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    I actually really like the Jason part and the Freddy part of this house... But the Freddy Vs. Jason part is the part that seems lacking a bit to me.
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    It's a mix of old commercials and event photo/video media. Lots of memories there.
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    From the videos I watched, I honestly feel like this house was a missed opportunity for something really cool. It should have been cornier, more 80s like Critical mentioned. I also feel like they should have picked a few assassins, one of which being Eddie, and made them the villains of the house rather than have a bunch of themed rooms and different characters. I just felt it didn't work the way they set it up and it didn't feel like a game like it was supposed to. More generic, ramshackle sets resembling paintball fields would have worked. They really could have played off of Eddie's back story with this one. I did like the little chainlink "maze" at the end, though.
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    My group brought the Rush of Fear ticket again this year since we knew we could attend up to three nights (9/24-9/26). I'll break our experience into the three different visits: 9/24 We did not get into HHN till 10pm, we just wanted to give ourselves a sneak peek at what the weekend had in store. We decided to venture through the scarezones: Steampunk Scary Tales (5/10): while it was fun to figure out which character each actor was portraying, this area was not really scary. Icons (7/10): It was cool to see the icons again after their hiatus, but this area seems to just be photo ops instead of scares. The box sets looked really cool but I would have liked ones that allowed more crowd interaction. This also felt really similar to Fear Revealed setup from XX. PsychoScareapy Unleashed (8/10) - Full of scare-actors and I felt it really captured the block party atmosphere, got a few scares in here. Great job! Evil's Roots (10/10) - my favorite scare zone this year, costumes were great and many scare actors teamed up to get double scares. Lots of fun. All Night Die In (9/10) - I dug the collection of classic monsters in this area, would have been a 10 but I felt the decorations and set pieces were oddly placed I never got the feeling I was at a drive in. We ate dinner at Finnegan's, awesome! Afterwards we decided to do one house. American Werewolf in London (7/10) - This was my favorite house two years ago, but I was a little disappointed that it was pretty much the same exact layout and scares as the 2013 version. It's cool that folks who missed out get to experience this, but I guess I was looking for more variety. It's still a great looking house. WAIT TIME: 20mins 9/25 Arrived at 6pm, used the hotel guest entrance and went past the first few houses and started our night with... Freddy Vs. Jason (8/10) - I thought the sets and actors in this house did a great job. Since it was still daylight out my eyes didn't really adjust fully till halfway though but I could still see all the detail. 1428 Elm Street looked great, the Freddy scenes were awesome! I'm a pretty tall guy but some of the Jasons were bigger than me LOL I saw most of the fight sequences and in the end it was Jason who won. WAIT TIME: 15mins By the time, FvsJ was finished it was raining outside so we high tailed it to through the exit and walked right on Body Collectors. Body Collectors (8/10) - Anytime the Body Collectors are involved it's usually a good time, glad to see it continuing this year. The entrance into the house was really cool, seeing Shadybrook Asylum made me really excited. The scares were good and the return of the spinal operation was nice. The ending just seemed kinda thrown together and covered with strobe. WAIT TIME: walked right in!! We took a break to get drinks, use the bathroom, etc. Once it got darker we headed through Evil's Roots (awesome again!) and checked out the Walking Dead house: Walking Dead (5/10) - I've done every Walking Dead house since they've brought them on board and I have to say it's really getting stale. In their defense, I have not watched the 5th season so I probably have no idea what's supposed to be happening. Also I understand that this house is way for Uni to draw in more crowds, but I'm just saying if the wait was longer I'd probably would have just skipped it. More walkers, less living, more of the same. How about a walking dead house were the crowd represent the walkers WAIT TIME: 15mins Walked out of the WD exit (man that is a long walk!) and on to... The Purge (7/10) - Since it was totally dark at this time, my group really got an eyefull of the detail. The guy out front did a marvelous job with providing a mini show (victim included!). Before reading some of forums, I was unaware of that this was supposed to be Scream, which makes sense why the first few rooms seemed so out of play. (also the weird blonde flying in the window), but all in all I think the scare actors did a great job while purging. WAIT TIME: 20mins. Since we exited right near Insidious we decided to jump in line, the wait time was listed at 45mins: Insidious (9/10) - The wait for this one was pretty brutal, but for some reason this location is always a long wait, but it was worth it! The sets looked just like the movies. Also, the dark hallway scare was great!! I thought all the actors looked great and got many scares on my group. WAIT TIME: 75mins The park was getting pretty busy at this point but we wanted to hit another house Monsters and Mayhem: 25 Years (10/10) - My favorite house this year, from beginning to end I thought it was awesome. It was fun going through all the scenes from the past, but what was the Christmas room supposed to be? I remember PsychoScareapy: Home for the Holidays and HR Blood N Gutz but between the music and design I couldn't pin point what they were shooting for, maybe a homage to both? I didn't see the Director or Storyteller (aside from being pictured on the Scream House wall) during our walk through. Probably my favorite house of the last few years. Eddie and Meety Meat were awesome!! WAIT TIME: 50mins. At this point we decided to call it a night. 9/26 For this night we splurged and brought express passes so we could experience some our favorite houses again. Got into the park earlier, we went through RUN during the daylight (saving our express pass for later), but my review is based on our later RUN walk through (which was much better at night). We decided to catch the first showing of Bill & Ted. Bill & Ted's Show (8/10) - I enjoyed this year's show, but I also enjoy this show every year, although I heard a bunch of complaints from other guests while exiting the theater. I guess I don't go in with big expectations and enjoy the show for what it is, not trying to compare it to the last 14 versions I've seen. I got most of the jokes, although I'm not completely up to date on all things pop culture, but I thought the nods to the older shows were great. I was hoping for montage of clips from the show's past but the fail videos were alright. Run (6/10) - Much better at night and I liked the Running Man/Warriors vibe but I felt the house could have been better. I could be wrong but I think the original RUN had multiple paths you could take. I get why they can't do that anymore due to larger crowds, but the older houses just seemed more stripped down and scary, today everything has to be flashy and look cool. I remember feeling the same when they did RUN in 2006, I guess the original just holds a special place in my mind. WAIT TIME: 25mins posted (Express Pass - 5 min) Carnage Returns (6/10) - The stage and special effects looked nice. Jack and Chance looked cool, but I didn't like all the music and extra dancing. Also, why was this a 20 minute show? I guess I got bored of just standing around (getting old lol), also I thought all the extra foul language made it more juvenile rather than more "adult". Just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind I re-watched "The Arrival" from HHN 16 on YouTube and it was only 7 minutes long and included 4 character deaths. So far from what I read everyone is really loving this show but I wasn't really a fan, but I'd say the majority of my dislike is due to it's length. Asylum in Wonderland (6/10) - This house was really detailed on the inside and looked nice, but I didn't get a single scare. To me it came off as more a demented fun house. The ending was a neat transition, also caught the big death scene at the exit. It was fun but I would have been really disappointed if I had waited the posted 60 minutes for this house. WAIT TIME: 60mins (Express Pass: 10min) We went and did all our favorites from the night before and Monsters and Mayhem is still the best house this year in my opinion. Insidious is close second, and I wouldn't say there are any bad houses this year. I'd give the full event an 8/10, it was a good time. PROS: More houses, interesting scare zones, Rush of Fear is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. The specialty drink was pretty tasty, but the cinnamon gave me a bit of a stomach ache after the 3rd drink. Lines never got insanely long (75 min plus). CONS: I'd have to say the only thing I wasn't a fan of was all the employees in the houses yelling at everyone to keep moving. I understand why they do this but the majority of the people attending are adults and only need to be told once. If a problem arises, then it should be addressed, but to expect everyone to stay "nuts to butts" the whole time is not going to happen. I'm sure these employees are just doing as they are told but it really interrupts the atmosphere the houses are trying to provide.Hope everyone enjoyed my review!
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    Something I love to do in my spare time is do graphic work/Photoshops, and I figured I could share some of them here. Some are HHN related, others are just for giggles. I'll just post one so far and see what you guys think. It's my version of the RUN: Blood Sweat and Tears image, done as a poster, hence the creases and blood stains.
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    It's better when scareactors yank plants (typically friends or other scareactors) in random houses. We did it in Catacombs every so often, and I've prepped it in other houses. It's more startling and unique.
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    It looks more to the 2001 theme that got scrapped. The trailer picture with Jack was the opening scaremonies concept art. Not saying they don't have plans to make next year the year they actually do this - which would be great. But it would make the supposed versus theme difficult. You can see more on it here: http://hhnmemories.tumblr.com/
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    I didn't see any last night. Though I wasn't looking too hard, either. I will say that my time in this zone last night was 10x better. Total mayhem.
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    Wouldn't it be more beneficial to S&S at Potter and get Insidious/Purge done first. I've heard talk that once B&T's gets going that half the park's wait times stay high
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    Waiting for my flight for tonight's event. Looking forward to the scares folks...we have been attending since 2009 and continue to travel to the Halloween Horror Nights because of you, the scareactors! Break a leg, be safe, and scare well.
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    I love watching the kills in this zone. I watch them at least once or twice a night.
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    When I was there all they were playing was the HHN commercial.
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    I enjoy the random people with chainsaws. Especially if they use them well. The voodoo preist, for example. He hides around the stages, and gets the people without them expecting it.
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    Thought this house was good, but what kept it from being great (or intense for me) were the damn show attendants standing in the middle of scenes. I understand they're having flow issues, but maybe pulsing the line is a better strategy then sticking employees center stage yelling at guests to move along. Why wouldn't Universal want us to see all the hard work that goes into their creations. Yet another fuck up by Ops.
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    So John was with Eli Roth last night. Think they talked about anything for HHN next year? Possibly something green.
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    The best way I can describe going through AWIL 2015 is when you're having a dream that takes place in your own home, and you expect to walk into a room and see something in particular...and it's not there. Or it's there, but isn't the same size or place as usual. Or you go up to your roommate and their features don't perfectly match what they're supposed to look like.
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    I work special events throughout the year elsewhere in Florida. Not necessarily with the park but I used to work at a convention and a rave as staff. Generally most issues the source of the problem is a hydration or nutrition issue by passing proper meals and drinking lots of water over the course of the event. I used to be a big advocate about this with the event staff I worked with. I made sure everyone ate properly at least once throughout the day instead of junk food. These situations are magnets for "accidents". Especially amongst staff members who pull long exhausting nights and probably still try to balance a day job. While I can't comment on the girl in your story directly as I do not know the situation and I too hope she's fine. But overexertion or not knowing your limits for events amongst staff is a real thing. Especially when they mess up your normal routines for only a weekend, week, or in this case a month for horror nights. You need to know your limits and eat properly and stay hydrated. Also you need to know how well you can handle fog, loud noises, and strobes. I used to be on seizure patrol for raves and let me tell you, it was a terrifying duty to have and I have had to deal with them unfortunately as they do happen without fail despite warnings verbal and written. Hydration was still the biggest factor for attendees/staff falling ill during raves/working and not just the strobes. When you dance a lot in a hot crowded space, people need to remember they should get a drink of water occasionally. It's Florida, it's hot. Even though it's "fall" or it's "dark" it's still Florida attendees and employees a like need to stay hydrated. Especially attendees if alcohol is involved to balance it out with the amount of exercise you're doing walking and standing around for houses in the heat. This doesn't even touch base on sad truth that no matter what kind of haunt you have, small or large. There's always people who react when scared or startled with violence even if unintentional. TL;DR not weird at all unfortunately. Please stay safe and especially hydrated during your visits to HHN! Hmm. That sounded a lot like a PSA. Most people here are veterans and don't need to know that bit of into. While the topic of 'accidents' was fresh. It's still important Granny BA is out~
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    You can't stay in the park.For hhn you should leave before the park closes, walk down the universal studios boardwalk. You can eat, buy merchandise, and use that to spend time. then around 4-4:30 get in line. You need to go through metal detectors, then you can wait in line. Waiting to get into the park is the worst part since it takes a while and there honestly isn't much to do in line. You can do early entry but it has been criticized this year and the system is really flawed. The only positive thing is that you can go on the rides which are basically walk ons and you can do them over and over again. Really depends what you wanna do. But if you wanna do early entry get in that line before 5 since that is when they let you in. Talk it out with your group
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    I walked through it again Sunday thinking I might have just not had a good run, but it made me hate it even more. I laughed out loud, and not in a good way. Awful.
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    I didn't understand the beefed-up Freddy. What was that all about? And in the finale, both times we saw Freddy floating/hanging by wires and Jason slashing next to him. What was supposed to happen here?
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    I do think it was the subject of the zone that fails. 2013s walking dead zone was pretty great. Out of that year that was probably the best zone. It didn't feel that empty either purge was pretty incredible too. Very intense and didn't feel empty either. 2 years in a row that the zone worked. (even with the problem of the parade) So I do think this was an idea that did not translate well (this could have been a good house when you think about it) this is going to sound like blasphemy but I kind of wished they had brought back the purge for this Year. Or bring it back for next year even
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    Before the event.. I fully expected this house to bomb. After I have attended the event I will admit I was wrong! I felt the house was pretty intense and people would pop out from the most random places.. in fact one came popping out of a place that I don't believe was intended for a boohole and ran straight into me full force.. (I think I was closer than expected).....Great house! I didn't see the scream similarities though.
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    I went through this house 3 times, and eh. I didn't really understand the house tbh. I get the premise of it but I didn't really see it in the house I guess... I wanted to like this house, but it was just okay. I felt there weren't enough people in this house, but maybe it was just my timing?
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    This house was intense! I went through quite a few times and thought it was incredible every single run through. I actually didn't have high expectations for this house so was glad it was a lot better especially since I loved the movies!
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    This zone... was interesting. I didn't know who a lot of the characters were (I thought Belle was Jane from Tarzan).. but it was a pretty zone.
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    Why isn't fear in this zone? I actually thought this zone was rather bland when I first went through but the more I went through it..the more I loved it! I absolutely LOVED watching the Usher (both casts) in this zone! He was amazing! He just played his part soo well and came off so incredibly creepy. .. I also saw different characters every time I went through that I hadn't seen before so I found that pretty neat as well. Icons having chainsaws = NO. Please take the chainsaws away from random characters.. kthnx. it seems like they just pass extra chainsaws to whomever. No one in this zone needs a saw.
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    Jason did a great job of scaring and doing photos with people from what I saw this past weekend.. He had ton of people calling his name.. pulling at him (ugh) and constantly posing with him but he also kept getting the scares in there as well.. He would take a picture of two then walk away to scare before posing again. I saw him walking away from quite a few people who tried to take pictures with him. I must say I feel bad for those two this is going to be a long run for them!
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    Rides won't alleviate waits. Only thing that will is increasing the price. Crowds will go down, hardcore fans will stay, less desirables won't be around. I'm actually for that.
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    This zone still has the same dystopian feel it seems to always have now, year after year. Even though they now have a non-dystopian theme this year, it still feels the same. And I just may not have been paying enough attention, but are they doing projected kills on the buildings as advertised? I do like the burning gazebo.
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    HHN 25 by Mark Walter, on Flickr HHN 25 by Mark Walter, on Flickr HHN 25 by Mark Walter, on Flickr HHN 25 by Mark Walter, on Flickr HHN 25 by Mark Walter, on Flickr HHN 25 by Mark Walter, on Flickr Done till after I go back on Friday!!!
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    My Comments weren't aimed at anyone in particular. I get that people don't want to pay for an express pass and want to wait for how over long. It's a business. I don't live in orlando so I'm going to buy an express pass to make the most out of the event when I'm there. As for the walking dead, yeah I get that a lot of people don't want it back. Some people love it. I personally don't mind it and enjoyed this years as well as last years. I'm sure that the people at creative fought tooth and nail to not do it again either, but they get their marching orders from someone else who in turn gets their orders form someone else, so they are going to do the house to the best of their abilities. As for rating it as a 5/10 or 4 or even 0's, I take offense to that since I think some of those people don't know what a 0 or 1 out of 10 house really is. Some people have been spoiled by this event and think that it only caters to them when it's about getting as many people as they can to come to the event and have fun at the same time. The bill and ted show, people should be thankful that Orlando still has one since hollywoods got axed and probably won't come back. It's a good show and has some talented people writing and choreographing it. Again people rating it as a skippable show is a ridiculous exaggeration. I've seen some pretty crappy shows and bill and ted isn't one of them. I feel like the community has bred some pretty elitist/hipster characters that think because they went to all the years or even the earlier years that there word is somehow gospel truth and that anyone else who is new to the event or hasn't been going for as long opinions doesn't matter or is wrong. I've had someone tell me that I wouldn't know a good HHN since I haven't been to any old events. I've watched kids tell Greg Nikotero (Executive Producer for Walking Dead and Veteran Special Effects Legend) to not bring back walking dead. I attended a HHN Q and A panel and basically heard complaint after complaint directed at Universal Creative and everyone including someone basically complaining about the inclusion of classic movie monsters (Which is what got Universal their start in the movies and are favorites of many employee at Universal) at the event which I thought was pretty rude. It must be pretty disheartening to put your all into something and only receive complaint after complaint, even about something that they can't control. Especially with AWIL. That was a house that they tried for years to do and knocked it out of the park when they did it. Brought it back this year only to more complaints about it or saying to just skip it in general. An extra wolf was added and the wolves looked better than 2013's. The event isn't just for veterans and it isn't an exclusive club where only a certain few are allowed to enjoy it. The events for everyone and that's why there are new ip's for the general public and original houses that cater to the experienced crowd who enjoy the lore and characters they make. Maybe someone might go through and begin to inquire more about the past events and characters. Might win over some lifelong fans in the process. Just saying, cut them some slack, not every house is going to be knocked out of the park but they aren't crap and they aren't terrible.
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    I went down to hhn 25 the second weekend it was open. I thought it was honestly the best event so far. I went through all 9 houses both nights and saw the carnival of carnage show as Well. I also took an unmasking the fear tour as well. I will rate each house out of 10. I was staying at the royal Pacific hotel so I didn't have to wait but 5 minutes to get into the event at 630 since I used the onsite hotel guest entrance. A note first about express passes. I bought a rush of fear with express ticket. It was only 220 bucks and gets you into the event for the first 3 weeks and also gives you an express pass for those nights. It's a pretty good deal and I only waited in the express line but 10 minutes at most and that was later in the night. People complaining about going to the event and not buying one and seeing express pass people going ahead of them.......really? That is the privilidge of having an express pass, why should we wait in line more if we paid more. This is how capitalism works. There is no way in hell I'd wait in line for 75 minutes if I don't have to. Also this isn't universal treating non express holders bad it is just people who paid to not wait getting what they paid for. Not a hard concept to understand. HOUSES The Walking Dead- 8/10 I like the show and I've been going to the event since 2012 and even though the house wasn't as big as last years there was still a lot of stuff in here. Nice scares and the walkers were more aggressive than normal. I have been reading a lot of flack about the hot tub thing and here's the deal. It gets cold in the later part if the month and in order to keep The actors safe and keep the appearance of the illusion they need to use a hot tub or else they will probably get hypothermia. Also I know some idiot in there will complain if they got water on them in that area so they probably held back a bit in that area. Overall it had a lot if good scares and memorable scenes from the show. Another note, The walking dead brings a lot of money from people who don't really know about the event. The event wouldn't be here if they thought it wouldn't make money, it's not a fanboy only event, they have to cater to the general public. I recently watched a YouTube video where some kids were waiting in line and saw Michael roddy and Greg nikotero (executive producer for the walking dead) the kids waved at him and he waved back and they quickly yelled "Don't bring back walking dead." I was honestly angry and embaressed for them that They could be so rude and tasteless to a true professional in the business. Fan boys really ruin the event with a lot of unwarranted complaints about something they know nothing about. It takes a lot of work and effort to pull this event together and for mike and the gang to read some of the stuff they read or hear it must be infurriating. I think a lot of people have been spoiled by this event and don't know what a 5 or 3 out of 10 house or haunt really is. Just saying cut everyone some slack. THEPURGE-7\10 Even though it was supposed to be a scream house I enjoyed the actor at the beginning taunting everyone. Also the scares were good as Well with chainsaws and some unexpected gun blasts. They even had anti PURGE rebels in there as well which was cool. People give universal a lot of flack for this house. You probably have no idea how hard it is to throw something togeather at the last minute on top of getting everything else in this massive event ready. Just be thankfull they didn't scrap a whole house and gave us this since the PURGE scarezone last year was pretty good. INSIDIOUS-9/10 I am a fan of the series and was excited that Orlando got this house finally. The mood was great and scares were top notch as well. The facade outside was great as well. Many characters in this house as well as scenes from the movies. RUN-7/10 I liked the 80s music and the facade was great as well. The actors were good and the varied rooms and kills were nice. A lot of unexpected scares as well. Very in your face scares. BODY COLLECTORS 10/10 This house was amazing. The lighting the facade and mood were great. The scares were very subtle and ramped up as the house went on. Very awesome and truly paid homage to both houses and explained the origins of shadybrook and the body collectors as well. FREDDY VS JASON 10/10 Great facades and sets. Has scenes from all the movies and the scares start as soon as you go in. The Jason's were huge and Freddie were great as well. The movie screens were a nice distraction from scares around the corner. Super cool famous Freddy kill scenes in the actual Freddy house. AWIL 9/10 My only complaint was I thought it was a bit too dark other than that great house and the extra wolf was nice. The wolves this time were huge and looked nastier and evilbas well. The wolves motions were awesome and a nice upgrade. MONSTERS AND MAYHEM- 10/10 Aweomse house and has best of moments from all 25 years as well as classic monsters. This house has it all, the Jack's even had their wigs on so no need to worry about that. Super cool sets and had nightengales which was cool. ASYLUM IN WINDERLAND- 7/10 Really disorienting and fun house, cool comic facade and had some nice scenes. The funny house this year. SCAREZONES SCREAMPUNK 7/10 Although they didn't look that much like steampunk it was still good and had some good scares and photo ops. ICONS 10/10 Had icons and icon minions. Cool death scenes and another great photo op area. ALL NIGHT DIE IN 10/10 Cool drive in facade. Had black and white and color monsters. Very nice scares and photo op area. PSYCHOSCAREPY 10/10 Cool sets and nice little scenes. I liked the exploding gazebo and the actors were great as well, including the blue window up in one If the new York apartments where a guy pulls a girls wig off. CARNICAL OF CARNAGE 10/10 Awesome show, had the laughs and the gory deaths and the actors we're great as well. Don't miss this show. I loved that it wasn't for kids and had foul language and adult jokes. Unmasking the fear Super cool except for the annoying fanboy family. The tour was supposed to be maybe 2 hours and lasted 3 due to these two kids chiming in on Everything and interrupting the tour guide to the point which she had to tell them to save all questions until the end. Afterwards she apologized to me and my gf since those two punks shoved her out of the way to see something and generally ruined the experience. Other than that it was fine, we saw body collectors Freddy vr Jason ans the 25 years house. Over all the event was 9/10.
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    Cindy with a chainsaw was a terrible idea. Lady Luck shouldn't have been in this zone. I don't know why we saw people from 7 here when they were horrendous. The stages were really cool, and the actors were ON POINT on those stages. But the rest of the characters were pretty bad. Would've loved to see decorations off the stage near each icon's piece.
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    The significance is that it just means Jack and Eddie were born in Shadybrook, insinuating their parents were insane. Could point to why they turned out the way they did, having been born/possibly raised in an insane asylum. That could just be reading waaay too much into it, and this could very well just be a nod to the fans with no backstory or real meaning.
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    So, it sounds like I missed the HR Bloodengutz room in this. May have been reeling too much from getting attacked by Nic Cage (circa Wicker Man ). Anyone got a clue what it was?
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    If you look up in the 3rd or 4th scene of the house, you can literally see the mechanism that's to open/close garage doors lol it's a lot of fun to see the Scream sets mixed into very light Purge scenic/graffiti. Kind of a "what if" situation. Would've loved to see the house in full Scream set dressing and Ghostface, but what we got instead was a pretty intense house. If the actors keep up the intensity, it'll be a crowd favorite. I fully expect to see a proper Purge house and zone next year for the 3rd movie, especially if this continues to get great reviews.
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    I don't know about meet-and-greets, but I can confirm that Bill and Ted have been the same guys for at least the last few years. I'm personally looking forward to seeing it, mostly because the only other time I've seen it was last year, which I thought was pretty good.
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    Nothing has been removed for content if that's what you are wondering. The show is a little different each time since its live and the actors adlib stuff. I will say I noticed that the biggest differences in the show depend on who is playing Jack. Each actor has jokes they use that the other does not.
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    My first visit this year was last Thursday and I will be attending again Sunday night. The event was indeed great, with 4 houses that I absolutely love and only one house that I have no hope for (TWD.) I'm going to come back and update with a run down of each trip I make as the event carries on. So, without further ado... Thursday (9/24) Had a great time and loved almost everything. I was there from 6:15-1:00 and did everything except for see Bill & Ted (and I did M&M and Insidious twice) But I didn't spend enough time in the streets to really from an opinion on the scarezones. Houses 1. Monsters & Mayhem - I was like a kid in a candy shop walking through each room. Two of the best scares of the night that got me in this house were the jack in the mirror (jack and I both laughed at how good he got me) and the gargoyle that is on the side of the cathedral. Also, I have to recognize the guy in the Forsaken who is popping out the floor of the boat on the right. I got stopped by him briefly in that scene and he went all out to get me 3 times and each time worked because I didn't expect him to keep going. 2. Insidious - The "Man with Red Face" is responsible for every scare that me got me in this house EXCEPT in the hallway where I decided to walk real close to the cloth wall to see if it was actual scareactors behind the wall... to my surprise, it indeed was real people and one of them grabbed my arm and nearly gave me a panic attack, haha. The best scare of the entire night though was one of the red face guys perfectly timing his scare and getting me so good that a lunged forward and squeezed my friend so fast and tight that it ended scaring her and making her scream. 3. Body Collectors - I need to go through this house to really appreciate this house, but I already love it. It is beautiful and the scares are plentiful and great. Off the top of my head, I absolutely loved the spine rip scene. 4. Freddy vs. Jason - Pretty darn good, I put this one higher than it deserves to be (based off my run through) because I could tell that we just got put in a poor spot and part way through, they were doing scareactor change. So, that wrecked a few of my scenes, but my biggest problems were how bad the Freddy masks looked and how terrible the Freddy and Jason killing each other scenes were. 5. Run - Fun, just needs a lot of energy. Perfectly cheesy and my friend and I both got a couple of decent scares. 6. Asylum in Wonderland - Looked REALLY cool and the tunnel worked tremendously, but the scares didn't get us as well as I had hoped for. All in all though, better than 90% of 3D houses. 7. The Purge - Did the best they could with having a Purge house set in Scream. I honestly could care less about the sets because it doesn't really matter for The Purge but they just need to pick up the energy a bit and make it real intense. 8. TWD - Horrible. Scareactors did decent, they didn't scare me once. And playing Knife Party in that final scene actually made me laugh out loud after I finished the house because I had forgot reading reviews warning me about it.
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    So one of the biggest worries was the show changing after opening weekend. I'll be watching it for the first time tomorrow night, so I'm wanting to know if it has changed at all?
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    Based on the video, it looks (and sounds) like Chance is the same actress as Anna from last year's Bill and Ted.
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    Just saw the show for the 2nd time last night. I still don't think it's the best BnT I've seen, but the plot is the best they've had in the last several years (Kanye West trying to become pop culture God? F-in perfect!). The Bill and Ted are always spot-on (I swear they are always the same two actors playing the roles most years I've seen it. Can anyone confirm?), and I really enjoyed the guy that plays Shia, The son from Vacation, , and Bruce Banner/The Hulk. I don't recall seeing him in any of the previous years' shows and he feels brand new, but by God does he throw himself into each of his roles with a passion. He's easily one of my favorite parts of the show this year (Well, that The Delorean entrance, Bill and Ted themselves, the few jokes about the show, and the Thriller finale. I still feel the weakest part is the Filibusters sequence). I would personally love to meet the cast (or at least nab pics with some of them), does anyone know if there is a way this could happen?
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    Except for the dances, virtually none of the content of this show actually felt like it was done with care or finesse. Way too many of the jokes were "Hey audience, remember this pop culture from 2015?" or "Your show sucked!" or just having a character do something out-of-character. After the "Making a show based on a 25-year-old movie" line and reaction, the Christian Grey scene was the only part that actually seemed legitimately funny to me, and even then I would never have guessed who Christian Grey was if his name wasn't outright said in the script; the actor only looks a little like the character and little to none of his behavior matches in a way that makes him recognizable. It was just....bleh. I'm getting the feeling that this particular writer's run (starting in 2012) is becoming more and more reliant on having a dedicated fanbase that unconditionally loves Bill & Ted, rather than needing to actually write something really funny. I'm not saying Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure needs to have deep multilayered satire or anything, but it needs to make jokes. Bringing out a character so you can say "Nobody saw your movie!" isn't a joke.
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    The winner shows up right as you are leaving the house. It's either Jason holding Freddy's head or Freddy holding up Jason's mask.
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    She geeked out a little too! I told her how much I loved her and how amazing she is. She said "Thank you so much!" and asked if I went through the maze. When I said yes, she grabbed my hands and was like "Isn't it amazing??? I knew what was coming, but my heart still stopped so many times!!" I agreed and wished her a great night and she said "Thanks, honey! You enjoy tonight and have lots of fun!" Again, she is the SWEETEST person ever and is absolutely gorgeous in person. If I wasn't so obsessed with her, I would never know that she's over 70-years-old.
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    So sad to see what could've been an amazing Scream maze. The first few scenes are very evident what they're supposed to be, but about half way through, I lose track of what scene it's supposed represent. It's also clear that this was based on the film and not the TV show. *major sigh* However, on the upside, this does look like an awesome Purge maze! Hopefully we get something similar next year... or better yet a Scream maze, and hopefully Uni's resolves their issues so it can happen, in honor of Wes Craven.
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