megahouse. It just seems wrong to me that an ip that has been dipping in popularity is going to have the largest house in HHN history. For the life of me though, I can't really think of any ip worth that kind of treatment that isn't already being used or has just been used to an extent last year. Like I think I said a while back, the only other weak picks I could come up with would be Tales From the Crypt or Hellraiser. There definitely is enough Hellraiser material to build a megahouse, but I just don't see it and Tales From the Crypt is probably not popular enough anyways to the younger crowds. I guess it has to be AHS. Think about it... Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, The Exorcist, and The Walking Dead weren't chosen to be made into this megahouse. What is going to draw more crowds than those ips? Nothing.
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    If they bring back the leaf hedges they better not use that cheesy wallpaper like last year! I would much prefer plastic hedges this year.
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    Yes but SS22 has had it's entrance at both "A" (Dusk Till Dawn) and "B" (AWIL) so both could be correct. It really all depends on if SS21 is the being used again or not but that's not know at this time. Same goes for TWD entrance, SS24 B has had it's entrance at both "C" (Freddy VS Jason) and "D" (Dracula Untold) so both could also be correct.
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    Am I the only one that wants to see Michael drowning/burning someone to death with the hot tub? Obviously they couldn't use a real actor for the drowning person, but I'd laugh my butt off if they did it with some sort of dummy.
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    This of course is not really a surprise announcement. The only TWD house that was actually pretty good, was the one in HHN 24, then last year was a complete 180 and a pretty big disappointment. But with all the houses to go through, there was more then enough to do other then that one house. This year might be okay, taking scenes from all over the seasons, and not trying to find enough from one season to make a house. I am starting to wonder that in the contract with AMC, that they are required to do a Walking Dead house every year, or they will lose the rights. Or if Comcast signed the contract, and paid a lot of money to have the rights, so they do a house every year just because. Ether way, I have accepted that now with an all year attraction in Hollywood, that TWD is not going away anytime soon. Oh well, its not a deal breaker over one house.
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    American Werewolf? No no no. It's a Werewolf BarMitzvah.
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