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    Yea Im really confused how many more people are gonna ask if crimson peak is gonna be a maze?! It boggles my mind how much common sense is used.
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    I'd be way happier with a new route (if it exit is near its entrance). I Usually do mazes twice in a row before I move on to the next, and I must say its a pain to do the Sprung 2 house twice in a row. I hate having to walk through Springfield and Kidzone just to get in line again.
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    The first one scared me sufficiently back in 2011, and I enjoyed the second one. Never got around to seeing the third, probably won't before the event (if ever), but I'm hoping for a strong scare house for this one. Regardless of the movie, it has the potential to be everything Legendary Truth should've been back in 2010 as far as paranormal houses go.
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    Why is no one really talking about this podcast? Mike basically just confirmed Amercian Werewolf again and the Psychoscareapy/Body Collectors mashup! He said "I remember American Werewolf and seeing the Slaughtered Lamb in full view the year we did that...which we'll actually get to do again this year." And towards the end of the podcast he says " There are some aspects where we may have taken some storylines and maybe combined some things together to create new storylines or give you a piece of the story that you didn't realize were interconnected but we're telling you now that they are.
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    I'll gladly give this another chance. I don't think its as great as a lot of you make it out to be, but I'm willing to give this another shot. They're starting to build this early so running out of time shouldn't be an issue here. I'm expecting this to be far better and more immersive than the original version.
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    I feel like the original incarnation was completely overrated. The fog effects never worked and they never put a ceiling in the "house" rooms, ruining the illusion of actually being there. I'll give this a chance. If they want to make this good, they need to get the fog effects to work.
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