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    Facade is up outside of sprung tent 2! In other news, spotted a crane outside of ss24. I'm guessing they're moving the trees inside for the fvsj house?
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    yes they were in the actual facade. If remember correctly it was in the motel portion? I'd have to dig up the prints.
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    New movie potentials could be Crimson Peak, Krampus, or Sinister 2. If they actually meant a movie coming out this year, then for the love of everything PLEASE be Crimson Peak! I want that house so bad! It would also mean at least 1 house from the rumored lineup was false info given out. Interesting...but the question is: which house was the wrong one? My guess would be AWiL or Scream. This whole discussion could be futile if they didn't actually mean a NEW movie, but a movie that's new to HHN, which would make it Insidious, as they've already announced FvJ, and we've had TWD AWIL and Scream (ANDi 2, and another I believe).
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